Mages Are Too OP
374 Not Challenging at All
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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374 Not Challenging at All

Now "Roland" was the popular word.

Rather, it had always been a popular word.

As long as a post was tied to Roland, the number of clicks would soar in a short time.

This post was no exception.

There were layers upon layers of replies after a short while.

"Oh sh*t, this is the queen? I remember she was brown-haired and brown-eyed, why is she blonde now? And she looks like a village girl with a long braided pigtail. Do they have hair dye and cosmetic contact lenses in this game?"

"Hehe, have you seen such a beautiful and elegant village girl? You're probably a dull guy, right? Braided pigtails mean village girls? If you're able, go find a village girl like this."

"Is upstairs a girl? Village girl in those geeks' mouths is a compliment, and only a great beauty with the queen's figure and braids is qualified to be called a village girl."

"Does anyone have Roland's contact details? I'd like one of these head-swapping plastic surgeries."

"Even if you get sc**wed?"

"Women can pay anything for beauty, so what does it matter if she gets scr*wed? Besides, Roland isn't bad. It's hard to say who's taking advantage of whom."

"Roland's back in Delpon. Hehe, now there's going to be a good show."

"Come place your bets on whether Roland will clash with Silver Wings or not."

"My guess is he will."


"F6 even dares to go against the royal family, Silver Wings is nothing."

"Gee, it looks like there's no way to place a bet, it's all in favor of Roland."

Players who hung around the forums a lot all knew that F6 were bellicose—those guys didn't know what fear was.

In reality, this was the case.

Roland didn't know that Queen Andonara was already generating a lot of heat in the forums.

At this moment, he was heading out of the city.

He walked out of the city gates and came to the docks.

The docks were more thoroughly rebuilt compared to a year ago, but they were still a long way from what they were under Hawk's leadership.

A large part of this was due to the lack of help from Mages.

When Hawk was in power, Roland had magic apprentices help build the docks with Hand of Magic, greatly speeding up the construction time.

But with the extremely poor relationship between the Magic Tower and Silver Wings now, they certainly wouldn't help.

As soon as Roland appeared near the docks, the members of Silver Wings noticed.

He was thinking about how he should find the members of Silver Wings, and unexpectedly, a group of murderous people immediately appeared in front of him.

The leader was naturally Jason, followed by a dozen or so players.

Jason stopped ten feet in front of Roland, sized him up, and said, "Roland, what are you trying to do by coming to our dock?"

"Looking for trouble."

As soon as this was said, the people of Silver Wings all revealed angry looks.

Jason snorted. "Alone? You really think you're the best in the world?"

"I don't mean that. I don't dare to claim to be the best in the world, but I've no problem dealing with you guys." Roland laughed lightly. "What I said before I left was, if you guys dare to take a step into the city, I'll kill you once I see you."

"What a joke. You've been out of Delpon for almost a year, which eye of yours saw us go into Delpon?" Jason sneered.

"Free evaluation of evidence… isn't that Silver Wings' favorite tactic." Roland pointed with his finger. "Besides, do you really think Vincent is an idiot… He's already recorded you guys going into Delpon and loitering around."

"That traitor…"

A multicolored rainbow light with a tail shadow fired straight at Jason.

Prismatic Spray had some wind element attached to it, increasing its speed quite a bit. And the ballistic speed of Prismatic Spray was fast to begin with, so this coupling was quite remarkable.

Just as Roland pointed his finger, Jason saw a large multicolored cotton flower crashing toward him.

He hurriedly dodged to the side, using both his Quick Roll and Intuitive Evasion specialties, which barely managed to avoid the Prismatic Spray's trajectory.

But the guild member behind him wasn't so lucky, as he was directly hit by the rainbow light and couldn't even scream, turning into a cloud of flying ash.

He was instantly killed!

Silver Wings was dominated by Warriors, and almost all of Jason's men were warriors. While most of them weren't considered to be at a high level—only level four—the high vitality of the Warriors still ensured that they would be useful in most situations.

But now, a level-four Warrior couldn't even resist a shot of Prismatic Spray.

One could imagine how powerful Roland's spells were in terms of damage.

"Spread out and attack him as you've been trained." Rolling onto his side, Jason immediately pulled his longsword out of his Backpack while bellowing, "We have an advantage in numbers, and he doesn't have a frontal guard, screw him up!"

Roland chuckled softly and snapped his fingers.

An Ice Ring as sharp as a blade, with Roland at its center, spread out close to the ground.

The members of Silver Wings jumped up almost simultaneously and then came crashing down on where Roland was standing.

Leap Slash!

Roland snapped his fingers again and disappeared, appearing fourteen meters away in the next second.

Jason and a dozen other Warriors smashed into the area where Roland had just been with a thud at the same time.

Then Roland snapped his fingers again, and a dozen blue Arcane Bullets swished forth and shot at those warriors.

The damage from the Arcane Bullets wasn't high, but they couldn't stand the sheer numbers, and several of the Warriors were knocked to the ground. Although they didn't die, they were either spitting out pixels or had broken arms and legs and couldn't move.

At this time, a long arrow suddenly came flying from afar, turning into a dark light, fired at Roland's temple.

But ten centimeters away from Roland's head, it suddenly stopped, a pale blue wave blocking the arrow, and half a second later, the arrow bounced away.

Roland side-eyed the direction the dark arrow flew from, and a magic spider appeared imperceptibly and silently crawled in that direction.

"Roland, you're dead." Jason charged forward with a swoosh.

The ground was already slippery with a thin layer of ice due to Roland's Ice Ring, but Jason seemed to be well-equipped, and his shoes could step firmly on the ice without being affected by the slipperiness.

Then a shadow came crashing in.

Snapping the fingers of his left hand, Roland's entire body disappeared once again, this time teleporting forward and appearing directly twenty meters behind the Silver Wings crowd.

And then another Ice Ring.

Leap Slash had a cooldown.

However, Roland's Ice Ring didn't.

Jason's charge came up short, and when he was about to adjust his body, he felt a chill behind him. Then he realized that his legs were fixed to the ground.

All the members of Silver Wings were hit by the Ice Ring.

He turned back with a rather laborious twist and saw Roland teleport again to a point more than forty meters away from them. And then a blue fireball appeared in Roland's hand.

Two seconds later, a violent explosion of flames engulfed the dozen or so Silver Wings players.

Roland clapped his hands. These people were too weak and not challenging at all.

Then an image came from the magic spider he had just released: a human with a bow was running away in the woods.

Roland was stunned for a moment. "Huh, it's not a player?"

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    《Mages Are Too OP》