Mages Are Too OP
461 Step Forward
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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461 Step Forward

Roland snickered when he saw the hybrid's face.

A catgirl!

Snow-white cat-shaped ears, short snow-white hair, light green, slit cat eyes, and a frightened, delicate face.

Betta came running with the stone box and saw the catgirl, who was pressed to the ground by the two Hand of Magic and looked nimble as she struggled, and cried out softly in surprise. "Oh, it's actually a catgirl, she's so beautiful… wait."

At this moment, Betta suddenly crouched down and threw the stone box aside with the gold coins flying everywhere.

He held his head in his hands, his expression looking pained while muttering, "Don't fight, don't fight, I know I'm wrong."

Because his voice was so low, Roland only heard the word "wrong."

So Roland looked at him strangely and asked, "What's wrong with you?"

Betta immediately waved his hand and laughed embarrassedly. "Nothing, it's nothing."

He immediately picked up the gold coins on the ground, then shoved 18 gold coins into Roland's hand, then without saying anything, he took his share and ran off, almost as if fleeing in defeat.


Roland was confused, then he returned his attention to the catgirl in front of him.

"Why are you following us?"

Roland's tone was cold.

This catgirl was afraid to speak, pursing her lips and shaking her head vigorously, and there were tears in her big green cat eyes.

She tucked her long white cat tail between her feet, not daring to stand up at all.

She seemed to be quite scared.

Seeing that she didn't speak, Roland continued to ask, "Talk, why are you following us?"

It could be that Roland's increasingly colder tone of voice really scared the catgirl.

Her pupils were shrinking rapidly as she shook her head vigorously.

"You weren't following us?" Roland crouched down and sneered deliberately. "Then why are you here?"

The catgirl looked at Roland timidly, not daring to speak.

But she noticed that Roland's expression seemed to look increasingly impatient, and finally spoke softly, quite grievously, "This… is my… home."


Roland scrutinized the catgirl again.

Although she was quite pretty, her complexion didn't look too well, a yellowish color, and she wore a robe that looked old and worn and even a little dirty.

Roland looked around again and asked, "This is a meadow, where is your home?"

The catgirl couldn't move her hands or feet at all with Roland's two Hands of Magic holding her down, so she had to aim her eyes to the left at a bush that was somewhat out of place in the grass.

Roland's mental power turned into several invisible tentacles probing that bush.

Through the probing of the mental tentacles, Roland found that there was actually a small underground space beneath the grass, in which there was bedding and simple furniture.

So that's it, it really is someone's house.

Then it made sense that she hid away and stayed invisible when she saw strangers coming.

Roland waved his right hand and withdrew the Hand of Magic.

The catgirl swished and jumped up, landing on her hands and feet, looking very nervous and eager to escape, but not daring to do so.

She just looked at Roland tearfully.

Roland sighed. This was his fault for overreacting. Taking out a gold coin from his Backpack, he tossed it lightly in front of the catgirl and said, "Sorry, this is to compensate you."

This catgirl looked poor at a glance, not to mention her bad complexion, and even the place where she lived was so remote and cramped.

Anyone who had a little money to spare wouldn't want to live in a hole in the ground.

The catgirl didn't dare to pick up the gold coin. She was afraid that Roland was playing tricks on her; she had seen more than once someone picking up money and being falsely accused of stealing a noble's money, and then being beaten to death.

Roland roughly guessed what she was thinking and knew that she didn't seem to trust other people very much, so he turned to leave immediately.

Although Roland was walking farther and farther away, the catgirl never dared to move—Roland's Teleportation had terrified her.

Everyone had some common knowledge about magic in a place like the Red Magic Tower

Without chanting, that man could teleport by just snapping his fingers and launching a Hand of Magic at the same time, an ability that even most elders couldn't do.

Werecats were known for their sensitivity and grace. They were fast, but in the presence of a Mage who could teleport, their agility and grace were a joke.

It wasn't until Roland's back completely disappeared that the catgirl relaxed. She wiped her tears and looked at the gold coin in front of her, hesitating for a long time before picking it up and placing it in her robe.

Roland walked on the streets of the west district. Compared to the east district, which had better infrastructure, the environment in the west district was a bit… hard to explain.

It wasn't much better than the average human city.

Even though there were sewers, the streets still had the stench of feces.

Roland spread open his Magic Shield, which was able to filter out some of the unpleasant smells, and after walking around the west district for a while and getting a little familiar with the area, he returned to his quarters in the east district.

The middle district was the largest, followed by the east district.

Since the east district was where Mages and the average students lived, it wasn't nearly as crowded as the west district.

Roland only encountered twenty people after walking in the east district for a little over ten minutes.

And two-thirds of them were magic apprentices and maidservants.

When Roland returned to the entrance of the dormitory building, he heard the sounds of an argument coming from within.

Roland frowned and stepped through the door.

Then he discovered that Betta was protecting a maidservant and confronting two noble-looking Mages.

The maidservant was trembling behind Betta.

Betta, on the other hand, looked furious.

Roland swept around and found seven Mages, scattered all over the huge main hall, watching the show.

Behind the maid, there was an overturned bucket and a large water stain on the floor.

Of the two noble Mages who confronted Betta, one of them had a large wet spot on the lower half of his magic robe.

Roland immediately understood what had happened.

It was nothing more than the maidservant in charge of cleaning who accidentally dropped the bucket in her hand and then the water that splashed out wet the noble's robe.

The arrogant noble wanted to punish the maidservant, and Betta stepped forward heroically to save her.

This kid, he can seduce maids everywhere he goes.

Roland clicked his tongue inwardly.

Then the noble Mage whose robe was wet angrily rebuked Betta. "Judging by your attire, you are also a noble. Is it necessary to protect a lowly slave girl like this? Why do we nobles have to hurt the peace between us for outsiders, how did your seniors or your family teach you?"

"It's none of your business how they taught me," Betta said unyieldingly. "She indeed did something wrong, but she apologized, and yet you're going to have her dragged out and killed. Isn't that too vicious and cruel?"

At that, the maidservant behind Betta trembled violently.

"Vicious and cruel?" This noble laughed aloud. "Do you know how much a magic robe costs? At least ten gold coins. If she can't pay up, then isn't it reasonable to pay it back with her life? Can't you even figure that out? I'm the one being merciful, not torturing her."

"How truly merciful." Betta sneered, then tossed out a dozen gold coins, lifted his chin, and said condescendingly, "Compensation for you."

Roland secretly clapped in his heart. This kid is tough enough, worthy of being our F6's… extra member.

Now, all the Mages watching the show were moved.

The expressions of the two noble Mages became quite wretched.

The nobleman with the wet robe, his hands clenched tightly in fists, suppressing his wildly rising anger, gritted his teeth and said, "You, what do you mean by this!"

"Don't you want money? There, pick up the money."

Betta lifted his chin again, looking rather arrogant.


The noble whose robe was wet was about to rush forward but was held back by the companion at his side.

This noble Mage, who hadn't spoken, looked at Betta and asked, "What country are you from?"

"Not exactly a native of any country, but if I must say, I could be considered from Hollevin."

With those words, the noble laughed as he shook slightly. "No wonder, just a hotheaded young man. I thought you were the heir of some great power. Brat, since you're a Hollevin barbarian, I won't bull**it with you anymore. These dozen or so gold coins, you pick them up and personally stuff them into this woman's mouth and make her swallow them. If she survives, we'll pretend that nothing happened. If she doesn't, that's her fate."

The dozen or so gold coins added up to a weight of only about half a kilogram.

However, gastric juices couldn't digest the gold coins and would keep going down the stomach, causing intestinal obstruction, which was very painful, and if not treated by surgery, the pain would continue for a long time until death.

It was a very nefarious method of murder.

Betta snorted. "Sorry, you guys are an eyesore. I'm protecting this maid no matter what."

"You won't be able to protect her," said the wet-robed noble eerily. "Your strength is at best similar to ours. One of us can hold you off, and the other can just kill the maid. Since she's bound to die, wouldn't it be nice to let her swallow the gold coin and live a few more days?"

Betta was starting to get a little furious.

He was considering whether to make the first move.

The expressions of the Mages in the main hall changed as if they were considering something.

But none of them were willing to take sides.

At this moment, Roland spoke.

"He's indeed no match for you two alone, but add me to the mix."

Roland walked up to Betta's side.

Betta was only level six, both noble Mages were level five—everyone was a Mage, and spirit-sensing was a basic skill, so they could roughly know each other's strength.

Two-level fives against a level six had a good chance of winning.

At least the odds looked good to them.

But in reality, it wasn't hard for Betta to deal with the two of them, and the fight was guaranteed to end within five minutes. After all, the players' overall attribute growth was high, and Golden Sons had the highest overall growth of any profession.

But there was a maidservant behind Betta, and while he could indeed deal with two of them, there was no way to protect the maid while the two of them attacked at the same time.

Roland stepped forward and walked over to Betta.

Bertha exclaimed in surprise, "Brother Roland, you're back!"

Roland nodded, then said, "Send the maidservant back to the west district and make arrangements for her."

"Okay." Betta agreed and ignored the gold coins on the floor, pulled on the maidservant, and turned around to leave the dormitory.

The two nobles each took a step forward as if to stop Betta.

But Roland moved two steps across to the front of the dormitory, blocking the two.

Then he said indifferently, "Pick up the gold coins, this is Betta's reward for you."

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    《Mages Are Too OP》