Mages Are Too OP
468 I Can Do That Too
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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468 I Can Do That Too

The students in the Meteorite Class were almost all middle-aged men ranging between levels seven and nine.

Roland was level eight, and he could deal with this class perfectly.

Those at the Obsidian Class were between levels five and seven. They were perfect for Betta who was level six too.

On the surface, Roland's and Betta's levels were lower than the best of the two classes, but in most cases, unless one's stats were much higher than their opponent's, the victory of a battle couldn't be decided merely by stats.

Besides, in terms of stats, the Golden Sons were much better than most.

Although Roland was only level eight, he had higher stats than most level-ten Mages did.

As a Divine Noble, Betta had comprehensive abilities, and his stats growth was the highest among all classes.

However, most of his class abilities were focused on establishing knight groups and commanding group battles.

Therefore, he was only excellent, and not the best, when it came to individual fighting.

But still, he was much better than most people.

It was more than easy for him to deal with Mages on the same level and those who didn't have extraordinary stats.

Besides, both Roland and Betta had been through many battles. It was not a big deal for the players, but for the NPCs, both of them were killing gods.

The students in the Red Magic Tower, in comparison, were mostly academic Mages whichever class they belonged to.

Getting out of the classroom, Roland went straight at the Meteorite Class.

Betta turned around and blocked the Obsidian Class.

Since the classes were just over, many middle-age Mages were walking out of the Meteorite Class.

Roland stood in the middle of the way not far away from the door.

Far away behind him, his classmates from the Ruby Class watched the drama.

Some of them followed Betta to the Obsidian Class for fun too.

Chatting on their way out, the middle-aged Mages were all dumbfounded to see Roland in the middle of the way.

Because a new class was gathered every five years, they had spent ten years in this class, and they knew all their classmates as well as those from the Obsidian Class.

Roland looked strange, but he was wearing a magic robe, so he was clearly a student of the newly-found Ruby Class.

A freshman was bold enough to stand in their way?

After the initial daze, they all stopped and looked at each other in surprise.

In the end, a middle-aged man walked straight at Roland.

In such a situation, if Roland didn't greet him, he could make way for the middle-aged Mage according to the unspoken rule of the Red Magic Tower.

But Roland didn't do anything.

The middle-aged Mage was slightly irked on his way to Roland. While walking, he pointed at Roland and chanted a spell.

Freezing magic power condensed at his fingertips. He was about to launch the ice spell, when a blue enormous fist punched him right in his face so fast that nobody could react.

The Mage was instantly thrown a dozen meters back to his classmates.

Though he vomited blood nonstop, his life wasn't at risk.

Someone from the Meteorite Class immediately cast Lesser Healing on the wounded Mage.

Indignation was gradually growing in the crowd.

Another pretty-looking middle-aged man came close and asked Roland coldly, "Boy, what's the meaning of this?"

"I heard that the rule of this place is that I don't need to make way or run errands for you as long as I can beat you," said Roland gently. "So I've come here to try. I'm not a fan of being bossed around."

So, he was here to challenge them.

The students of the Meteorite Class were all enraged.

As talents who were about to graduate, and who might become Masters in a couple of years, they were provoked by a rookie from the Ruby Class that was at least ten years younger than themselves.

That was not something that they could hold back for.

The middle-aged Mage cast a magic shield on himself. He walked forward and pointed at Roland. "Who do you think you are? You only ambushed Cardo when he wasn't prepared. As long as I'm prepared…"

Instead of listening to any more of his nonsense, Roland snapped his fingers, and the blue giant fist punched him again along with another three blue Hands of Magic that he just evoked.

The four giant fists pummeled the middle-aged Mage nonstop.

Every punch carried a force of nearly four tons and spread countless ripples on the middle-aged Mage's magic shield.

The middle-aged Mage's magic power was drained quickly. He couldn't even chant a spell. After all, it wasn't easy to use magic when he was losing his magic power fast.

Three seconds later, the middle-aged Mage's magic shield was broken, and he was punched back into the crowd.

The four Hands of Magic flew back to Roland.

The middle-aged man vomited blood, looked at Roland in frustration, and passed out.


Roland's smile was as gentle as a spring breeze.

Then, another four middle-aged Mages came up, only to be punched back and vomit blood. Then, sixteen Hands of Magic were floating behind Roland.

With a gesture as if they were holding a flower, the sixteen Hands of Magic floated behind Roland in an enormous circle, making Roland look like an intimidating Buddha statue.

Looking at their partners lying on the ground, nobody dared to step forward anymore, but someone asked, "What's your spell to create sixteen enormous Hands of Magic?"

The regular Hands of Magic were only the size of an adult's hand.

"It's a spell of my own invention." Roland smiled. "I've named this combination skill Persuasion."

The middle-aged men, and one middle-aged woman, all looked awful.

They had all seen that those Hands of Magic flew extremely fast and could attack them before they cast their spells. Besides, the punch was very powerful.

They couldn't endure for long even with their magic shields.

They had been blocked in their classroom by a freshman, and nobody could deal with him.

But who could defend their honor?

They were all academic Mages who were devoted to magic knowledge and theories.

They believed that they were much better than the boy before their eyes when it came to academics.

However, they didn't really have a lot of experience in fighting.

Now, they finally realized why their Elder-level mentors all said that a Mage should be able to instantly cast all spells that were below level three if they wanted to be a Battle Mage.

If they couldn't cast their spells instantly, they couldn't beat the guy before them.

This guy had only used one trick so far. He attacked them before they attacked him. But they had no solution to it.

At this moment, another middle-aged man walked out of the classroom.

Seeing him, the old students from the Meteorite Class felt that they got their backbone.

"Naxero, you're finally out."

The middle-aged man wasn't very handsome, but he was calm and steady when he walked out. He was even somewhat comforting.

The man nodded at his classmates and smiled at Roland. "It appears that you have some misunderstandings about us."

"There's no misunderstanding. I'm just challenging some rules." Roland smiled. "If you want to fight, let's fight. Just cut the crap."

Naxero frowned and smiled. Then, he said in an appealing tone, "Young man, you must have been born in a Battle Mage family, and you're good at fighting. But you are not a Master yet. Besides, the upper limit for the real academic Mages is much higher than that for the Battle Mages. Your attack is too monotonous and easy to crack. My classmates are just unused to fighting."

Roland heaved a sigh. "I don't understand anything you said. If you want to fight, let's fight; if you don't, just surrender. I don't have time for chit-chat."

Coldness flashed in Naxero's eyes. He stepped forward and pointed at Roland.

A bright silver Chain Lightning instantly hit Roland.

Naxero was the monitor of the Meteorite Class and was a genius in evoking magic. He was already able to cast most level-two spells instantly.

Seeing that the Chain Lightning hit Roland before Roland's Hands of Magic did anything, the middle-aged men were about to shout in delight.

But in the next moment, their joyful cries all got stuck in their throats.

The Chain Lightning indeed hit Roland, but it simply wandered around him.

A seemingly thin magic shield had blocked the Chain Lightning.

Smiling, Roland launched all the sixteen Hands of Magic at Naxero.

When they were about to hit Naxero, the man suddenly disappeared.

Then, he suddenly emerged behind Roland. In a rustle of sound, a ring of ice burst out and froze Roland.

Although the ice was all blocked by the magic shield, the magic shield was stuck to the thick ice too.

Therefore, Roland had been immobilized.

He could free himself by canceling the magic shield, but the problem was that it would take more than five seconds to cancel the magic shield. Besides, it was idiotic to cancel the magic shield in the middle of a battle.

Looking at the thick ice around him, Roland was rather speechless.

Flash plus Ice Ring was his favorite trick. Little did he expect that someone would play the same move on him first.

After freezing Roland, Naxero flashed thirty meters away, and his voice came from a distance. "I just realized that the maximal distance for your Hands of Magic was 25 meters. I'm safe at this location, and you can't move. You'll lose as long as I cast out a spell above level three even if it takes time for me to chant because you can't go anywhere…"

Roland snapped his fingers, and he suddenly emerged next to Naxero. The distance between them was less than three meters.

At the same time, Roland disrupted the magic elements nearby with his mental power, making it impossible for Naxero to flash for the moment. Naturally, he couldn't move either.

However, Roland was also carrying sixteen Hands of Magic.

Looking at Naxero's pale face, Roland said with a smile, "What a coincidence. I can flash too."

Then, all the sixteen Hands of Magic were aimed at the enemy and punched him in turns quickly.

Each fist left blurred shadows and huge noises behind it. The audience even had the illusion that there were hundreds of more fists.


In no more than one second, Naxero's magic shield was broken, and he was blown a dozen meters away.

Roland then flashed back to the middle of the road. Looking at the stunned middle-aged men, he said unhurriedly, "Next!"

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    《Mages Are Too OP》