Mages Are Too OP
404 Mages and Druids Are Differen
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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404 Mages and Druids Are Differen

Though the Druids were already determined to kill Vincent, they found it odd that he burst into fury not because he was going to be killed, but because he was complimented.

What kind of freak was that?

Although the Druids were confused, what they said was indeed sarcasm to Vincent, a proud young man from a rich family.

Under normal circumstances, it was indeed something to be proud of for a Mage to activate their magic shield in two seconds.

But the problem was that most players were perfectionists in their hearts, who loved to climb for higher goals.

Roland, on the other hand, was the peak of Mages. Almost all other Mage players regarded him as a role model. Even those who weren't Mage players would subconsciously compare a Mage to Roland when they evaluated that Mage.

Roland could cast almost all the spells he was capable of silently and instantly.

They had to do the same too, or it couldn't prove that they had grasped the spell.

Almost all the Mage players believed in that, and Vincent was not an exception.

It had been a year since he came to the Magic Tower. He watched Roland master more and more spells and level up quickly.

Now, the players were level five on average, but Roland was already level seven and soon to be level eight, higher than all the other players.

He had been leveling up remarkably fast.

For Vincent, if he could not cast a magic shield instantly, how could he protect himself in extremely harsh environments?

Two seconds were more than enough for the Agility classes to kill him multiple times.

Therefore, Vincent felt that they were mocking him.

As a short-tempered rich kid, Vincent gathered a fireball in his hand that was about forty centimeters in diameter, before he charged with his magic shield on.

Since they were only ten meters from each other, Vincent simply threw the fireball out after sprinting three meters.

It was exactly the self-exploding Inferior Fireball that Roland uploaded to the forum on the third day after the game was launched.

The orange fireball flew at the targets at a reasonable speed, but all the Druids were grave.

They had sensed the enormous magic power and the danger of the fireball.

Immediately, magic reactions were glittering.

Vines grew quickly from the ground, turning from small to big and from bright green to verdant after only one second.

They looked like infinite tentacles, or the flagella of a gigantic worm.

Those "flagella" grabbed the flying fireball, followed by infinitely more vines that tied the fireball up like a cocoon. The fireball exploded, but the cocoon merely shivered with a weird dull noise, and nothing happened.

Seeing that, Vincent was about to cast more fireballs.

But then, vines quickly proliferated under his feet and rose from the ground, covering him in no more than three seconds.

The magic shield cracked and was broken instantly.

The vines quickly wreathed Vincent like flowing water.

His bones were broken, and he was almost squeezed into a pulp of meat.

But the Druids saved some of their strength. Vincent was still alive.

Then, the vines were gone, leaving only one branch that was holding Vincent, who had lost the ability to fight.

He was completely soaked in blood, and there was not an unscathed part of his body except his head. He looked like a disfigured monster.

But he was still smiling.

The pain was insufferable for regular people, but since it had been reduced to one-tenth, it was not enough to make Vincent scream.

The Druids were all chilled by Vincent's smile.

They couldn't understand how such a bloody man could be smiling.

Confused, Heather stepped forward and asked, "You're really unafraid of death?"

"Why should I?" Vincent sounded weak but full of disdain. "It seems that you really haven't investigated who we are."

"Who are you?"

"You've chosen to attack us. Why would I tell you? Hahahaha."

Feeling that he was tricked, Heather extended his finger and was about to strangle Vincent.

But suddenly, she sensed an immense magic reaction from the sky.

The dozen people raised their heads at the same time, only to see a blue fireball quickly taking shape.

Before they had the time to exclaim at how fast the fireball was being concentrated, it was upon them.

Has it missed the target?

Right when the Druids thought that, the fireball exploded and deafened them. Dizzily, they were flung away by the overwhelming, fiery blast.

The flames soon caught up to them and burned the corners of their magic robes.

The cluster of vines were partially burned, and the rest stood up like a wall to block the flames.

The Druids rose from the ground and put out the fire on their robes, before they looked at the sky.

A Mage in a blue magic robe was slowly descending.

On the other hand, Vincent had been rescued, and a gorgeous lady with long golden hair in braids was standing before him.

"Who are you?"

Black Thorn felt that something was wrong.

Roland didn't say anything and simply cast Evil Detection.

A bright blue circle of light swept past them.

All the Druids' faces changes, as if they had just been fed s*it.

Evil Detection was a handy spell, but not used very frequently.

It was often cast on strangers or suspects for mockery.

Using Evil Detection on someone without saying anything was like a stranger saying to another stranger, "I suspect you are a thief. Take off your clothes and let me examine you."

It was even more outrageous than that and a downright insult.

Whoever received that spell would instantly become an enemy.

Therefore, even the Saint Samurai of the Church of Light would not use the spell randomly.

Scanning them with Evil Detection, Roland found that the dozen Druids were all emitting white light, which meant that they were neutral and not evil.

"You jerk."

Heather was the most imprudent one of the Druids. He opened his hands, trying to create vines again in this area to hang this man.

But Roland snapped his finger, and a ring of ice froze the ground.

The vines were frozen and couldn't move anymore the moment they rose from the soil.

When the Ice Ring reached the Druids, the special protective spells on them were triggered. As green light spread, the places they were standing on were immune from the ice.

"Interesting." Roland turned around and cast a healing spell on Vincent, who was nearly dying.

He had completely ignored the enemies.

Evil Detection and his following action made all the Druids burst into rage.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》