Mages Are Too OP
470 Your Interests Decide Your Stance
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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470 Your Interests Decide Your Stance

Roland began to note down his findings after he returned to his stone house.

Although the discussion with Montasisa in the classroom wasn't of any substantial help, some of Montasisa's opinions were quite insightful for Roland. They could help enlarge Roland's database.

In data processing, even wrong data could be useful. If they were recorded, it would be possible to avoid making the same mistake later.

Also, in many cases, while the data might be wrong in a certain project, they could be right in another project or environment.

Therefore, a big database was very important.

But a database could not be filled and expanded without being worked on bit by bit every day.

Roland was rather busy in the coming days. He went to school during the day and conducted magic experiments at night.

The advantages of a Golden Son were too obvious. Leaving aside his critical thinking brought by twenty years of systematic education and his abilities in self-learning, he made progress much faster just based on the fact that he didn't need to sleep.

After only one month, neither Roland nor Betta had classes with the other students anymore.

They spent most of their day in the library.

Now, Roland was mainly working on magic arrays and spatial magic.

The greatest problem for Roland was that he couldn't teleport anyone else apart from himself.

In terms of magic arrays, neither Montasisa nor Triton could teach him anymore.

As for the mentors of a higher level, Roland and Betta didn't have access to them yet.

Those mentors would always go home for experiments or to learn new knowledge when their classes were over. It was hard to meet them.

Therefore, Roland simply read the books in the library and took photos of them with the system camera.

Betta,  on the other hand, was studying Enchantment and fundamental magic theories.

A Warlock only had limited spell slots. They couldn't learn too many spells.

However, they could still "manufacture" spells with scrolls.

That was not a bad idea. For a regular Warlock,  they couldn't carry too many magic scrolls even if they had a huge backpack. Also, they wouldn't be given time to search their backpack for the scrolls they needed when they were caught in a battle.

But the players were different. They each had an eight-cubic-meter system Backpack, and they could out take whatever they wanted with their minds. It was even faster than taking things out of their pockets.

If they knew enough spells and made enough scrolls, a Warlock could be treated as a half-Mage.

That was a trick that Betta had thought of.

After all, there were too many useful spells out there.

On this day,  when Roland was reading in the library, a young elven Mage came to him and asked him a few questions regarding nodes.

After his questions were answered, the elf left in delight and reflected on what he just learned.

There were a few,  but not too many, elven Mages in the Red Magic Tower.

Although the elves were adept at natural magic, they didn't think it was bad to learn human beings' neutral elemental magic.

The neutral elemental magic was available for all intelligent creatures, unlike the natural magic that only the elves could learn with the highest efficiency.

With his elven bloodline, Roland was naturally amicable to the elves.

This elven Mage didn't just ask questions. He also taught Roland two very interesting elven spells.

One of the spells was Blossom Acceleration,  which could make flowers blossom faster,  and the other one was Tranquilization, which could calm one's mind.

They didn't sound very useful, but Roland noticed something wrong, especially about Blossom Acceleration. At first, he thought that the spell would make flowers grow faster by providing more nutrition for them.

But then, Roland realized that it wasn't the case at all!

After casting Blossom Acceleration, a bud would grow within a minute and bloom into a flower.

It wasn't nutrition addition at all, but making an object appear as what it would look like a long time later.

Also, Roland found that the life expectancy of the plants that he cast Blossom Acceleration upon was shortened.

It made Roland even more curious about the significance of the spell.

Time couldn't be reversed or accelerated.

Then, how did Blossom Acceleration make flowers blossom in advance?

Any regular researcher would have such questions.

It was just like when water turned into ice, ordinary people would only think that it was because the weather was cold, but the physics researchers would have lots of questions, like why liquid would turn into solid, why the weather was cold, what "cold" meant, etc.

They almost had infinite questions.

In the eyes of the regular Mages and most elves, Blossom Acceleration was just a spell that made flowers blossom. They didn't sense anything wrong.

But for Roland, this spell involved many magic principles that he had never gotten in touch with before.

Unfortunately, due to his lack of expertise in elven magic, he had a strong headache when he saw the overlapping circular nodes on the spell model.

As for Tranquilization, it was a mental spell in natural magic.

Involving the soul, it was also a magic type that Roland hadn't studied yet. It would serve well as material for analysis in the future.

                             Leaving the two spells aside for now, Roland continued studying the magic arrays.

While he was reading devotedly, he suddenly felt that the room became dim. He subconsciously raised his head, only to see an old Mage standing before him.

The intense magic waves around the stranger suggested that he must be a bigshot.

"Are you Roland? There's something I would like to talk to you about. Would you like to go out and have a chat?"

Roland stood up.

The others in the library all looked at them in shock.

Two minutes later, under a big tree behind the library, the old Mage said with a smile, "I'm Murphy. I wonder if you've heard my name."

Although Roland was fully committed to magic, he had collected the necessary intelligence.

He knew that Murphy was a member of the Council of Elders and a Legendary Mage.

That explained the magnificent magic power around the man.

Actually, Murphy was quite surprised at Roland's talent too.

As a Legendary Mage, Murphy was stronger than Roland, so he could sense that the young man's magic power capacity was only slightly lower than his.

That seemed rather unbelievable.

Also, he even slightly felt the air of the Goddess of Magic from Roland.

Was he one of the Favored?

Then, lots of his backup plans couldn't be used anymore.

Murphy secretly sighed.

Roland replied with a smile, "Mr. Murphy, I have definitely heard you. I've always admired you, the strongest Mage in evocation in the Red Magic Tower."

Murphy was quite happy despite knowing that Roland was fawning on him.

"I know that you are a devoted learner who spends all your time in the school or the library. You live in the west district but you've never asked for any escorts. With your abstinence and diligence, your future is nothing but promising," said Murphy sincerely and even admiringly. "So, I won't waste your time. I want to have the model of your special fireball spell. What do you want in exchange?"

Roland was briefly stunned. "I'm told that the spell has already been offered to the Goddess of Magic. Haven't you received it?"

Since most Mages had learned about his water-making and oil-making spells, this self-exploding fireball that other players secretly offered should've been spread out everywhere.

Murphy shook his head. "No. I heard that the Goddess of Magic released a special fireball spell more than a year ago, but she recalled it half a day later. Now, everybody who knows this spell keeps it a secret and doesn't want anybody else to know."

As he talked about that, Murphy became somewhat doubtful. "Roland, did you get the spell from the Goddess of Magic too?"

"I created it on my own." Roland shrugged and said, "Let's go back to our topic. I'm not strongly possessive of this spell. I'll be glad to offer it if you're willing to give me a spell that I don't know and which is equally valuable as this spell."

Murphy was briefly stunned. "Just like that?"

"Of course." Roland nodded. "I prefer to learn spells that I'm incapable of than to keep those I know to myself."

Murphy was slightly bummed. He had thought that Roland would be unwilling to give away the spell model, because he could tell that the blue fireball spell was extremely powerful. It could be compressed, and its size and output could be adjusted too.

That was definitely not a regular spell. It wouldn't be outrageous to call it a Legendary spell.

However, such a spell could be learned at a low level, and its power would increase as its caster grew up.

If he were the creator of this spell, he would definitely keep it to himself and use it as an ultimate and unique weapon.

But Roland was willing to give it away… Was he an idiot?

Unlikely. An idiot couldn't have created such a spell, or the water-making and oil-making spells.

"Which level of spells do you want?" Murphy asked after a moment's thought.

Pondering for a moment, Roland said, "Although the self-exploding fireball is a level-two spell, it can totally pass as a level-three spell after being optimized and strengthened by me for a year. So, Mr. Murphy, you only need to give me a level-three spell that I haven't learned."

Hearing the requirement, Murphy stared at Roland in silence and found it absurd.

He couldn't help but ask, "Just a level-three spell?"

"I'll be thrilled if Mr. Murphy is willing to offer me a few more level-three spells." Roland opened his hands.

After a brief silence, Murphy smiled. "Okay. I'll bring ten level-three spells tomorrow, and you can choose any three of them."

After that, Murphy turned around and left.

Roland didn't consider it a big deal. He returned to the library and continued his reading.

After Murphy came back to the Council of Elders, he went straight to Alfred the Great Elder.

"Great Elder, is there something wrong with Roland?" Murphy carefully considered his choice of words and said, "He was willing to accept a fair deal with me when he has advantages! More importantly, his magic power capacity is unbelievable. It's not something that a Mage who isn't even a Master yet, much less a Legend, should have."

Alfred narrowed his eyes. "So what do you want? To destroy him?"

"That's an idea. I would be happy and I would give up this idea if he's willing to join Fareins."

"There are no races or nations when it comes to magic knowledge, but does a Mage have that?" Alfred heaved a sigh. "That's in violation of the ideology of the Red Magic Tower."

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    《Mages Are Too OP》