Mages Are Too OP
434 Rothman“s Fireball
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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434 Rothman“s Fireball

Roland and the black-haired young girl went up to the second floor.

When the old man saw that Roland was willing to come up, he smiled slightly and said, "Foreign boy, come with me."

Roland was a little confused when he first saw the old man.

This old man had an exaggerated amount of magic power wrapped around his body, much more than him. But strangely enough, this old man's mental power was quite a mess.

There was a sense of it being divided.

Logically, such a powerful Mage couldn't be in this situation, as drawing a large amount of magic power around oneself required a solid and profound mental power.

This was why this contradiction struck Roland as strange.

The three of them went into a room, the young girl Lamia served a kind of clear soup similar to tea. Roland drank it and felt that it wasn't bad. Although it wasn't tea, it had a similar taste, like black tea.

The old man sat across from Roland, sizing him up.

It was just that his gaze had a sense of scrutiny in it.

Roland let him stare, waiting patiently.

After a while, the old man stopped examining him and said with a smile, "Foreigner, what kind of magic are you best at?"

"More proficient in elemental types of magic," Roland said after some thought, then continued, "Of course, if I had to say one, it's fire element magic that I'm best at."

He was obviously the best… A large fireball could level the playing field for all beings below Legend.

After transforming into an Elemental Lord, Roland was already qualified to call himself a nuke.

When he got to level ten, a large fireball could probably level the playing field for all beings below Demigod.

This wasn't Roland boasting, it was the truth.

Hearing this, the old man's eyes revealed some disappointment, but he still said, "I'm also more proficient in fire magic. I'm good at the Five Fireballs Incantation, which is one of the best techniques of our Enchantment Sect."

"Five Fireballs Incantation?" Roland became interested. "Can you show me the power… forget it, old man, you are not well."

The old man laughed aloud, then coughed twice, and Lamia, who had been staying close by, immediately came up and gave the old man a few pats.

"I'm not well enough to use the Five Fireballs Incantation right now, but my granddaughter knows. How about having her show you how?"

Lamia was somewhat surprised, but she looked at the old man's expression and nodded her head in the end.

Roland was surprised too.

This young girl had a delicate body and was equipped with a long sword, and there was no magic element surrounding her body. At first glance, Roland thought she was purely an agile Warrior.

But she could also cast spells?

Was the ancient kingdom a thousand years ago so proficient in magical mastery?

"It just so happens that the entire third floor is a magic testing ground."

The old man stood up and Lamia immediately stepped forward to assist him.

The three of them went up to the third floor, where Lamia first assisted the old man to a chair before pulling a white headband out of her robe and braiding her long hair into a ponytail.

She appeared purer and more valiant.

The old man revealed a doting expression.

After a glance at Roland, Lamia pulled out her long sword.

Several red streaks of light immediately appeared on the body of the longsword.

It seemed like some sort of spell model's circulation route.

Is this… a magic sword?

Roland grew increasingly interested.

After half a second, five small fireballs were generated simultaneously around the magic sword, while Roland was still unable to see any magical element from Lamia's body.

Another half a second later, the five small fireballs flew forward at the same time, blowing a stone dummy right to smithereens.

The power was not bad.

Several seconds later, the debris moved on its own, flew back the way it came, and then reverted back to the dummy it had just been.

It has self-reparation?

Roland's eyes were glowing.

The magic sword inscription skill and the self-repairing skill, both of these two magic skills were ones that Roland had not come across at all.

More importantly, what method did Lamia use to cast Five Fireballs without using her mental power?

Does the magic sword store magic elements in it? But it doesn't seem like it.

As for Five Fireballs itself… Roland wasn't too interested.

This in essence was just five Inferior Fireballs operating in parallel.

It seemed impressive and quite visually shocking, but when one understood it, it was nothing much.

It wouldn't be nearly as efficient as a simple large fireball.

Looking at Roland's surprised and curious expression, the old man nodded his head in satisfaction and smiled. "This Five Fireballs spell Lamia used is not bad, right? Want to learn? I can teach you."

"Can you teach me the technique of making a magic sword and the technique of automatically repairing the statue? I can exchange them with spells of my own."

The old man almost didn't catch his breath.

This isn't right, shouldn't he be craving the Five Fireballs?

Lamia was also looking at Roland oddly.

Looking at the two of them, Roland thought for a moment and said, "You're thinking along the wrong lines. Although casting five fireballs at the same time may seem powerful, it's actually more effective to strengthen a spell to a higher limit in the same amount of time."

Magic was a very profound skill, and generally speaking, only a true Mage was qualified to comment on the good and bad, the advantages and disadvantages of a spell.

This young man looked no more than twenty years old, but he dared to speak so boldly.

Lamia also shared this view, and the way she looked at Roland became a bit different as if she was looking at a boastful and pompous apprentice.

When Roland saw their attitudes, he paused and said, "All talk and no action; let me do something practical."

After speaking, Roland began to condense a large fireball in his right hand.

It had just taken Lamia a little over a second to go from raising her magic sword to firing the fireballs.

Then I'll take it as a second.

A second later, the large fireball in Roland's hand had reached a diameter of more than one meter.

At the sight of this, the old man's eyes were almost bulging out, and even Lamia was intimidated.

Because she was closer to Roland, she could better feel the terrifying power of the fireball in Roland's hand.

Then Roland threw this fireball.

The giant fireball hit the wall, and although this was a magic test floor with a boundary that suppressed the power of magic, the large fireball still made the entire floor tremble.

The sound of the fireball exploding was like thunder in the ears, and then the violent heatwave reverberated throughout the floor, rattling the three's hair and robes.

And the dozen or so dummies in front of them liquified in an instant, without even the ability to repair themselves.

It's so powerful even in a boundary with suppressing magical effects. If it were outside… The old man stood up in shock, rushing to Roland's side like a cheetah, his hands forcefully gripping Roland's arms, eyes full of fervor.

"What kind of magic is this?"

"How did you do it?"

"What's the maximum diameter when you cast it full force?"

"Teach me!"

Roland was just waiting for this last sentence. "Okay, no problem, we'll exchange. I want to learn the technique of making magic swords first."

"Deal." The old man's face was flushed. "Lamia, go home and tidy up a room, I want to exchange magic insights with this handsome excellency all night."

Lamia said worriedly, "But Grandpa, your health!"

"It's okay, I can't die." The old man laughed. "I'm a supreme Mage after all."

Roland curled his lips inwardly. What an old way to call it.

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