Mages Are Too OP
457 The Holy Lady of Winterwolf is Truly Differen
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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457 The Holy Lady of Winterwolf is Truly Differen

Of all the people who were seated in the ice palace, Roland was the only one who was watching the Holy Lady's performance. The others were all praying in awe and admiration with their heads lowered.

The dancing Holy Lady saw Roland but didn't show any reaction. She simply continued the seemingly sacred but actually alluring dance.

There was only so much that a rope could cover. Watching her, Roland began to miss Queen Andonara although he had only departed two days earlier.

About ten minutes later, after the Holy Lady finished her ritual dance, all the believers bent and retreated. None of them raised their heads.

Roland rose and patted his back. The whole world was made of ice, so it was rather chilly.

The Holy Lady suddenly smiled and pointed at Roland's feet, before she returned to the ice palace.

Roland knew that she was asking him to stay there and wait.

As he expected, the Holy Lady came out very soon, this time in a white leather coat that covered her whole body, even her feet. Nothing but her head could be seen.

With long black hair that reached her waist, blue big eyes, a round face, and a loose white robe, the Holy Lady suddenly became an innocent and vulnerable girl, not nearly as sexy and arousing as just now.

But she had left too deep an impression on Roland. Upon seeing her, Roland subconsciously remembered her fair, narrow waist and her bouncing boobs.

"Am I beautiful?" The Holy Lady walked to Roland and asked with a smile.

"Yes," replied Roland calmly.

She knew that he had been watching her. Instead of denying it, he might as well acknowledge it. At least, it wouldn't make her feel even worse about him.

"Thank you." Unexpectedly, the Holy Lady was not enraged. She asked, "May I know why a foreign Mage has come to the territory of the Frostwolf Clan and, specifically, the ice palace of the Water Goddess?"

"I would like to visit the Well of Eternity, and I'm told that it requires your permission."

"It indeed does." The Holy Lady nodded. "Come in."

She walked in the lead, and Roland closely followed her.

The ice palace was very huge, but only moderately decorated.

There was nothing except some wooden furniture as well as bookshelves.

The Holy Lady invited Roland to sit down on a colorful blanket. She sat cross-legged and said, "The Well of Eternity is a creature of the Water Goddess. As a believer of the Life Goddess and the Winterwolf Holy Lady, I have the right to decide everything about the Well of Eternity. So, my foreign Mage friend, what can you do for the Frostwolf Clan?"


Roland instantly noticed something wrong.

"As a member of the Frostwolf Clan who lives in the ice palace of the Water Goddess, you believe in the Life Goddess and call yourself the Winterwolf Holy Lady? Shouldn't you be the Frostwolf Holy Lady? This seems rather random."

"Not random at all." The Winterwolf Holy Lady chuckled. "The Life Goddess, the Water Goddess, and the Winterwolf do not forbid their believers to worship other deities. Also, it's said that those goddesses are very close."

So that was the case.

Seeing that Roland thought it through, the Winterwolf Holy Lady continued, "The Frostwolf Clan doesn't want to add to other people's trouble, but the Well of Eternity is really special to us. If any visitor comes to see it or drink water from it, it will be impossible for us to entertain them, So we set up a rule a long time ago. Whoever wants to go to the Well of Eternity must make contributions to the Frostwolf Clan first."

A quest to raise Friendliness first. I'm no stranger to that.

Roland was rather relieved. He was not afraid of outrageous demands; he was only afraid of no demands.

If they didn't give him a chance, Roland could only try to sneak to the Well of Eternity using other means.

But up till now, he didn't know where the Well of Eternity was.

He might as well as hear the Winterwolf Holy Lady's demand first.

"I understand, Your Holiness. Then what should I do? Fight for you or clear some obstacles for you?"

The Winterwolf Holy Lady covered her mouth and chuckled. "That's unnecessary. The Frostwolf Clan is the strongest fighting clan in the whole world. We're second to none in terms of fighting."

That was true. The guards at the city gate alone had indicated the terrifying combat ability of the Frostwolf Clan.

"Then what do you need?"

"We need a cultural feast that can brighten our moods."

"Huh?" Roland was rather confused.

The Winterwolf Holy Lady explained, "Sebastian, our great ancestor, once said that fighting and killing are illusionary, and that only the sublimation of the mind is eternal. Beautiful poems and songs can save the Frostwolf Clan from the swamp of fighting."

"I see. You want me to throw a music concert for you?"

The Winterwolf Holy Lady nodded. "That's one way to look at it. We've invited lots of bards, but their poetry and music are really unsatisfactory. We're already bored of the classic epics, but their new works are all dirty songs. We aren't happy to listen to them."

Speaking of a music concert… the Vienna Opera Company made of players shouldn't be a problem.

Roland thought for a moment and said, "I know a very good opera group who's best at orchestra. I can ask them to perform here. However, the problem is that they're in Hollevin, and it will take at least two months for them to come to the Froststar Kingdom."

"What is the name of the opera group that you mentioned?"

The Winterwolf Holy Lady's eyes were glittering.

"The Vienna Opera Company."

Hardly had Roland finished when the Winterwolf Holy Lady suddenly rose and took off her white robe, revealing her sexy ropes again.

Roland's eyes bulged.

Because they were very close to each other, Roland had vaguely seen things he shouldn't see.

The Winterwolf Holy Lady took a deep breath, and the red ropes around her glowed pink. The glow grew brighter and brighter and almost consumed her in the end.

After that, the ground trembled as if it were a desk that was shaken by someone. Roland frowned as he sensed that the earthquake came from the Dragon's Back Mountain far away behind him.

After the earthquake, the light from the Winterwolf Holy Lady gradually faded. She put on the white robe gracefully and sat down before Roland. "All right, you can go to the Well of Eternity now. Here's my badge of approval. Take it."

The Winterwolf Holy Lady waved her hand, and a brown wooden badge appeared in her palm.

The faint light of magic emanated from the badge.

Accepting the brown badge, Roland asked, "Why are you suddenly willing to let me approach the Well of Eternity? I only told you the name of an opera company."

The Winterwolf Holy Lady said with a moderate smile, "I already told the information to Lady Winterwolf, and she just responded. You're right, that Vienna Opera Company can give us what we want. You offered a piece of invaluable intelligence, so it's fine for you to visit the Well of Eternity."

"She responded?" Roland realized what happened. "Was it the earthquake just now?"

The Winterwolf Holy Lady smiled but didn't say anything.

Looking at her expression, Roland knew that she was implying that he should go.

Taking a breath, Roland asked, "May I know where the Well of Eternity is?"

The Winterwolf Holy Lady was stumped for a long time. Then she laughed so hard that her shoulders moved up and down. She stood up and said, "Please follow me."

Roland followed her.

The Winterwolf Holy Lady took Roland into the depths of the ice palace. Passing several barriers, they came to the innermost sanctum of the ice palace.

This was a square secret chamber that had nothing except a pool of water in the center.

The Winterwolf Holy Lady pointed at the water and left.

Roland reached the pool of water, only to see that it was a spring, and that water was running out nonstop. But no matter how much water flowed out, the water level remained unchanged.

The water was clear and chilly.

Roland extended his hands into it and picked up a handful of water before he had a taste of it.

The water was sweet and tasty.

Taking out a bucket from the system Backpack, Roland filled it with the spring water and poured it into the system Backpack.

After several consecutive buckets, half of the spring should've been emptied. Even though water was flowing out, it would take some time before the water level was restored.

But every time Roland filled a bucket, the lowered water level would be restored in no more than a second.

It was truly an infinite spring.

Roland's eyes glittered. He extended his hands into the spring and marked the coordinates of this place.

After he set up a beacon here, he would be able to teleport the spring water far away by creating a summoning channel wherever he was.

A dozen seconds later, the spatial beacon was completed. Roland rose up, only to see a cluster of blue hair in the spring.

Greatly shocked, he instantly stepped back.

At the beginning, he thought that it was a corpse in the spring.

But then, the hair grew longer and longer, until a woman in a blue dress emerged from the spring.

Although she came from the water, her clothes weren't wet at all. It was rather amazing.

The woman slowly ascended until she stood on top of the water. She looked around in confusion, as if she didn't know what to do.

Roland couldn't help but wonder if this woman was mentally challenged.

Suddenly, the woman seemed to have remembered something. She delightedly patted her left palm with her right hand.

In that moment, her body dispersed into countless spots of light and disappeared into the air.

The moment the woman vanished, Roland seemed to notice that she wasn't wearing any underwear.

Stunned for quite a long time, he couldn't help but smack his head.

Though he had only been in the Frostwolf Clan for two hours, he had definitely encountered a lot of "cultural shocks."

The Winterwolf Holy Lady who performed her ritual with a strip dance, the minor earthquake caused by an inquiry to the goddess, and the blue-haired woman who had popped up in the Well of Eternity…

Also, in the vision of the system, the woman had a health bar, except that the health bar was blue.

Behind the blue health bar was four skull icons.

It meant that, although the woman was a friendly unit, she was actually a level-four danger.

Normally speaking, if an NPC enemy was more than five levels higher than a player, there would be a skull behind the NPC's health bar.

Roland had never seen a level-four warning before.

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