Mages Are Too OP
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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411 Seal Lifted

The six warships were so easy to spot that Roland could see them from the city wall without ascending to the sky.

Though he trusted Brenda, he was careful enough to fly above a warship with Human Cannonball and cast Evil Detection downward.

Then, redness glittered all over the warship.

He cast Evil Detection on another warship, only to find that it was brimming with redness too.

Hovering in the sky, he found that every warship was so red that they were almost black.

Without any hesitation, he rained fireballs down.

Those fireballs weren't too huge, only about one meter in diameter.

Probably because they never encountered Mages before, those warships weren't prepared for a flying Mage. Though many archers were shooting Roland, most of them missed the target, and the arrows of those who did shoot Roland were deflected by his magic shield.

Roland's fireballs, on the other hand, were thrown to the middle of the warships and blew them into halves, sinking them.

After blowing up three warships in a row, the remaining three warships grew anxious and raised their sails.

But it took time for a warship to sail away. Its acceleration would be very slow before it could reach the highest speed.

Besides, even if it reached the highest speed, so what?

Could it be faster than Human Cannonball?

One minute later, sending the last three warships to the bottom of the sea with blue fireballs, Roland returned to the city hall.

Hardly had he entered the room when Vincent tried to put a simple green hat on his head. He said angrily, "You want to play Lord Guan? Wear a green hat[1] first!"

Lost for words, Roland slapped the green hat away.

Liz and Brenda watched the drama with a smile.

Andonara wasn't familiar with the interaction of the players. She was puzzled by their interaction, wondering why Roland hated the green hat so much. It looked fine to her.

Vincent only made the joke on Roland because they were very familiar with each other.

After the fuss, Brenda stood up and said, "It's the patrol team's responsibility now. Roland, thank you for tolerating our trick. When you return from the raid, I'll buy you a great dinner as an apology."

Estimating that Kämpfer the White Beard would fight with his life now that he lost his warships, Roland asked, "Do you need our help?"

"We can handle it." Brenda stood up and said, "This is the responsibility of the Bluewater Harbor Patrol. If we ask for other people's help will everything, then our job here will be pointless."

"Someone might be killed," said Vincent.

Brenda stood up with glittering eyes. "That danger is expected of members of the patrol team who are paid much higher than the civilians are."

Roland asked curiously, "What's your profession in reality?"

"A special police officer."

No wonder! Roland secretly nodded.

Then, Roland and his team enjoyed a great show.

Losing the warships that were his shelter, Kämpfer the White Beard initiated a desperate charge at the mayor's office with a hundred men.

But Brenda was long prepared for that. She had set up an ambush of a thousand heavily armored soldiers on the way, who surrounded the hundred men.

The spears of those soldiers rose like a forest. Even though Kämpfer had a dozen professionals under his command, they were not strong enough to change the course of a battle on land.

Besides, Brenda was a commander player who had three commander auras, namely the Valiance Aura, the Attack Speed Aura, and the Defense Aura.

Her highly remarkable skills doubled the combat ability of her troop, making the soldiers as good as professionals of the lowest level.

It was impossible for Kämpfer the White Beard to win. He was only good at sea battles.

The battle was over in an hour. The hundred pirates were all executed save a few.

Roland was nearby when Kämpfer was caught.

A few soldiers took Kämpfer, who was covered in blood and too weak to move, to Brenda.

He was a very strong old man. Had it not been for his white hair and the wrinkles on his face, he would've impressed anyone as a young man with his physique and firm muscles.

The man stared at Brenda arrogantly and glanced at Roland's team. Eventually, his eyes focused on Roland with hatred.

"It was you! It was you!" Kämpfer struggled crazily, his eyes bulging. "We had no grudge in the past. Why did you blow up my warships? Why?"

Vincent was wearing a gray robe, and Roland, a blue one. Kämpfer saw vividly from a tavern at the port that someone in blue blew up his warships—his fortunes, his shelter, his future—from the sky.

He had been enjoying himself at Bluewater Harbor like a king, but after only one moment, the world was changed.

Looking at the old man who was struggling and roaring, Roland subconsciously cast Evil Detection on him.

The man was glittering red.

Roland shook his head and ignored him.

Andonara and the rest followed him away.

Brenda was quite fast. Half a day later, Kämpfer was judged in public in the square and hanged.

Tens of thousands of people took part in the trial. Everybody cheered after he was hanged.

They had suffered because of Kämpfer long enough.

At night, the mayor, who had never showed up, appeared at the celebration party with his son Theodore.

Theodore was not interested in the Golden Sons, not as much as he was in Andonara, but Andonara simply ignored him.

After a few failed attempts, the young man went to a corner, bummed.

The next day after the celebration party, Roland received a boat from the mayor with a whole crew.

The island was actually not far away from the port. It could be seen on the horizon from the higher places in the city.

Roland could've flown there, but he was not confident of accomplishing the raid on his own.

The sea was different from rivers in that the waves in the sea were much higher than those in rivers even without wind.

Many people thought that any boat could go to sea, but this was wrong. The boats built for rivers generally had flat bottoms, and they could be toppled over easily by the waves in the sea.

The boats built for the sea usually had round bottoms, which made them steadier.

But even so, this particular boat trembled on the way to the island.

Vincent's face was pale, and he threw up multiple times.

Andonara and Liz were sturdier and didn't feel sick.

As for Roland… having experienced the dizziness after Long-Distance Teleportation, he could barely feel the shaking.

The journey did not seem long, but it took the boat almost four hours before it reached the destination.

It was almost three in the afternoon.

Stepping on the soft silver beach, Roland took out Hawk's map and calculated the distance. Then he said, "Let's walk two hours first. When we're close, we'll take a rest for the night so that we can be rejuvenated."

"Okay, no problem."

Everybody agreed with the plan.

Barely anyone had ever been to this island. Weeds and thorns were everywhere, making the trip rather difficult.

Roland cleared the way for everybody with a pair of gigantic Hands of Magic. He also had two shield-wielding puppets who forged ahead.

Few large animals could be found on this sea island, but there were plenty of venomous snakes.

After two hours, Roland's team found a place that was relatively flat. He built a two-story building with Mud to Stone, with a few air holes on the roof. Then, they took a rest inside.

To be honest, the snakes here were quite disgusting, but thankfully, Roland had built a safe house with his spell.

They had some food to replenish themselves on the clean and cool second floor.

But when it was late at night, Andonara suddenly held her chest and looked at the center of the island uncomfortably.

"What's wrong?" asked Roland.

"Something seems to be calling me from there." Andonara furrowed her beautiful brow. "But another power that makes me very uncomfortable is urging me to get away."

Everybody looked at her strangely.

"Will it affect your combat ability?"

Andonara shook her head.

"Then take a rest first." Roland thought for a moment and said, "Let's see how it will turn out tomorrow."

The next morning, they had some random breakfast and took off. It was not until noon that they finally found the cave marked on the map.

Looking at the dark cave, Roland remarked, "This is really an inconspicuous place. How did Hawk find it?"

"Maybe with his habit of exploration," Liz explained. "You Mages study the nature of magic every day, but for us who don't study magic, there's nothing we can do except explore the map when we're free."

Fair enough.

Those physical classes could indeed get rather bored if they didn't have any battles they could fight.

Andonara, on the other hand, looked at the cave with great discomfort.

Roland had been observing her expression. Seeing her reaction, he said, "Let's just abort!"

"I'm not uncomfortable." Andonara shook her head and explained, "It's more of a palpitation. My instincts tell me that this is a dangerous place and we shouldn't be here, but they're also telling me that I should go in and check it out. So I'm in a dilemma."

She felt such foreboding when she was almost Legendary?

Roland thought for a moment and said, "Why don't you stay here and let us explore it? We can be resurrected."

Andonara shook her head. "I'm going in with you."

Roland thought some more and replied, "Okay, but remember that you should run immediately if you're in danger. You can't be resurrected like us."

Andonara nodded.

All four of them entered the cave.

Liz, who had been fully armed, led the team. After about three minutes, they saw a gigantic space.

The space was not natural but hollowed by someone.

The cavern was tall and wide, with about a hundred blue fiery birds flying inside. They shrieked and swooped at the intruders.

According to their plan, everybody was about to shoot down those fiery birds.

But Andonara suddenly said, "Don't do anything!"

Everybody looked at her weirdly.

Andonara stepped forward and extended her right hand, and blue flames started burning on her fingertip.

Those little fiery birds immediately stopped and flew to a sword that had been stabbed into the ground at the center.

Roland and his team didn't notice the sword until this moment.

When the fiery birds all lunged to the sword, it was wreathed in blue flames that veiled the sword. They could see nothing but a dark shadow underneath the flames.

Then, the flames spread along the body of the sword and soon reached the ground.

After that, blue stripes glittered one after another, constituting an enormous blue magic array that looked like a spider web.

The whole cavern was illuminated by the blue light.

Vincent sighed and said, "Hawk said that those fiery birds were very tricky. They're immune to physical attacks and can only be destroyed with magic, but they can regenerate. I didn't know that you could get rid of them so easily."

He peeped at Andonara as he talked and then looked at Roland enviously.

Not only could this NPC get rid of the birds, but she could also do other things like warming the bed… He was too jealous.

Roland squatted and threw a stone into the magic array, but there was no reaction.

He turned around and asked Andonara, "How do you feel?"

"Better." Andonara nodded. "I'm going to draw the sword now."

"Wait." Roland stopped Andonara and said, "We don't know the purpose of this magic array. It could be a trap. Let me try it first."

After he said that, he asked the two shield-wielding puppets to pluck the sword.

But the puppets were burned into basic elemental particles by the blue flames the moment they touched the sword.

"Very powerful."

Roland thought a moment and remarked, "It seems that we can only toughen up now. Liz, you are a Priest of the Water God. Do you have any irrigation spells?"

"No," Liz said helplessly, "I'm a Battle Priest. All my skills are for battles."

"Then let me do it," Roland said. "I'll turn this place into a swamp with Rock to Mud to sink the sword and destroy the magic array. That should be able to put out the fire on the sword."

At this point, Andonara said, "That's unnecessary. I'm going to draw the sword out."


Andonara said with a smile, "The blue flames can't hurt me. After all, it's a special ability of my family."

After a brief silence, Roland reminded her, "Remember, run immediately if anything goes wrong."

"Got it."

Andonara was very happy that Roland cared about her so much.

If other people weren't around, she would've jumped into his arms and made out with him.

Taking a deep breath, she walked into the magic array and grasped the handle of the sword.

By doing that, she seemed to have triggered a certain mechanism. The blue flames were simply concentrated and absorbed by the sword.

The brilliance of the blue magic array died down too, revealing the real appearance of the sword.

The handle of the sword was bright gold, but its body was blue, with florescences flowing inside.

They were the only two colors on the sword. It seemed plain but left an extraordinary impression on everybody.

Hardly had Andonara exerted her strength when the sword was drawn.

Then, shadows of flames surged inside Andonara's blue eyes.

Five seconds later, Andonara said, "I've acquired a memory. Roland, get out of the cave right now and prepare for battle. It's coming out."

[1] referring to a man who's been cuckolded

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    《Mages Are Too OP》