Mages Are Too OP
385 Smash Your Po
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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385 Smash Your Po

A long time later, Roland finally came back to himself. He dragged the old man to his feet and said, "I'm here to save you. You will leave with me right now. I can at least keep you two safe."

After a shock, the old man was both excited and scared. He quickly ran to the boy who just fell and took him back to Roland. In the meantime, he looked around vigilantly, fearing that someone else would hurt him and his grandson.

"Follow me." Roland examined the surroundings and found a way to the city gate.

He also snapped his fingers to cast Body Fortification, Agility, Endurance, and other buffs on the old man.

Feeling strong and comfortable, the old man trotted after him.

At this point, the boy who was no older than four suddenly cried at the remains of a house on the old man's shoulder, "I want Mom! I want Mom!"

The old man closed his eyes in pain.

Dazed, Roland searched all the remains with his mental power and found four human-shaped objects in the debris. All of them had been disfigured and emitted no mental waves whatsoever.

Heaving a long sigh, Roland turned around and left.

With the boy who was crying for his mother, the old man timidly followed him.

They came across battling players on their way. If they were too close, Roland simply got rid of them with Ice Ring, Arcane Bullets, or Prismatic Spray.

As for those far away, Roland had no time for them. After all, he had to protect the old man and his grandson.

Collapsed walls were everywhere on the street, adding to the difficulty of the journey.

Since the old man was holding the boy, his pace was quite slow.

From the relatively intact buildings on the two sides of the street, many eyes were watching Roland take the old man and his grandson away through the gaps in their drapes.

But when Roland looked at them, those eyes were immediately hidden in the dark.

"I'm going out of the city. If you want to go out, you can join me. I can keep you safe."

Roland stopped and shouted with the help of the broadcast spell.

He waited a moment, but received no response.

Nothing but the noises of fighting and screaming could be heard nearby or indistinctly.

Roland sighed and kept walking.

When he approached the city gate, he saw a lot of bodies.

Most of the bodies belonged to players, who hadn't reclaimed them yet, but some bodies were civilians.

It was quite obvious.

All the players were young people. Even the Warriors had soft, smooth skin although they were tough.

The civilians, in comparison, had rough, dark skin. It was easy to distinguish them.

The old man was even more anxious when he saw the bodies.

The boy was also too scared to cry.

At this point, three players ran out of the city, and Roland subconsciously kept the old man and the boy behind him.

When they saw Roland, they all stopped.

Roland looked at them, only to see that they were old acquaintances.

They were Jason and another two members of Silver Wings, who used to run the docks in Delpon.

Roland said with a smile, "It's been a while since I saw you. I didn't know that you were here."

"Roland, get out of here." Jason waved at him angrily, "A good dog doesn't block the way."

Roland sneered and snapped his fingers, and they all jumped aside in fear.

But actually, Roland didn't activate any spells.

Then he said to the old man, "You should leave now. There are no dangers outside yet. You can find shelter for yourselves."

The old man nodded heavily and ran out of the gate.

Roland then turned around. He was about to speak to Jason, when a squad of five suddenly emerged behind Jason's team.

The moment the squad came, they launched fierce attacks at Jason and his companions. They must be from Jalan Temple.

Jason and his companions immediately reacted. All of them were engaged in a fight in the neighborhood nearby.

Very soon, they were collapsing the buildings or ruining the doors and windows. Then, they would charge out of one falling building and continue the battle in another.

Thankfully, the people near the city gate had mostly escaped. No civilians were hurt in their battle.

Roland didn't stop them.

He knew very well that this was just one of the dozens of battlefields in the city.

He couldn't stop all of them. His power was too insignificant.

Instead of putting out fires everywhere, he might as well cut out the source of the fire.

Roland flashed several times back to the city wall and found the devastated sheriff. Grabbing his collar, Roland asked earnestly, "Where is the gold mine they found?"

"On the mountain over there." The sheriff pointed north lethargically.

Roland immediately put on his magic regeneration equipment and flew north with Human Cannonball.

Then, as he expected, he found several battles at the foot of the mountain. Both parties seemed to be fighting for the advantageous terrain so that they could win the ownership of the gold mine.

Flying further up, Roland soon found his target.

Some of the trees in the woods halfway up the mountain had been cut off, revealing a cave. In front of the cave, a hundred people were fighting.

The battlefield was quite huge, and reinforcements were coming nonstop.

Roland was simply too noisy in his flight. The moment he arrived, most of the people engaged in the battle had spotted the flying object.

Immediately, countless arrows were shot at Roland at the same time.

But Roland was simply too fast and agile.

He made a turn and flew vertically to higher altitudes.

Aiss, the deputy chairman of Silver Wings who was commanding the battle, was rather uneasy to see Roland disappear.

"He's up to something!"

Another commander said, "The gold here blocks magic power. Regular spellcasters cannot cast any spells in this place. That's why neither we nor Jalan Temple are summoning Mages as reinforcements, isn't it?"

"I hope so."

Roland flew high into the sky, before he turned around and performed a freefall.

In the meantime, the blue fireball in his hand quickly expanded!

"You're fighting for a goldmine without any respect for other people's lives?" Roland roared ruthlessly. "Let's see what you can fight for after I smash this mountain into smithereens."

All the magic power in his body and in the Mind-Calming Necklace was compressed into a blue fireball three meters in diameter.

Roland was a hundred meters high in the sky, but the unbelievable power of the blue fireball drew everyone's attention.

It was like a small sun blazing in the sky.

Feeling that he couldn't control the fireball any longer, Roland threw it down with all his strength.

The hundred people in the battle looked at the sky simultaneously.

The whole world fell into silence.

When the blue fireball fell from the sky, a visible sector of airwaves was formed right below it, so massive that the whole sky seemed blocked.

The players who were right under the cover of the airwaves watched the ripples spreading out crazily and the enormous fireball crashing. Their mouths were dry.

The invisible, overwhelming power made them want to escape or fall on their knees.

Stunned, Aiss, the deputy chairman, remarked, "Has Roland just thrown the entire sky at us?"

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    《Mages Are Too OP》