Mages Are Too OP
347 Human Bug Trigger
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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347 Human Bug Trigger

Andonara felt greatly threatened.

In terms of status, the queen's title, although it sounded good, only belonged to that of a small kingdom and was not that compelling. However, an angel… The name alone would make one feel the thrill of wanting to defile it.

In terms of looks, even if Andonara was confident, she couldn't possibly compare her looks to an angel's.

If temperament was taken into account, it would be an even greater difference.

And this angel said she remembered Roland.

When a woman remembers a man, generally, how would their relationship unfold?

In an instant, Andonara's expression was a bit grudging as she dreamed up a bunch of love and action scenarios.

It couldn't be helped. Andonara was just so insecure.

But then Roland said something that allayed Andonara's anxiety.

"Holy lady angel, may I ask…" Roland's expression was a bit guarded. "Why have you been following us all this time?"

Seeing Roland's guarded expression, Andonara finally put her mind at ease.

Roland didn't seem to have a close relationship with this angel.

It was only then that Andonara had the presence of mind to take stock of her surroundings, and then she was surprised to find that the room was surrounded by a layer of milky white energy—it seemed to be a boundary, but she didn't feel any magic fluctuations.

The angel took two slow steps forward, and a fresh fragrance wafted over. This fragrance was very comforting, faint, and almost indiscernible.

"Give me back what's mine." The angel turned over her right palm at Roland.

What's mine?

Roland was stunned for a moment before realizing what she meant. He thought for a moment and took the white feather of light out of his Backpack and sent it to the angel with Hand of Magic.

Once the white feather of light was placed in the angel's hands, it turned into dancing specks of light and finally merged into the beautiful pair of wings behind her.

"This is a trap I use to draw out my enemies." The angel looked at Roland with a smile. "When you took it away, I thought you were the enemy, but after following you for a few days, I realized that you have no relationship with those people. Don't pick up anything strange in the future, you might get into trouble. Luckily, it was me this time. If it had been my sister, you would have most likely been killed the moment you got this feather."

Roland laughed awkwardly.

However, he didn't think there was anything wrong with how he acted, and as a player, wasn't it normal to see something "strange" and put it in his Backpack?

If there was a next time… he would definitely pick it up again.

"Your hand!" The angel looked at Roland. "It's hurt because it touched my feather, but you know healing magic yourself so I won't bother. This is for you as compensation."

A tiny bit of light emerged from the angel's hand, then fell into Roland's left palm.

Roland cast his gaze onto the palm of his hand, and soon an item interface appeared in his vision.

Item: Dull Divine Crystals (inferior)

Effect: Use it to gain a large amount of EXP.

Roland was surprised and looked at the angel across the room.

The angel was still smiling.

"I see you were injured a few days ago, what can I do for you?"

Roland was thrilled. This stuff was good, and it could be used right now. If he could fish out an epic quest from the other side and get a lot of inferior Divine Crystals, he might be able to level up a level or two.

He was greedy for this stuff.

The angel had a startled look in her eyes, then shook her head in amusement. "An enemy that even we angels find tricky, how can you, a small Elite Mage, hope to face?"

"Don't underestimate us Golden Sons," Roland said very seriously. "As long as you offer enough reward, I'm confident that I can help you pull together a team of thousands of people, all professionals and possessing immortality. How about it?"

Looking at Roland's confident expression, the angel slightly raised her thin, pale golden eyebrows. "Can you fly?"

"Huh?" Roland froze.

"Literally." The angel was still smiling. Roland seemed to be able to see a teasing expression on her face, but it seemed to be an illusion. "Can your people fly??"


Roland finally understood what the other party meant, and then he fell into speechlessness. This angel spoke quite frankly, and currently, amongst the players, the only two who could truly fly in the sky in the true sense were probably him and Schuck.

If the quest required flying, it would truly be difficult.

Upon seeing Roland's helpless expression, the angel shook her head slightly, then suddenly began to ponder.

After a while, she said, "If you can really pull together a few thousand people, then there's a quest you can take care of instead."

"Please do tell!"

Roland was somewhat excited. He had been in the game for almost a year, and this was the person with the highest status he had ever come in contact with.

As for kings and nobles, in the magical world, they were really just background characters.

A game like this was really more interesting when one had to deal with gods and demons.

"At the border between the Desert Kingdom and the Kingdom of Hollevin, there should be an evil god that escaped from the void," the angel said indifferently. "He should have survived there for hundreds of years, but we didn't discover him until the commotion got a bit excessive, so if you can wipe out more than half of his subordinates, then for all the professionals who participate in the battle, we will count their merits and hand out rewards."

When Roland heard this, he immediately looked at his quest system interface, and there was indeed a reaction.

New quest received: Path of Light (Solo Epic)

A good angel appears before you and entrusts you, who is wise and farsighted, to gather a powerful team to sweep away evil and darkness.

Another solo epic quest that granted lots of EXP, and this angel also promised quest rewards.

A greatly profitable quest.

Roland looked up abruptly and asked, "I'll accept this quest."

"Okay, let's see what you can do."

The angel smiled slightly, and then the white boundary around her quickly became smaller, contracting until it was a dozen centimeters in front of her body. It then became a white cocoon of protective light.

Then the beautiful white wings of light spread in the cocoon, and with a gentle flap, the light cocoon soared into the sky. After a loud crashing sound, it broke through the roof and disappeared in the sky through the large hole.

Cough, cough, cough.

Roland covered his mouth and coughed a few times. The angel shook free a considerable amount of dust when she crashed through the roof.

Andonara looked at Roland with a very odd expression and a little grudging jealousy in her eyes. "Roland, I didn't think you even knew about angels."

"I just met her once and earned a quest from her."

Roland responded casually, and then he posted the video he had just recorded, the screenshots of the quest, and screenshots of the profile of the inferior Divine Crystals to the forum.

Solo Epic Quest Is Back, and It Could Mean a Lot of EXP.

In less than three minutes, there were plenty of replies at the bottom of this post.

"Roland's freaking awesome!"



The replies were in quite a neat formation, and just as Roland was about to close the forum, a system announcement suddenly popped up in his vision.

"Due to player Roland progressing too fast in the game and coming into contact with the special epic quests twice too early, a bug in the world projection logic has occurred. Immediate emergency maintenance will be performed and everyone will be automatically disconnected from the game world after three minutes."

Roland was dumbfounded.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》