Mages Are Too OP
403 Who Are You Insulting?
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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403 Who Are You Insulting?

Extremist environmentalists were appalling even in reality, and the Druids in this world were even more daunting.

Many people thought that Druids were a special class of the elves… They were not wrong.

Only the elves had real Druids.

But there were Druid organizations among humans too, established by people who believed in the ideals of the elven Druids.

They didn't understand natural spells or shape-shifting… so they created certain spells to make them look like Druids while they practiced the principles of the Druids.

They usually hid themselves in crowds, and it was impossible to distinguish them, but when they believed that someone had broken the balance of nature, they would reveal themselves.

The wood to the north of the city was quite large. Those Druids arrived when half of it was cut down.

There was no telling how they learned that trees were being chopped here.

Did they have special tricks? Could the tricks be learned?

Roland slapped his face, knowing that it was not time to consider that yet. He immediately said to Vincent, "Go to the lumber camp and ask the workers to evacuate first. If those guys attack, try to stop them, but retreat if you can't."

"Got it."

Vincent cast Feather Landing on himself and jumped off from the city wall.

Roland, on the other hand, returned to his manor quickly through consecutive flashes.

He opened the door and found that Andonara was having afternoon tea with the mayor's wife and daughter in the living room.

Earlier, Andonara was invited to the mayor's house, but she turned it down, claiming that she would not visit another male's house in case Roland misunderstood her, and that the mayor's wife could come to Roland's manor if she wanted to have afternoon tea with her.

Then, after a day of consideration, the mayor's wife took her daughter here.

It was the third time that they had afternoon tea together.

Seeing Roland, all three women stood up.

Now, the mayor's wife and daughter were not nervous at all to see Roland.

Roland said to them apologetically, "I'm sorry, but I have to borrow Andonara for now. I need her help."

Andonara looked at Roland in confusion.

Roland said to her, "Put on your armor, grab your sword, and come with me."

Andonara's eyes glittered. It was the first time that Roland had ever really taken her to battle.


Andonara rushed upstairs and soon returned with her leather armor and her longsword.

Seeing that Roland had business to attend to, the mayor's wife and daughter bowed and bid farewell.

In the lumber camp, the ten thousand workers began to evacuate.

Most of them were quite upset. It was not easy for them to find a job that could keep them fed in winter. Were they losing it?

The smarter ones among them had seen the spellcasters near the forest.

They had been doing their job well until those strangers popped up.

At first, Vincent, who seemed mean but was actually quite friendly, rode away quickly, and after he returned from the city, he ordered everyone to stop working and go home.

So, it must because of those strangers.

Many poor workers looked at the vague shadows at the edge of the woods.

However blank they were, there was a hint of hatred in their eyes.

The Druids that came here belonged to the Hollevin branch of Green Shade.

Heather, as a new member, looked at the trees that had been chopped down and said with grief, "How dare they… They've ruined such a huge forest after no more than seven days. Whoever initiated this logging project deserves a hundred death sentences."

All the Druids were wearing long green robes with hoods that covered their faces.

Black Thorn said coldly, "They're very smart. They seem to have figured out who we are, but there's no point in stopping now… So many trees have been killed. They would think that there are no human Druids in Hollevin if we don't slay the culprits."

"My men are investigating the initiator of this project. The result will be out soon."

A dozen more people were silent, their hands hidden in their long sleeves as if they were immobile statues.

As they talked, Heather suddenly frowned. "Do you feel that a certain maliciousness is taking shape against us?"

"I do." Black Thorn looked at the poor workers far away and said, "It's them."

"The sheep are bold enough to evince hostility to lions." Heather scoffed. "How interesting."

When they talked, they found that the spellcaster who escaped earlier came back to them.

The man stopped in front of the Druids and shouted, "Good sirs, why have you come to Delpon under disguise? I don't think you're here as visitors, are you?"

Ignoring Vincent, Heather turned back and spoke to Heather, "This man is clearly one of the culprits. We should kill him first as deterrence."


The moment "okay" was uttered, Vincent threw out a blue Hand of Magic and seized Heather.

In the meantime, he roared, "You want to kill me? Who do you think you are?"

Smirks burst out from the dark hoods of the Druids at the same time.

For the human Druids, the destroyers of nature were not living creatures but pure demons.

Heather muttered, "Vines."

Several green thorny vines extended from the ground like the tentacles of an octopus, tying up the blue hand and freezing it.

Then, Heather pointed at Vincent, and three small tornadoes were formed before him and grew larger.

At this point, Vincent roared, "Too slow!"

He extended his right hand and made a shooting gesture at Heather, darting a red fireball at the enemy.

But it was blocked by a green shield, although it successfully drove the three tornadoes away.

"You're rather gifted." Staring at Vincent, Heather said, "It's a shame you will die here."

Vincent, however, burst into crazy laughter. "I will die here? You idiots, did you not do any intelligence work before you came? I will die? Who do you think I am?"

Vincent closed his hands and began to chant a spell. While stepping back, he mumbled, "XY52Z, 1X56Z45…"

As he chanted the coordinates, the blue light was more and more obvious on his body, until it formed an egg-shaped protective magic shield.

The Druids were all stunned. A long time later, Black Thorn remarked, "He created a magic shield in no more than two seconds. That's very fast."

Heather said, "The spell he chanted was interesting too. I never heard it before."

Vincent laughed even more delightedly, and his face was even getting twisted. "You think that was fast? Who are you insulting? I would've been too ashamed to use the spell if I can't cast it instantly, morons."

The Druids were not pissed. Instead, they looked at each other, and Black Thorn said, "I think something is not right. Let's take this man alive and retreat first. We'll decide what to do after we learn everything he knows."

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    《Mages Are Too OP》