Mages Are Too OP
333 I Really Didn“t Mean To Die With Him
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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333 I Really Didn“t Mean To Die With Him

Though vampires were fast and could move around in sunlight as bats, they were very feeble in such a state. The little bats were shot by the players. Many of them passed out because of the explosions of the fireballs too.

But Bruce's big bats were different. As a Master vampire, he was much stronger than other vampires.

His bats were faster and sturdier than the rest.

However, they were so obvious that the players on the hilltops immediately recognized them to be the boss. So, a barrage of arrows and magic bullets was launched at the bats.

However, a magic shield was generated before the attacks hit, blocking all the damage.

Bruce flew past the hills, but few bats were following him.

"He's running." Watching the big bats fly away, Yelia asked, "What are you going to do? Big fireball again? But it will be too slow, won't it?"

The greatest weakness of the big fireball was that it was very slow.

Even Roland did not have a good solution to that yet.

However, Roland had other approaches.

"I was waiting for him to leave the Dome of Darkness as bats."

Roland smiled and snapped his finger. Then, to Yelia's surprise, a blue spatial bubble swallowed Roland before spurting him out half a second later.

Rendered speechless, Yelia watched Roland shoot into the sky like an arrow. Several seconds later, a new spatial bubble appeared and repeated what happened.

During the process, Roland grew faster and faster.

"You can play with spatial bubbles in such a way?" Yelia's expression was beyond words.

The players at the hilltops were watching the boss escape in regret, when they saw a shadow swooshing above their heads.

The blast from the launch forced the people down below to step back.

"It's Roland."

Some players recognized him.

At this point, Bruce was leading a dozen colonies of little bats away from the hills.

But suddenly, he sensed intense magic power approaching from his rear. He turned back, only to see a human being flying toward him at an unbelievable speed with a lightning bolt in each hand.

The dead Edmund would've found the posture very familiar, but Bruce was only startled.

How could a human being fly so fast? And what was that posture?

Was it some kind of weird spellcasting requirement?

While he was puzzled, the human being smashed through the little bats behind him like a horrifying meteorite.

The unbelievable momentum triggered a visual effect of blood exploding in a chain.

The little bats that were hit were reduced to smithereens. Then, the human being joined the lightning bolts into what appeared to be a longsword and slashed out.

He was too fast.

Even though Bruce spotted Roland, Roland was only ten meters behind him by the time he perceived Roland's speed.

The sword-shaped lightning bolt spread out and entangled all the big bats.

Although every big bat had a magic shield that could resist arrows and common magic bullets, vampires were naturally susceptible to lightning. More importantly, the lightning caused consecutive damage when it was performed by Roland.

The magic shields on the big bats were weakened, and Roland simply penetrated through all of them.

The immense momentum opened a huge hole among the big bats.

The magic shields on the big bats had been weakened, and Roland's was as hard as could be. So, the high-speed collision was in Roland's favor.

At least half of the big bats had been squeezed into pulps of meat and dropped from the sky after the crash.

Bruce's soul screamed in pain, but since he was a colony of bats, the sound he made was only angry squeaks, not intimidating at all.

Roland, on the other hand, began to ascend, before he turned to Bruce from above.

As a natural-born flying creature, Bruce knew that he didn't have a chance to escape. There were no clouds in the sky, and it was impossible for him to reach the woods so quickly.

The enemy was already faster than him, and he would gain even more speed if he swooped down from above.

There was no way that he could escape.

In the form of bats, Bruce could not put up a fight at all.

So, he had to change and counterattack.

The dozens of bats combined into a young version of Bruce.

According to common sense, he should be stronger after going from old to young.

But on the contrary, Bruce was only half as strong as earlier.

Because of the intense noontime sunlight and because he was in midair, smoke sizzled from all over his body.

Even though he was a Master vampire close to Legend status, he was still greatly restricted by the sunlight.

He glared at Roland who was diving down vertically. Then, he extended his finger, creating several black bone spears that swooshed at Roland.

Roland was almost close to the sonic speed, and the black spears were very fast too.

Their relative speed was much higher than the speed of sound, so Roland had been hit by one of the spears before he could react.

The impact when the black spear hit his magic shield was so huge that the black spear cracked into pieces and Roland's magic shield was broken too.

Bruce was about to laugh when he saw that, but then his smile froze.

The two lightning bolts in Roland's hands were combined into an electric sword a dozen meters long, which stilled Bruce where he was. Then, Roland crashed into him in a raging wind.

The moment before the collision, Bruce saw Roland's face, which had been twisted into waves by the powerful wind with the dynamic vision of the vampires.

Then, Bruce couldn't see anything anymore.

He had been completely reduced into pulps of meat, and so was Roland.

From the perspective of the players, after Roland crashed Bruce, too many broken pieces burst out. The remains of Roland spurted downward, whereas Bruce's flesh spread out in a circle.

At a distance, it was a rather beautiful picture, like a high-speed bullet penetrating through water.

After all, Roland was too fast at that point. Boosted by gravity, he was a tiny bit away from sonic speed.

From Yelia's perspective, he had created a beautiful flower of flesh and blood.

"Mutual death," Yelia remarked helplessly. "It's really immoral that a Golden Son plays such a demeaning trick just because he's undying."

Actually, Roland didn't mean to die with his enemy at all… It just never occurred to him that the boost of gravity would be so powerful when he dived down from a high altitude.

He had crashed the enemy before he was able to alter his direction.

It ended in disaster due to a lack of experience.

By the time Roland was resurrected from the simple ritual table, half an hour had already passed.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》