Mages Are Too OP
408 Inhumane Smearing
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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408 Inhumane Smearing

The Water God Church?

Roland had heard about the church before. It was a small church that worshiped a virtuous goddess.

But the problem was that this church had never been reputable.

It was not because the members of this church were untrustworthy or treacherous, but because the Priests of this church were rather… funny.

The core doctrine of this church was to hold yourself back as much as possible before a battle.

But actually, the believers of this church never bothered to hold themselves back.

That was not really impressive. What was really amazing was that they were all battle maniacs who could blow up their armor.

They could literally blow up their armor.

It was a rather powerful skill.

Armor Detonation: When you're in peril, you can tear apart your equipment and burst it to deal powerful penetrative damage to your enemies in front of you. In the meantime, your speed, health, and magic resistance will be significantly improved, based on your Resolve and the quality of your armor. The duration of the enhancement is based on your Resolve (Praise the cute and sexy Water God).

The Water God's intention was simple. She hoped that her believers could fight back or escape with Armor Detonation when they were in danger.

Yet… the Priests of the Water God Church used this skill more often than they should.

They wouldn't care if they were really in danger. As long as they ran into a worthy opponent, they would blow up their armor and simply charge at the target.

The problem was that armor could be expensive, especially the high-quality ones.

The effect of this skill, on the other hand, was highly dependent on the quality of the armor.

Therefore… the best Priests in the Water God Church were the poorest Priests, because they had blown up too many armor suits.

No wonder the girl said that she came here on foot. It was obviously meant to save money.

Looking at her, Roland couldn't help but ask, "How many sets of armor have you prepared?"

"Don't worry. I've kept thirteen armor suits in my system Backpack," the Priest declared quickly, "They're definitely enough."

"But something happened on my side. We can't set off yet," said Roland.

The Priest stared at Roland, waiting for him to continue. She believed that Roland must've made arrangements for her.

Roland was glad that she was so patient. He said, "So, we will hire you as our security manager for the time being and pay you five silver coins a day, how does it sound?"

The Priest grew excited . "Five silver coins. That's eight hundred yuan. Not bad at all. I'll take it."

The Priest and Roland both found it worthwhile.

This Priest girl was level five. Considering the fact that she didn't add points on Charm, she was definitely a pure battle-type player, and must've been a pro in other games too.

Another reason that made Roland feel that his payment was worth it was that the Priests of the Water God Church were the only Priests who could heal unlimitedly.

Armor Detonation was the lifesaving skill of the Water God Church, but their essential skill was Battle Boon.

Battle Boon: Every time you deal damage to an enemy, you will cast Rapid Healing on yourself or your teammate.

Many people thought that the Church of Life was best at healing, but they were wrong. The Water God Church was actually the best, but they were never discussed because they were too few.

Rapid Healing was as effective as Advanced Treatment, and it didn't have any side effects.

Therefore, the Priests of the Water God Church were never scared of injuries. It was said that they fought like Berserkers.

The Priest's arrival did not raise too much attention.

After all, the people in Delpon had already grown accustomed to the Golden Sons.

In the ten days that followed, the remains of the forest was burned to the ground and changed into farmland.

The timber that was piled next to the lumber camp was used to build cottages too.

Thanks to the plan that Roland made in advance, a small town was established quickly.

The town was named Aden.

A road that connected Delpon and Aden was also paved before the first blizzard.

At this point, forty days had passed.

The homeless poor people were settled down in Aden. Everybody had a place to live in and a piece of farmland.

The rest of the timber was chopped into firewood and distributed to every household in Aden.

Roland had done everything he could. If anybody starved or died from cold, it would be their own problem, not nature's fault.

As snowflakes fell from the sky, Roland listened to Vivian's report inside the warm study.

"Old Conan Doyle got 32 points, Gru got 27, more than twenty people got 15 to 20 points, and more than forty people got 10 to 15 points. I didn't calculate the rest." Closing the notebook, Vivian asked in a low voice, "Have we given away too many points?"

"No. We've gathered more than forty level-one spells in our Magic Tower. Thirty-two points are not even enough to learn all of them. It's not too many at all." Roland said with a smile, "Old Conan Doyle almost went bankrupt for those points. We should be generous. Besides, it won't be easy for them to garner points again later."

Vivian was relieved. "As long as you have a plan."

Roland had a bite of Vivian's cake, which was as delicious as ever. "In a day or two, Vincent, Andonara, the Priest from the Water God Church, and I will go out. The Magic Tower will be in your hands."

Greatly surprised, Vivian waved quickly. "No, no, that's too much for me."

"It's all right. You are an official Mage now," Roland said with a smile. "When I took over the Magic Tower from Aldo, I had just become an official Mage too. Besides, you've been following up the work in the Magic Tower. I'm sure you'll do a great job."

Vivian said bitterly, "But I'm not very confident in myself."

"If you run into any problems, you can ask Christina for advice. Though she's practically useless in the day, she has a lot of life experience since she has lived decades."

Vivian thought for a moment and accepted the task. "Okay, but be back soon."

"Of course we will." Roland looked at the snow outside of the window and said, "No place can compare to a home that you build yourself."

Vivian nodded in agreement.

Since they wouldn't set off until tomorrow, Roland was free for the rest of the day. Feeling lazy, he decided to take a walk to relax.

There were few passersby on the street. Most people were hiding at home to keep themselves warm. But Roland found that every tavern was crowded and tumultuous.

Recalling the deal he made with Viki about a month ago, he went into one of the taverns and checked the progress.

He covered his head with the hood of his magic hood, hiding his face in shadow, which was a classic way for Mages to play mysterious.

The civilians subconsciously fell quiet when they saw the Mage, but when they found that the Mage went to a corner and didn't talk, they grew bold again and resumed their carnival.

The Bard, on the other hand, continued his narration amongst the heavy stench of alcohol, "Druid Aslan, holding his dying partner Kira in his arms, cried, 'Don't worry, Kira. I'll treat your wife like my own wife, and love your daughter as my wife too. You can rest in peace…' Then, Kira pointed his shivering fingers at Aslan and kicked the bucket."

The alcoholics immediately scoffed at the shamelessness of this Aslan. Some of them made dirty gestures, raising another round of laughter.

Roland was rather dumbfounded.

Wait! I didn't ask Viki to smear them like that, did I?

Is that really something a decent man should do?

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    《Mages Are Too OP》