Mages Are Too OP
399 Unexpected Choice
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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399 Unexpected Choice

Susie's manor was temporarily taken over.

It was now the conference room for the two big shots.

In the living room, the long black dinner table had been cleaned, and Roland and Ans were each seated at one end.

In the middle of the table was a dark gold box that had complicated silver patterns, full of the lavish artistic beauty of the elves.

"It's inside." Ans nodded at the box and said with a smile, "Are you sure you want to take Mother's blood? You should know that both Destructive Druids and Arcane Windrunners are public enemies for the elves."

Roland asked, "Will the elves send hunters to kill Arcane Windrunners in the human world?"

"I don't think so," Ans replied.

"Are there a lot of elves in the human world?"

"Not too many."

Roland asked again, "Can the elves identify Arcane Windrunners instantly?"

"No. They can't confirm it until they spend some time together. Even I have to wait half an hour before I can confirm an Arcane Windrunner."

"That's good enough," Roland said unconcernedly. "Chances are few for a human being to run into an elf. I can always keep a distance from them."

Ans frowned. It was not exactly the conclusion that he had hoped for.

He really wanted to convince Roland to join the elves.

But if Roland never interacted with the elves again, his plan would never work.

However, he had been prepared for such a possibility. So he continued, "In fact, if you intend to grow stronger, you don't have to become an Arcane Windrunner, which is a tricky class. I think you have a better choice."

"Well? Do tell me about it."

"I wonder if you've heard of the class Sword Dancer," said Ans casually.

"The combination of Warrior and Rogue? Susie is one of them." Roland nodded. "But I'm a Mage."

Ans gently pointed at the box and said, "That's just the Sword Dancers among human beings. I'm talking about the Sword Dancers among the elves."

"What's the difference?"

"They're an advanced class of the Mages who use the power of the elements as their sword and who are born for fighting. Only those with elven bloodlines can transform into this class. They're more powerful than the Arcane Windrunners. They're known by human beings as Lords of the Elements. This class has been passed on since more than ten thousand years ago. Though nobody has been transformed successfully recently, we still have the complete heritages. If you pursue power, why don't you try this class?"

Ans's voice couldn't be more alluring.

A notification immediately popped up on Roland's system menu.

"Would you like to accept the quest on a special hidden class: Elemental Lord (1)?"

It was an epic quest, and only the first part of it.

Taking a short breath, Roland asked, "What's the price, Ans?"

Seeing that Roland was tempted, Ans smiled and pushed the dark gold box to Roland, before he said, "I can see that your soul is concentrating. As you grow stronger, your life span will be expanded. One day, you'll be tired of life among human beings, and your elven blood will prompt you to return to the Mother Tree. I'll be happy when that day comes."

Clearly, Roland was not convinced. He looked at the box and asked, "I don't need the sap of the World Tree to advance into an Elemental Lord, do I?"

"It's a gift for you." Ans nodded. "Indeed you don't need it. But the blood of the Mother Tree can improve your physical qualities. However, I suggest you keep it safely instead of drinking it now and enchant it into special magic equipment after you learn alchemy. It will be more effective that way… But most importantly, if you do drink the sap, you can only be a Destructive Druid or an Arcane Windrunner."

"Thank you." Roland guessed that Ans had other motives to give him this gift, but he hadn't noticed any harmful intent yet. Accepting the box, Roland asked again, "Then what's the first step to becoming an Elemental Lord?"

"Bring me the crystals of the five elements, including wind, earth, fire, water, and lightning. I need to go back to my people and copy the heritages of the Sword Dancer. If you can't find me in Ill later, go to Susie. I'll ask her to keep the heritages."

Roland nodded.

Then, Ans stood up and said, "It's time that I go back. There are many things that I have to attend to. I hope that you can be my neighbor someday, my friend."

Ans smiled at Roland and left.

Roland put the wooden box in his system Backpack. The sap of the World Tree was too precious, but it would be absolutely safe in the system Backpack.

Under Susie's silent fury, Roland left Ill and set up a magic beacon. Then, he teleported himself back to Delpon.

He returned to his Magic Tower and was about to sit down, when someone lunged at him, causing a fragrant breeze.

Roland hugged Andonara and kissed her forehead. He was about to talk, but he was shocked first.

Since they were very close, Roland's mental power had fully covered her, allowing him to detect that she was already level fourteen, only one step away from Legendary, which was level fifteen.

But she had only been out for a month. That speed at which she leveled up was too unbelievable.

"How did you advance so fast?" Roland asked in surprise.

Roland was now level seven, and it required incredible experience for him to reach level eight. Also, the demand for every level-up would be doubled onward.

Delighted, Andonara said proudly, "I don't know, but every time I killed a Golden Son with the black leaf, some power would flow into me. If I burned up their bodies, I would get more. I don't know how many Golden Sons I've killed, but I grew tired and couldn't find any more of them, so I came back."

Roland was rather stunned. Could Andonara have claimed the experience that the players lost after their deaths?

That did seem likely.

As a descendant of the Hero, Andonara was a natural enemy of evil, and the black leaf players had all achieved maximum evil.

According to the legends, Heroes would grow very fast when they fought evil creatures.

Well… Roland suddenly realized how he could help Andonara level up.

When Andonara became a Legend, she would probably be the strongest woman in the whole world.

She was also a queen.

It was truly exhilarating to sleep with such a woman in his arms…

"You seem to be thinking about something interesting." Andonara rubbed Roland with her breasts and asked, "Would you like to tell me about it?"

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    《Mages Are Too OP》