Mages Are Too OP
458 Hitting the Bottleneck
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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458 Hitting the Bottleneck

Roland was relieved when he saw that the woman left.

He had a rough guess as to who the woman was.

Confirming that the beacon was working and well-hidden, Roland left the secret chamber and returned to the gate of the ice palace. He found the Holy Lady enjoying the sunshine with her hands in her sleeves on an ice stool before the palace.

The Holy Lady seemed like a lazy man at this moment.

Her face was as pretty as before, but for some reason, she did not seem as sexy as before.

It was true that clothes were very important. She looked like a whole different person in different clothes.

"You're going to leave?" Hearing the sound, the Holy Lady looked back and saw Roland. She said lazily, "Are you done visiting?"

Roland nodded.

To be honest, he really did not expect that his operation would be so smooth that the city he first arrived in would be the Frostwolf Clan's territory, or that he would meet the Winterwolf Holy Lady so easily.

If he had stopped at another city, he might have to go through many more difficulties before he found the Well of Eternity.

The Holy Lady smiled and said, "So do you think you should leave something behind?"

"Haven't I already paid for the visit?" asked Roland in confusion. "With the arrangement about the Vienna Opera Company."

"I'm not talking about that." The Winterwolf Holy Lady chuckled and said, "You watched me dance for a long time. The other people all lowered their heads, but you kept staring at me boldly. Although I don't really care, I'm the Winterwolf Holy Lady and I have my dignity."

Well… Roland pondered for a moment. "Then what do you want, Your Holiness?"

The Winterwolf Holy Lady yawned. "What about a donation of a hundred gold coins?"

A hundred gold coins were really a lot.

It was certainly not worth it if one was asked to pay a hundred gold coins for an alluring dance.

But there were other perspectives. For example, the Winterwolf Holy Lady didn't give him a hard time but even offered to take him to the Well of Eternity.

Also, Roland could tell that the Winterwolf Holy Lady was only joking when she proposed the demand.

If she really wanted a hundred gold coins, she wouldn't have said or behaved so unconcernedly.

She probably only wanted to tease Roland and enjoy his embarrassment.

After all, she probably didn't feel very comfortable when a man stared at her while she danced with little clothes on her.

It was sort of a retaliation.

However, it didn't occur to her that Roland was a magnate.

Roland was relieved when she asked for a hundred gold coins.

For him, making money wasn't difficult.

Any problem that could be taken care of with money would be a minor problem.

Without a word, Roland took out several handfuls of gold coins from the system Backpack and placed them on the ice brick before the Winterwolf Holy Lady. He didn't count them, but they were definitely more than a hundred.

The Winterwolf Holy Lady was stunned.

While the Froststar Kingdom wasn't short of food, this country wasn't very prosperous in terms of business.

After all, the Froststar Kingdom had nothing to sell except dried fish. They didn't have an assortment of goods.

The world only had a limited demand for dried fish. If possible, ordinary people preferred flour and wheat.

Fish were cuisines for them and couldn't serve as staple food.

Besides, due to the inconvenient transportation, the business environment wasn't the best in the Froststar Kingdom.

Therefore, the Froststar Kingdom was both rich and poor.

As a high and powerful person, the Winterwolf Holy Lady never had to worry about food, but actually, she could only earn about one gold coin per month.

Sometimes, her wages were even lower than that.

Besides, there were lots of female products that she had to buy. They were a lot more expensive since most of them were imported from other places.

Sometimes, she could barely save ten silver coins after a month.

Therefore, in the eyes of the Winterwolf Holy Lady, a hundred gold coins was a huge amount of money that she couldn't gather in her whole life.

She felt that, as a young Mage, Roland could hardly offer ten gold coins, let alone a hundred.

She asked for a hundred gold coins simply to vent her fury.

She didn't see it coming that Roland would really present a hundred gold coins.

The pile of bright gold metal pieces reflected a tillitating light on the ground. The Winterwolf Holy Lady was stunned for a long time. She raised her head and was about to say that she was just kidding.

But Roland had already left while she was shocked.

When he left the city, the captain at the gate saw him and asked him with a smile, "How did it go? Is the Holy Lady beautiful?"

Roland quietly raised his thumb.

"Haha, you have keen eyes." The soldier patted Roland's back heavily and laughed. "You're welcome to come again, but don't stare at the Holy Lady next time you come, or she might remember you. As a woman, she's rather petty. Last time, she yelled at an outsider so harshly when he stared at her that he almost cried."

She was so tough?

But Roland found her rather amiable.

Leaving the city, Roland set up a magic beacon nearby and then teleported back to Delpon.

He returned to the Magic Tower and greeted Andonara and Vivian, who were both overjoyed. Then, he continued working on the water-making spell.

Writing the magic beacon he set up earlier into the model, Roland performed the water-making spell for the first time.

It worked… but the amount of water summoned was rather little.

It weighed only about 0.5 kilograms.

Roland tried to make improvements, but the result wasn't satisfactory. He could summon 0.7 kilograms at most. If he were to increase the productivity, the magic power to be consumed would soar exponentially.

The spring in the Well of Eternity was a blessing from the Water Goddess and slightly divine. Any magic effect would be slightly reduced by it.

It was the real reason why the amount of water created by the water-making spell was little.

That wasn't the purpose for which Roland invented the spell.

In Roland's opinion, the water-making spell should be as easy to learn and perform as the oil-making spell.

After all, it was a spell for daily life. In order for it to be used in daily life, its cost had to be low.

But in the next dozen days, the result wasn't satisfactory no matter how Roland modified the spell.

When he increased the amount of water to be created, the magic cost would become enormous.

If he lowered the magic cost, the amount of water summoned would be greatly reduced.

It was impossible for him to achieve the two purposes at the same time.

For a moment, Roland was caught in his misery.

Fully devoted to Roland, Andonara naturally saw Roland's frustration.

One day, after comforting Roland physically, she couldn't help but ask, "What is the problem that you're faced with in your magic studies?"

Though Andonara didn't understand magic, it was still a good thing that someone was willing to listen to him, so Roland told Andonara his dilemma.

He didn't expect Andonara to give him a solution at all.

However, Andonara put on a weird expression after hearing him out. "Roland, while I don't know much about magic, I know common sense. Under normal circumstances, nobody will drink a huge amount of water at one time, right? Half a kilogram of water is enough to fill one's stomach, and one kilogram of water will probably make it explode. Yet, you still want to increase productivity? You want to produce more than ten kilograms of water at one time? Only a dragon can drink that much water."

Roland slightly opened his mouth.

Because of his magic studies, there had been nothing but magic nodes, spatial beacons, and formulas on the effects of magic power in his head recently.

Therefore, he had turned into an idiot.

He was too focused on improving the effect of the spell to realize that it shouldn't be his purpose.

What Andonara said pulled him back on the right track.

She was right. The water-making spell was a convenient spell, not something to make money with.

Therefore, it didn't have to carry the distinctive "commercial" or "economy" features like the oil-making spell.

All it needed was a low cost, and a yield of enough water to quench one's thirst.

Roland hugged Andonara and gave her a long kiss. Then, he returned to his lab.

This time, he deleted a lot of magic nodes and tried to reduce the cost of magic power.

In the end, he turned the water-making spell into a level-one spell with minimal cost.

Every cast of the spell could generate about 0.2 kilograms of water.

Even a beginner magic apprentice could mostly cast the water making spell at least ten times.

Roland was so excited after completing the spell that he wanted to press on and create the food-making spell.

However, he suddenly realized something wrong.

The oil could be extracted from the Astral Plane in the void, and the water could be stolen from the Well of Eternity. But where could he find food for the food-making spell?

Normally speaking, no place had infinite food.

So, he couldn't play the same cards he used in the oil-making spell and the water-making spell anymore.

Roland scratched his head. He had thought for days and read lots of books in the Magic Tower, but he didn't find any feasible method.

Then, he went to the capital with the water-making spell and dedicated it to the Goddess of Magic.

This time, the Goddess of Magic accepted the water-making spell and put a purple gem on the ritual table, but she didn't cast her eyes on Roland.

She didn't seem very interested in the water-making spell.

Roland had wanted to ask the Goddess of Magic if she had any insight on the food-making spell.

But his plan didn't work out. He also learned that he couldn't see a goddess whenever he wanted to.

Then, he left the capital in disappointment.

He had to postpone the creation of the food-making spell.

But on the other side of the boundless ocean, a senior of an organization of magic saw a new magic model on the ritual table of the Goddess of Magic.

He observed the model carefully for a moment and slapped his thigh. "This is a great idea! The water is fetched from far away. Judging from the beacon, it's from the Froststar Kingdom. The Well of Eternity is there. The water is probably stolen from the Well of Eternity. Great idea! It's such a simple method, but why did the hundred people in our Red Magic Tower never think of it?"

"Created by Roland!"

"Roland again? He was the one who created the oil-making spell."

The elder thought for a moment and rang a bell. After a servant came in, he said, "Send an admission credential to Roland in Delpon and tell him that the Red Magic Tower is willing to let him study here for free. The world of magic needs talented young men like him!"

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