Mages Are Too OP
384 All Crazy
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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384 All Crazy

Roland clicked off the forum and looked out of the window, heaving a sigh.

So, the two guilds were fighting so hard because of a high-purity gold mine.

Even an idiot should know the wealth it represented.

The video included in the sheriff's post clearly recorded the moments when the players of the two guilds accidentally injured or killed civilians.

Roland subconsciously frowned as he watched the helpless civilians fall.

"What's wrong?" Andonara put delicious cakes on the table before him and remarked, "Your mood has been heavy since the morning."

"Something happened among my people. It involves Winterwind."

"Winterwind?" Andonara thought for a moment and asked, "The small city on the northwest border?"

"That's right," Roland said. "Two factions of the Golden Sons are fighting in the city and have hurt countless civilians. They're fighting because they found a gold mine. Now, more Golden Sons are going there, which will make the situation more complicated."

This incident would spread throughout the world sooner or later, so it didn't matter if he told Andonara first.

After a shock, Andonara asked, "So, you're going there too?"

Roland nodded.

Andonara was slightly disappointed, but she held herself back and said with a smile, "Then I'll wait for you to come back. When are you leaving?"


Andonara said, "Be home soon."


After a night, Roland activated Long-Distance Teleportation in the morning.

Winterwind was near Reed Village, where Roland had left a space beacon. Therefore, the fastest way to go to Winterwind was by teleporting himself there.

Blue light glittered in the hill behind Reed Village, and Roland surfaced from the void. Pale, he stepped on the grass and rested for several minutes before he finally recovered.

Even the mental power that came with level seven could not completely remove the negative effects of Long-Distance Teleportation.

Then, Roland cast Swiftness on himself and quickly walked to Cage Reed's house.

He rang the bronze bell at the door, and soon, the old butler that Roland knew came out of the house.

"Where is Cage?" asked Roland in a hurry.

"My lord went to Winterwind. Something dreadful happened there…"

Had the descendant of the Hero left to stop them?

But Cage wasn't too strong. It wasn't a problem for him to deal with two or three players, but there were almost three hundred of them.

"Got it."

Before the butler finished, a spatial bubble had swallowed Roland and spurted him out.

With the wind raging outside of his magic shield, Roland observed the horizon from the sky. Soon, he spotted a city and flew there at a higher speed.

Human Cannonball was so fast that Roland had reached the city after no more than a minute. He simply dived down at a hill.

Falling like the Terminator, he left a huge pit after he crash-landed.

Walking out of the pit, Roland observed the city from a height and found that it was a mess.

Also, he could see collapsing buildings everywhere and heard cries and screams.

Taking a deep breath, Roland flashed consecutively and soon reached the city wall.

Normally speaking, the city wall was garrisoned by soldiers, but nobody could be seen here except a person in ragged clothes who seemed to be a player. He was looking down in grief while lying on the wall.

Roland saw battles everywhere in the city.

The professionals were too strong. The players, in particular, had higher comprehensive attributes than NPCs of the same level.

Therefore, their battles could be very destructive. The wind they raised when they waved their sword could easily hurt ordinary people.

Roland walked to the stranger and asked, "Are you the sheriff?"

The man turned around and looked at Roland with a bitter smile. "That's me, a useless sheriff… Wait, you're Roland?"

Roland nodded. Then he asked in surprise, "Why are you only level two? I remember that you were level five."

"I took my men to stop them. But my men were all killed, and I died at least twenty times too." As he spoke, the sheriff squatted and wept. "They were all good guys who had their own families, but they have all been killed by the so-called Golden Sons. What can I tell their families? I'm just garbage. There's nothing I can do to stop them."

"F*ck!" Roland couldn't help but bash the wall.

Even he couldn't help but curse at this point.

Ignoring the sheriff, he flashed into the city and saw that four people were fighting.

They were three Warriors and a Hunter, who were engaged in an intense battle in the ruins.

The sword auras were sharp, and arrows flew now and then.

Not far away on the battlefield, an old man was hiding under a collapsed wall with a boy. He finally summoned enough courage to run with the boy, but he drew everybody's attention the moment he rose.

The archer immediately shot an arrow at him.

It was purely his instinct to shoot any non-ally objects that were active. Thankfully, he didn't aim well and only hit the old man's shoulder.

The old man screamed and fell. The boy in his arms was thrown to the ground and burst into tears.

None of the four players showed any reaction. They still attacked each other crazily, trying to kill the enemy.

The old man's scream and the boy's crying did not earn their empathy at all.

Roland was more than infuriated to see that. He pointed his fingers at them, launching twenty-four Arcane Bullets.

Both parties immediately retreated and looked at Roland.

Noticing that Roland wasn't on their side, they spoke at the same time: "Jalan Temple/Silver Wings are working here. Get lost now."

Damn it!

Roland's lungs were exploding in fury. He pointed his fingers again, initiating another wave of Arcane Bullets.

Those four people dodged simultaneously, but Roland suddenly disappeared and reappeared behind one of them.

Ice Ring!

Prismatic Spray!

One of the Warriors was immediately down. Roland then looked at the archer.

The other three players immediately fled.

They had recognized that this stranger was Roland, the best Mage server-wide.

It was impossible to defeat him.

"Today is your lucky day."

Instead of chasing them, Roland ran to the unconscious old man and plucked the arrow from his shoulder, before he cast Minor Healing on the victim.

"I'll escort you out of here."

But the old man was frightened to see Roland when he opened his eyes. He immediately fell on his knees and hit his head on the ground, while he cried desperation, "Mr. Golden Son, please spare us! You can kill me, but please let go of my grandson! Please!"

The old man kowtowed hard, making loud noises.

Roland was instantly frozen, an awful look on his face.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》