Mages Are Too OP
469 Not On the Same Level
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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469 Not On the Same Level

All the students of the Meteorite Class were blocked before their classroom.

Nobody dared to walk ahead.

They looked very grim.

They all turned their heads and avoided eye contact with Roland when Roland glanced at them.

Roland waited a moment, but nobody had the courage to fight him again.

Roland smiled and left.

His classmates who watched the drama behind him all put on weird expressions.

There was admiration, mixed with fear and estrangement, on their face.

That was normal. After all, as freshmen, they had always regarded the Red Magic Tower as a holy land and thought that it was the best place in the world.

They believed that Roland was really tough, but they didn't think that he could be tough forever.

He had only beaten up several mediocre students of the Meteorite Class, but wouldn't their stronger companions fight back the next day?

They would probably block the Ruby Class exactly like Roland did here.

By then, what if those strong seniors who came for trouble thought that they were very close to Roland?

They might be beaten up for that.

Therefore, they decided to keep a distance from Roland until the situation became clear.

Along the road, Roland walked to the Obsidian Class and saw Betta standing before the class with lots of people lying on the ground around him.

Betta was still roaring, "Who's next? I want to fight ten simultaneously!"

He couldn't be more cocky, but Roland felt great listening to him.

Betta looked around. Seeing that nobody dared to fight him anymore, he snorted and left.

Then,   he saw Roland and trotted to him,  before he said with a smile, "Brother Roland, you are indeed stronger than me. I've only just finished my battle."

Not far away from them, their classmates at the Ruby Class gathered and looked at them in silence.

Roland ignored them and asked, "What do you think of their capabilities?"

"They're quite weak." Betta thought for a moment and said,    "For example,   it's like we're all playing LoL,  but I'm a Challenger and they're Bronze. We're of similar ages. Our capabilities and reaction times should be similar, but they don't have any battle awareness. They were totally crushed by me."

Roland had the same feeling. "Things were similar on my side. Not counting the magic shield,  I only used two spells from the start to the end, but they couldn't find any countermeasure."

Betta heaved a sigh. "I begin to wonder if this school is really a place where we can learn anything."

"It definitely is." Roland smiled. "At least,  the people here are familiar with magic theories. Leaving aside the battle experience,  we need to grasp the magic theories first. If the magic theories aren't valuable, we can always pick up a few spell models and learn things like Enchantment."

Betta said with a smile, "That makes sense."

Then, they left the school together and both returned to the west district.

Roland invited Betta to stay in his newly-bought manor,  but Betta said, "I've bought a house in the west district. I would rather live alone."

Roland narrowed his eyes and stared at Betta for a moment, before he said, "You have dark circles under your eyes. You clearly need rest. Don't overdo it. Health is what matters most."

Betta immediately blushed. "Brother Roland, please stop your slandering…"

"You think I can't tell whether or not you had too much sex?" Roland chuckled. "I'm not a rookie that doesn't know anything."

"Enough chatting." Betta ran off with a red face.

Roland returned to his manor. After he crossed the hole on the wall, he saw the catgirl crawling out of her cave with her beddings to the small house.

Hearing the voice behind her, the catgirl was slightly shocked, but she relaxed after seeing that it was Roland.

She quickly ran back to her small house with the beddings.

Roland thought that she was too shy to talk to him, so he ignored her and walked to his main house.

When he was about to reach the door, the catgirl ran out from the small house and put a few red fruits in front of Roland.

"These are my gifts… Thank you."

The catgirl's green eyes were reflecting the bright sunlight.

Roland accepted the red fruits, and the catgirl slipped off again.

Entering the main house, Roland tossed a red fruit into his mouth, only to be amazed after the first bite.

The fruit tasted more delicious than any fruit he had eaten before.

Even the fruits of the elves couldn't compare to this one.

Roland looked at the fruit in his hand, but he didn't see any item description. Thinking for a moment, he took a few photos of the fruit and posted them on the forum, asking what the fruit was.

Google could be consulted with questions in life, and the questions regarding the game could always be asked on the forum.

Soon, someone replied, "It's Red Sand Fruit, a specialty in the desert. It's succulent but may go bad easily. It's cheap in the desert but quite expensive in other countries. Also, it's very valuable for medical purposes, and its medical value will drop if it's dried. Some merchant players have made a fortune by taking advantage of the container function of their system backpack and shipping the fruits out of the desert kingdom. However, the journey is rather long, so the efficiency of their money-making isn't very high."


Roland looked at the price of the fruit… In the north of Hollevin, this fruit could be sold for four silver coins per kilogram, and even higher prices in other countries. Its purchase price in the desert area was two coppers per kilogram.


Thinking about his teleportation spell, Roland realized that he had a new way of making money.

But for now, he should really be focused on magic knowledge.

He could be a merchant again after he was out of money.

As it turned out, helping other people could be helping oneself.

His favor for the catgirl had been returned.

Roland smiled and conducted magic experiments inside the stone building.

At the same moment, at the Council of Elders in the middle district, Alfred was seated before a round table with another three elders.

The atmosphere was rather gloomy.

"This is the first time since the Red Magic Tower was established," Alfred said grimly, "that one freshman blocked the Meteorite Class, and another blocked the Obsidian Class. They beat up the students and made them flee in panic. It's really humiliating."

Alfred had every reason to be bummed, as he had taught the Meteorite Class for a year.

In his eyes, the students of the Meteorite Class were all talented and had great potential.

However, the students he thought highly of had been crushed and deprived of their confidence by a newly-admitted freshman.

It was an indirect slap on his face.

He was the one who personally admitted Roland, but he didn't expect that Roland would turn out to be a rule-breaker.

"Don't just remain silent," said Alfred. "Say whatever is on your mind. Don't hold back."

None of the other elders wanted to say anything.

What could they say? The two freshmen won fair and square, and fights weren't forbidden in the Red Magic Tower as long as nobody was killed.

What the freshmen did wasn't against the rules. What could the elders say?

After a moment, Alfred said helplessly, "Okay, I know that you don't care about many things apart from your magic experiments, so I'll make a suggestion. It's clear that Roland and Betta are very good at fighting, and their foundation is solid. Their talent and abilities may be wasted if they are taught regularly. Why don't we let them decide the knowledge they want to learn, and we'll teach it to them?"

One of the elders said, "But that breaks the rules."

"They've already broken the rules. No freshmen ever beat the seniors to tears. Besides, the seniors failed to defeat them even though they fought them in turns." Alfred thought for a moment and said, "Besides, it's not a bad thing. If we teach them well, they can beat the students of other Magic Towers to tears in the meeting in a year."

Everybody laughed, and an elder couldn't help but remark, "Great Elder, you're too cunning."

Alfred waved his hand. "That's not true at all. Right, since this is getting huge, don't forget to comfort the students at the Meteorite Class and the Obsidian Class in case they lose all their confidence."

All the three elders nodded.

Alfred thought again and said, "Tell the library that Roland and Betta will have the teachers' clearances in the library. Despite the trouble they caused, they are undoubtedly geniuses. If we guide them well, they might be the pillars of the Red Magic Tower in the future."

Roland conducted experiments for a whole night in the stone building. On the next day, he went to school.

Nobody dared to stand in his way anymore. Even the middle-aged Mages from the Meteorite Class subconsciously stepped aside when they saw Roland.

Betta enjoyed the same privilege.

Montasisa taught the class for this day. Different from Triton, he didn't just read the textbook but simply said whatever was on his mind.

Such a way of teaching was very tricky for ordinary students because they couldn't keep up with his train of thought, but it was very interesting for Roland and Betta.

"Magic elements are themselves unconscious lives that only have the basic instincts. However, after they're gathered to a certain scale and the elemental core is generated, they will gain consciousness, which will be elemental life. So, if you want to create life, you may start from there."

For the new students who just got to the Magic Tower, they couldn't even cast a powerful spell yet, much less give elements consciousness and enliven them.

At this moment, Roland asked, "Sir, is it possible to transform the magic elements into other substances such as food?"

"A very interesting thought, Mr. Roland." Montasisa's eyes glittered. "You've created the oil-making and the water-making spells. Do you want to create a food-making spell too?"

"Yes, you're right." Roland nodded.

Montasisa laughed. "Actually, after seeing your water-making and oil-making spells, I attempted to create a food-making spell too. I have an idea, but I don't know how to put it to practice."

"What's your idea?"

"Look, the nature of magic elements can be changed under the influence of mental power," Montasisa went on in front of the students. "If they can be transformed into stones, they can certainly turn into food. So, I've been trying to transform magic elements into more substances…"

Roland's eyes glittered. "How many substances have you transformed them into?"

"None. After analyzing the nodes of several transformation spells, I found something very interesting. There seem to be a limitation on particular nodes of those spell models. I think it's a natural law that stops us from changing their nature."

Then, the two of them discussed the function of the magic nodes in the class.

Betta could understand what they were talking about, although it wasn't very easy.

As for the other students, they were completely dumbfounded, not knowing who they were, what they were doing, or where they were anymore.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》