Mages Are Too OP
435 Old Men Will Always Be Your Boss
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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435 Old Men Will Always Be Your Boss

Before sharing his experience with the old man, Roland went back to the hotel and cast onto Betta and the others another Unhindered Communication.

He also told them that he was going to pick up some knowledge and magic insight, and might not return to the hotel any time soon, so if Unhindered Communication failed again, Betta could cast Language Proficiency to help out. Although they wouldn't be able to read, basic communication wouldn't be a problem; just the speed of information gathering would drop a bit.

Everyone expressed that they understood.

Knowledge was a Mage's second life—everyone knew that.

Li Lin bantered, "Is it a beautiful teacher?"

"It's an old man," said Roland, smiling, "but he has a very beautiful granddaughter. Would you like to be introduced to her?"

Li Lin waved his hand. "Forget it, there are plenty of beautiful women in this game, wouldn't it be exhausting to meet a pretty one and then go talk about feelings? Anyway, there are enough brothel workers and plenty of pretty ones, and I'm not afraid of getting sick in the game, so why should I offer my feelings?"

Everyone laughed—this man had found justification for whoring.

However, the second-generation rich sons always acted selfishly, so Roland didn't bother to persuade him.

They then exchanged the information they had gathered; there wasn't much of value. Their main task was to get the Water of Light, but taking it by force was definitely not an option, and stealing… Husseret wasn't confident that his stealth technique could hide him from the dozen or so Master guards at close range.

Since there was no solution, they could only continue to gather information.

After eating and drinking, they set out from the hotel to gather information again.

Roland went to the large library again, and when Lamia, who was waiting outside, saw him, she took the initiative to welcome him and said with a smile, "The room has been tidied up. Sir, please come with me."

With that said, the girl took the initiative to walk ahead.

She was wearing a wide white robe, and her figure didn't look good or bad, but judging from the light steps she took as she walked, and her slender, swan-like neck, she was probably a slender woman.

Roland took a few quick steps and walked alongside her.

Many pedestrians around the area saw Lamia and greeted her, and Lamia responded with a smile.

Roland, who took in the situation, had the impression that the girl was a celebrity in the city.

On the way, Lamia barely spoke to Roland.

It wasn't that she was rude or cold and didn't want to talk, but on the way, she had to respond to the pedestrians' greetings, so Roland just watched her keep waving her hand slightly, and greeting the walkers on the road, until half an hour later. When she reached a large manor where there were no more pedestrians, she finally stopped.

"I'm sorry I didn't have time to talk to you on the way." Lamia's burgundy pupils fell on Roland. "Also, I have a question… you obviously don't speak our language, why can I understand it?"

Roland was stunned. "You don't know Language Proficiency?"

Lamia shook her head, and then she asked, full of curiosity, "Judging by the name, it seems that if you know Language Proficiency, you can understand the languages of all races?"

"In theory," Roland said. "For example, I was able to communicate with you guys the first time I came here thanks to this spell!"

Lamia's eyes lit up. "This spell can even read our words?"

"Language Proficiency only allows one to understand what people say." Roland straightened up his body and explained, "If you want to understand words, it's Character Proficiency."

Lamia's eyes were already sparkling. "So if you know both kinds of spells, then you can go anywhere in the world?"

"In theory." Roland nodded.

Lamia glanced at Roland irritatedly. "Why are you so fond of saying such semantically ambiguous, even vague statements."

"Because I can't guarantee that in some places these two spells are banned."

Lamia nodded. "It's true that it's possible. I've heard Grandpa say that some places forbid magic. But you're too rigid and not at all romantic, how can you ruin a young girl's fantasies?"

Roland smiled slightly, not arguing or explaining.

At this moment, two of the manor's guards opened the door and Lamia was the first to enter.

Roland followed by her side.

The manor had high walls, so one couldn't see the inside of the manor from the outside.

After entering, Roland found the manor to be quite interesting.

Manor houses like the one in Hollevin were generally open terrain, usually with the house in the middle of the manor, and then large lawns spread throughout the manor, topped off with a little fountain square, or embellished with some decorations high or low.

Few trees were planted, and even if they were, they were planted on the edge or outside of the fence to block the view.

In any case, there would hardly be any trees within 20 meters of the house.

This was to discourage assassins, making it harder for them to hide when they snuck in.

However, this manor was different. There were not only many trees planted inside, but also rockeries, small lakes, and even an artificial stream pond. The stone path beneath Roland's feet was also curved and twisted, and the path ahead was blocked from view, but after taking a few more steps and turning a corner, he could see other scenery.

For example, the scenery of a yellow-leafed grove, all of a sudden became a saffron grove, and then after walking a little more than ten meters and turning another corner, the scenery was of a small bridge with running water.

It felt as though the winding paths led to various beautiful sceneries.

As Roland admired the beauty of the manor's unique layout, he felt the presence of mental power around him.

In the manor, there were at least a dozen guards hidden in the shadows.

Roland pretended not to notice and followed Lamia to a small, two-story wooden building.

The old man was sitting on a dark yellow wooden recliner by a wooden door.

He opened his eyes as he heard noise, and seeing that it was his granddaughter and Roland, he immediately got up, while Lamia walked quickly over to help the old man.

"You're finally here." The old man was all smiles. "I've prepared a room, please come with me."

The three of them went up to a large room on the second floor, which was spacious but had several bookshelves in the corners, each filled with books.

Lamia helped the old man sit down and then went downstairs to prepare something to eat and drink.

The old man invited Roland to sit down and smiled. "Foreigner, thank you for being a guest in my home."

"You're welcome, it's just a matter of trading knowledge," Roland said indifferently.

"Don't make it sound so profit-oriented." The old man laughed aloud. He no longer had many teeth in his mouth. "Can't it be a process of getting to know each other and confirming each other's theories of magic?"

As expected of an old man who lived for decades, he spoke more smoothly than Roland. Roland shook his head slightly. "Of course, you can also think of it that way."

The old man laughed. "You're quite interesting, young man. It's not good to see things too clearly."

Roland shrugged his shoulders indifferently.

After a pause, seeing that Roland didn't make any comments, the old man said, "Actually, I invited you over to ask you about your spell model, however, I also wanted to confirm one thing with you."

"What is it?"

"You're actually from the future, right? Or, relative to the city, you're children of the future."

The words were like thunder, and Roland was stunned.

Did the old man see through his identity?

Was this the system's plot, or was this… a real person in front of him?

If it was the latter, then Roland's previous guesses were wrong, and a lot of plans would have to be started from scratch again.

And as Roland had confirmed, they were still underground.

Now the whole situation held a great deal of uncertainty.

Whether it was a dungeon or a real world mattered to Roland.

If this was just a mere dungeon, then things could be done more boldly and they could be unrestrained, but if these people were real, then… things had to be done with careful consideration.

Taking a small breath, Roland asked, "Why do you think that?"

The old man grinned. "Because it was thanks to my genius that you showed up here."

"Where's the proof?"

"That large fireball." The old man said with a smile, "I'm a supreme Mage. My eyes may be dazzled, but my mental power can still be used. In fact, the moment you cast the big fireball, I saw the spell model, although I can't fully understand it… I can understand the general concept. This is not at all the spell theory that exists in this world now, whether it's the Elf Kingdom, the Orc Kingdom, or Fareins Kingdom, there is no spell model with such theories—it's novel, far beyond our time."

Roland was silent for a moment and said, "Is there more?"

"Of course there is. You're speaking a language I've never heard of, but I understand it," the old man said indifferently. "It should be a spell that facilitates communication—the future Mages have done well inventing such a convenient spell."

Roland let out a breath. "You guessed it, we're from the future. But I'm curious, you just said that you pulled us into this world?"

"Yes." The old man nodded. "I did."

"How did you do it?" asked Roland. "It's only logical that time is irreversible."

This was why there was no god of time.

There was a level-three spell called Reverse Time, but essentially, it was just a mirror image, used to see what happened in the past. It couldn't change anything.

"Time is indeed irreversible!" The old man nodded. "But time can be accelerated and the tributaries can converge."

With paper and pencil already prepared on the table, the old man made a few casual strokes and drew a large river. A tributary appeared on the upper reaches of the river, and a tributary also appeared on the middle reaches. Both tributaries spread diagonally downward, converged on the side of the lower stream, and finally folded back into the river.

"See, it is possible to converge at different times. I foretold the imminent destruction of this city." The old man smiled. "So I made a wish—I wished that someone would come to save the city."

"Wish?" Roland looked at the old man in surprise. "Is it a Great Wish or Small Wish? No, no, Small Wish isn't so powerful that it can drag an entire city of people to speed up time instantly, so it should be the Great Wish."

The old man laughed. "So there is still the saying of a great or small wish in your time. The Wishing spell was created by me, so you may have heard my name!"

"Duncan?" Roland jumped up in shock.

"No, my real name is Mordenkainen," the old man said bluntly.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》