Mages Are Too OP
352 Wheat and Rice
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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352 Wheat and Rice

The roads' conditions were bad, and the carriage was shaking hard. But Roland still sat steadily because he was far stronger than ordinary people.

Even in such a horrible environment, Roland could still concentrate.

Andonara, on the other hand, lay against the window and looked at the view outside of the carriage.

As a woman who once stayed in the royal palace, she had received an education before she became the queen. She knew when she should keep a man company, and when she should give him time and space to mind his own business.

A long trip could be boring most of the time. The beautiful scenes out there would become monotonous as time went by.

In the end, Andonara had no choice except to stare at Roland's face. Then she discovered, to her surprise, that it was a good way to kill time, because Roland's face was never monotonous for her.

At this point, Roland didn't know what was going on at all. He could hardly perceive the carriage anymore.

When one was fully focused, they tended to forget everything around them. That was Roland's situation.

The spell models of elves were very different from those of human beings, which were made of nodes and lines. But the elves' were made of complicated overlapping circles.

Roland pictured the spell model in his head and did not invest any magic power, but still, it was quite a headache. He could barely understand what the triple concentric circles were for at all.

Everything was all too confusing.

Since he couldn't understand it, Roland tried to regard the circles as nodes and the intersections as the routes of magic power. But he only got a meaningless spell model in the end.

That was not a helpful approach.

Roland thought for a moment and began to picture the simplest trick of all human spells, the sphere of light, which only contained a dozen nodes.

Then, he expanded all the nodes with his mental power, but the capacity of the model was not changed.

As a result, the spell had become extremely obese on the model level.

Undoubtedly, this approach had failed again.

An abnormal, irregular sphere of light that looked like a hedgehog was created.

The light was not bright, emitting some uncanny colors that looked like a rainbow.

Though he failed again, Roland felt something was slightly different, but he couldn't exactly tell what it was, so he tried the same approach again.

He felt something more, but he again failed to locate the differences.

Roland tested it again and again. He cast this obese version of the illumination spell three hundred times in four hours to grasp the differences.

Eventually, he marked the nodes with Spiritual Endowment and finally found the difference.

In the node that had been mostly enlarged, a green feeble magic power appeared before it quickly disappeared one second later.

If it were another player of his level, or if it was an NPC Mage, they couldn't have sensed the transient green power at all.

Even a Master NPC couldn't have felt it without extraordinary talent.

But Roland had. He had added his stat points to Intelligence and Spirit, as a traditional Mage would. Together with Magic Power Control, he had a keen sense of the magic elements around him.

Seeing the unusual green magic power, he was briefly stunned, and then his eyes glittered.

Inputting intense magic power into a node and then compressing it would lead to other magic elements?

Excited, Roland said to Andonara immediately, "Ask everybody to stop. I'm going to have a magic experiment."

Then, he jumped out of the window to the meadow next to the road. He summoned a magic light ball and filled it with magic power.

With his previous experience, he abandoned the other nodes and focused all his magic power on the node that had the greatest capacity.

Soon enough, this node was full.

The white ball became bright green. Then, it exploded like a water balloon.

Bright green magic power spurted out like mist, before it slowly vanished in the air.

At this point, all the magic apprentices and Andonara had gotten off. They were all surprised to see the green magic power.

"A natural spell?"

"It's not a spell. I think it's the magic power of the elves." Andonara asked Roland in surprise, "Do you have an elven bloodline?"

"How's that possible? I'm a human being."

Roland slowly panted. After four hours of consecutive tests and the great investment of magic power just now, he had run out of mana.

As a result, he was weak and pale.

But now that he was making progress, he didn't want to rest yet.

He took out the Mind-Calming Necklace and put on the whole set of mana regeneration equipment.

Surrounded by blue light, he found that his mana had recovered rapidly.

Then, he sat down and rested.

About ten minutes later, when his mana bar was full, he tried compressing the magic node again.

The effect this time was even more unbelievable. The irregular ball of light exploded after he ran out of magic power.

There was no heat or deafening noise, but the blast blew Roland several meters away.

The green magic power waved crazily like the tentacles of an octopus. Andonara and the magic apprentices, frightened, hurried to retreat.

However, the green tentacles dimmed quickly before they disappeared into the air after no more than six seconds.

"Did you succeed?" Andonara stepped forward and asked, "Can you use elven spells now?"

"I failed." Roland shook his head and said, "I used up all my magic power but only created a wind that carried no damage at all. If I had used a human spell, this place would've been razed to the ground just now."

Andonara was not a Mage, so she did not understand what Roland meant.

The magic apprentices, however, realized that Roland was saying that the transformation of magic power didn't go well.

There were huge losses when elemental magic power was transformed to natural magic power.

But Roland did learn something.

He had remembered the frequency and features of natural magic power, and he had vaguely sensed the difference between elemental magic power and natural magic power.

If he must compare them, they were like rice and wheat.

Though they were both food, rich and wheat tasted completely different from each other.

If a southerner who grew up with rice had noodles made of wheat for the first time, they might not enjoy it at all, and the case was the same when a northern who grew up with noodles had rice for the first time.

That was exactly the situation for Roland. As a human being, he could only transform the natural mental power of the elves at a very low efficiency.

The structures of mental power of the two races seemed greatly different.

"We have a problem." Roland scratched his head, upset.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》