Mages Are Too OP
456 The Jaw-Dropping Frostwolf Holy Lady
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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456 The Jaw-Dropping Frostwolf Holy Lady

Though shocked at the price of the Golden Son's bodies, Wallis was actually tempted. The enemy was very strong, and Karna was unwilling to cooperate. It was barely possible for him to catch a Mage who could teleport, so he might let it go. Problems that could be taken care of with money weren't really problems.

"Do you have any sources to buy them?" asked Wallis.

"If you want to buy them, you have to find a Golden Son and negotiate with him in Hollevin."

"Should we set off immediately?" Wallis was rather hasty.

Karna walked back into the tunnel and said, "Let's grab my stuff. I hope I can buy a few nice female bodies. I'm told that the females among them are all beautiful women."

"Hiss. Why are you so obsessed with your female identity?" Though his shell was dead and couldn't feel anything, Wallis felt that his balls were aching. "Do you really not want to be a man anymore?"

"How can you know what it feels like to be a woman when you've never been one?"

Wallis shivered. He began to wonder whether or not he should go with Karna at all.

On Roland's side, he flashed out of the house in the morning.

Standing on the rooftop, he glanced at the caravan below. They were all set to move on, but since the wall that Roland created blocked the way, they hadn't taken off yet.

Roland snapped his fingers, and part of the wall before them collapsed into mud, leaving an opening.

Everybody in the caravan relaxed.

Wallace raised his head and looked at Roland, but Roland had swooshed up into the sky and disappeared before he could say anything.

Wallace withdrew his gaze in disappointment.

He had planned to hire Roland to escort his caravan to the next city or village.

Based on his experience in the past decades, Roland looked like someone who was easy to talk to.

If Roland refused, he could also offer him some gold coins.

It was beyond his expectation that Roland would simply fly away.

An hour later, Roland flew across the high Dragon's Back Mountain and entered the Froststar Kingdom.

The Froststar Kingdom was a kingdom of ice and snow. Every place here was covered in snow and ice.

The people who lived here generally stayed in houses made of ice.

Though the Froststar Kingdom was bitter and cold, the crop productivity of this country was very high, because it was somehow favored by both the Life Goddess and the Water Goddess.

In this snowy world, there were many lakes that were never frozen.

The fish in those lakes were even more numerous than those in the ocean.

It was said that the Water Goddess had blessed the Froststar Kingdom so that the lakes here would never be frozen, and the Life Goddess had accelerated the growth of the creatures in the lakes.

All in all, though the place was bitter and cold, the food production and exports of the Froststar Kingdom were the highest in the world.

Roland flew for a while in midair and then saw a huge lake not far away.

The lake was very obvious because it was the only blue thing on the purely white ground.

Roland flew above it and found that the lake was very huge. There was also a city by the lake.

He flew above the city and slowly landed with Feather Landing.

Although the Froststar Kingdom was a land of ice and snow, the wind was strong here.

The tundra beyond Dragon's Back Mountain, on the other hand, was a real bitter, cold landscape that had nothing except wind and snow.

Landing outside of the city, Roland cast Language Proficiency on himself and walked in.

The wall of the city was piled on ice bricks. Even the gate was made of thick ice.

There were many people coming and going through the gate.

Everybody was wearing thick clothes. They also had the smell of fish.

Roland found that their coats were black and smooth and looked like the skin of certain aquatic creatures.

They all looked healthy. Although their faces were red because of the cold, they weren't skinny or emaciated.

The civilians of the Froststar Kingdom were slightly startled and scared to see Roland, but they didn't avoid him.

They even looked at him curiously.

In the line, Roland came to the city gate, and the soldier who charged the head tax was stunned to see Roland.

Roland was stunned to see the soldier too.

Normally speaking, the soldiers who collected taxes at the city gate weren't elites, but the soldiers here were all very strong. They wore white leather coats and hoods in the shape of wolf heads. Also, those hoods seemed to be magic equipment, as Roland had vaguely seen the light of magic flowing out.

More importantly, all the soldiers were professionals.

Most of them were between levels four and five. Three of them were even level five.

Besides, Roland also saw a white badge that was a wolf's head on the left side of their chests.

All the dozen soldiers were professionals.

Roland was instantly stunned. What kind of country could've deployed so many professionals to watch over the gate?

Or were they staying on alert because a war would happen soon?

But that was still not a reason to send Elite professionals to watch the gate.

The soldiers observed Roland. A moment later, their captain came close and asked in surprise, "Are you a foreign Mage? How did you pass Dragon's Back Mountain?"

"I flew across it."

"Stop messing with me!" The captain was rather unhappy. "Not only is Dragon's Back Mountain very high, but it also has a layer of storms that's three hundred meters thick. The wind there is so powerful that even a dragon will be held back. How can you fly across it when you are merely an Elite?"

Roland hummed and said, "I flew here above the layer of storms."

The upper limit of regular flight spells was three hundred meters from the ground, so it was impossible to fly across Dragon's Back Mountain according to common sense.

The Realm of Gods was different. With Spatial Bubble Squirt, he could fly to the Realm of Gods or the Astral Plane theoretically.

But it was only theoretically possible.

Roland had tried it before. For some reason, all the magical elements would become thin after he flew above five thousand meters.

So, five thousand meters was Roland's limit.

Dazed, the captain became grave. "Then, what's your purpose in the Frostwolf Clan's territory, powerful Mage?"

This was the territory of the Frostwolf Clan?

Roland found the name very familiar. He searched his memories and soon remembered.

The Frostwolf Clan was the strongest clan among human beings.

It was not just bragging, but publicly acknowledged.

For some reason, all the children of this clan were born to be professionals. As long as they grew up, they would be at least level five, and they could become level ten if they were lucky. The best of them all aimed to become Legends.

It was even safe to say that this clan would have dominated the world if their fertility rate was higher.

So, he had ended up in this clan's territory.

Roland heaved a sigh and said, "I didn't know that this place belonged to the Frostwolf Clan. I saw a city after I flew in, so I landed to take a rest and ask about something."

The captain stared at him, as if he were evaluating if Roland was telling the truth. Then he said with a smile, "Welcome, guest from far away. The Frostwolf Clan will make you feel at home. But I do wonder, what is it that you want to know? Perhaps I can offer you some leads."

"I want to visit the Well of Eternity."

The Well of Eternity was a landmark of the Froststar Kingdom. It was not a taboo, or so the books that Roland read said.

"Then you've come to the right place." The captain smiled. "To visit the Well of Eternity, you have to be authorized by the Holy Lady of our clan. She should be in the Temple of the Water Goddess now. You will find her there."

Was it so easy to meet the Holy Lady of the Frostwolf Clan?

Roland thought for a moment and asked, "Then is there anything I should pay attention to when I meet the Holy Lady?"

"Just keep your eyes under control. The rest is the same as when you meet other big shots." The captain raised a finger. "Don't look at her rudely."

Roland was briefly stunned.

The captain patted Roland's shoulder. "Actually, it's fine if you look at her once or twice, but don't cross the line. Okay, you can come in."

Roland entered the city, half-confused.

The roads in the city were all made of stones. Some people were cleaning the slush on the roads.

The city was crowded and lively. With his magic shield, Roland didn't feel cold.

Many civilians were walking on the street on bare feet and in short-sleeved shirts.

None of them seemed cold.

Roland asked a random passerby where the Temple of the Water Goddess was.

The passerby pointed at the ice palace at the highest point far away.

Roland went to the ice palace along the road, only to see that many people had gathered here.

The ice palace was blue and white, supported by gigantic bricks and rounded pillars of ice. It was about twenty meters tall.

Before Roland there were high stairs which many civilians were climbing excitedly.

Naturally, Roland followed them.

At the top of the stairs, Roland found himself before the gate of the ice palace.

Here, all the civilians fell on their knees, lowered their heads, and prayed with their eyes closed.

On a high platform inside the ice palace, a girl with long black hair was dancing.

Roland looked at her, only to be astounded.

She wriggled her alluring body in a patterned way on the ice-made platform while she performed the sacred dance. Also, she was wearing nothing but a red rope that tied her up and covered her private parts.

It was even more exciting and arousing than pure nakedness.

Roland could barely hold himself back after seeing her.

Was she the Holy Lady of the Frostwolf Clan?

No wonder the captain said that he could look at her, but not for too long.

Roland scratched his head and simply sat down to appreciate her.

After watching for a while, Roland opened the system camera and recorded the show. He felt that it would be enjoyable if the queen danced for him in the same way.

After all, the queen's curves were much more charming than this girl's.

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