Mages Are Too OP
477 The Hostess“s Gravitas
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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477 The Hostess“s Gravitas

Mages could deal high damage, but their health and defense were low, and their reactions were slow.

They were like advanced artilleries that needed protection.

That was the case for regular Mages, and most other players' stereotypes of them.

However, Roland had managed to inform other players of what a top Mage was capable of with all the things that he did.

He was good at dealing damage, surviving, quick movement, healing, and even making money crazily with magic.

He was really omnipotent.

Also, Roland's level wasn't too high yet. He wasn't even a Master.

What would happen when someone like him became a Legend?

On the forum, everybody discussed the pecuniary prospects of the Mage as a class.

At this moment, Roland was taking a rest in his manor in Delpon after making a fortune.

Half of the money he made was transferred to Vivian.

Vivian was the manager of the Magic Tower and the magic school now. Although the taxes of the city and the businesses of the Magic Tower had created a lot of revenue, she could barely make ends meet.

Training a large batch of apprentices was too costly.

Her management would be a lot easier if she had more funding.

Actually, Andonara was now a rich lady too.

Because she charged a high commission when she helped the players transform into Great Swordsmen, she had saved more than five hundred gold coins.

Even many grand nobles didn't have this much money in their family.

Roland spent one month in Delpon, and he barely saw his friends who had also made a fortune during this month.

He didn't even need to think to know where they had gone to.

After the month, when the new semester was about to begin, his friends returned as exhausted as before.

Roland looked at them and heaved a sigh. "You'll be left behind if you goof around with the women of the Church of Love all the time instead of gaining experience."

Li Lin said unconcernedly, "Don't worry, all of us are believers of the God of Love now. We can get experience by playing games with the girls of the Church of Love. I've already made one level-up."

Roland snorted. "That's really a good thing, isn't it?"

"Don't tell others." Lying on his bed, Li Lin waved his hand and said, "If more people know this, we'll have more competitors, and it will be hard for us to level up so easily while we have fun."

"Got it." Roland shook his head helplessly.

After saying goodbye to his friends, Roland left the city with Andonara and drew a one-time magic array, taking her straight to the Red Magic Tower.

Having teleported his friends to various places, Roland was already very experienced. His current teleportation magic array had fewer and simpler nodes, but it was much more intricate than the old ones, and the dizziness after the teleportation had been reduced.

Even so, Andonara still gagged next to Roland for almost five minutes, face pale.

This was the first time that Andonara had experienced a long-distance teleportation. When Roland tried it for the first time, he vomited for more than half an hour.

Andonara, in comparison, only gagged for five minutes. She was evidently sturdier.

The two of them entered the Red Magic Tower and returned to Roland's manor.

After they entered the manor, Marilyn ran out of her building when she heard the voices. But when she saw Andonara, her hair bristled, and she immediately retreated to her building.

As a catgirl who had keen intuition, she could tell that Andonara was very strong, so strong that she could pinch her into a pulp of meat with two fingers.

Holding Roland's hand with a smile, Andonara asked, "She is one pretty catgirl. Have you touched her yet?"

"No." Roland shook his head. "That's unnecessary."


Andonara became happy. She knew that Roland wouldn't lie to her about stuff like this.

Roland told her about the catgirl.

After hearing him out, Andonara remarked, "Tsk, the cat-humans are all ungrateful and unrestrained. The royal family had a catman slave before, but he couldn't be domesticated at all. Eventually, the king burst into fury, chopped him into pieces, and fed him to the fish in the moat."

Andonara's voice was louder than usual, as if she intended for the catgirl to hear it.

As it turned out, a translucent shadow quickly flashed out of the small building a moment later, but Andonara blinked a dozen meters away and grabbed the back of Marilyn's neck after she revealed herself.

"Roland, give this little creature to me." Andonara looked at the enormous stone building before her. "This place is so large that it needs to be cleaned by someone. I'll buy a batch of servants and make this place more decent. Now that I'm here, I have to create a home for you where you can live a comfortable life."

Roland said with a smile, "It's all yours."

As a queen, Andonara was certainly better than Vivian in terms of home management.

Earlier in Delpon, she had been running Roland's manor too, and everything was well-organized.

Marilyn shrunk her body and dared not struggle at all.

Intuitively, she knew that her good days had come to an end.

The new semester began.

Over the last half-year, a lot had changed in the Red Magic Tower.

On the campus, in particular, the unreasonable tradition that the juniors must make way for the seniors had disappeared.

Also, the seniors dared not ask the juniors to run errands for them anymore.

After all, Roland and Betta were always ready to teach them a lesson.

More importantly, the atmosphere of learning was quite intense in all three classes.

Motivated by Roland and Betta, two studying maniacs, the other students became more diligent than before.

However, it was actually the mentors who were most shocked.

Over the past half-year, Roland had become acquainted with all the senior mentors, including a few elders.

Every time he happened upon a problem, Roland would take some gifts and ask them about it regardless of whether or not they taught the Ruby Class.

At first, the mentors could answer Roland's questions easily.

But after the new semester began, Roland was starting to ask questions about the advanced application of magic arrays and the sophisticated tricks in matter transition.

For example, how could the capacity of the nodes in a magic array be increased without breaking their upper limit?

Or, how could the magic elements be mutually transformed in a magic array?

Those questions were tricky even for the Legendary Mages.

The fact that Roland was asking such questions suggested that he was on his path to becoming a Legend.

Although Roland didn't become much stronger, he was more and more fluent in magic theories.

But everybody knew that, once you laid a solid foundation, you would make progress easily later.

Almost all the mentors had realized that Roland had an unimaginable future.

For that, a special meeting was held among the Council of Elders.

"I have a proposal," said Alfred. "What do you think of transferring Roland to the Meteorite Class and Betta to the Obsidian Class?"

"No objection here."

All the elders nodded.

They had all witnessed the progress that Roland and Betta made.

Staying in the Ruby Class would be a waste of their talents. They would be held back.

"Also, the annual communication meeting will take place two months from now," said Alfred. "I suggest that Roland and Betta be taken as two of the ten accompanying students with us."

"I have no objection."


The decision was passed without any objections.

Roland and Betta's class transfer was quite influential.

Understandably, the Meteorite Class and the Obsidian Class weren't too happy. The Ruby Class wasn't happy either.

Both Roland and Betta were willing to share. With their help, everybody in the Ruby Class had someone to turn to whenever they had questions, and they had been progressing much faster than before.

But if Roland and Betta were transferred away, they would be in no position to ask them questions any longer.

Roland didn't think much. Personally, he was quite delighted to be transferred to the Meteorite Class.

He had already sensed that Triton and Montasisa couldn't meet his needs anymore.

The three teachers who were responsible for teaching the Meteorite Class, in comparison, were all Legends.

They were definitely much more capable.

As he expected, after three days of classes, Roland found that some of the problems and puzzles that had been bothering him were resolved easily.

The optimization of magic arrays was exactly one of those problems.

Magic materials were required to draw a magic array. Depending on their size and function, a magic array needed at least one gold coin's worth of materials, and a massive magic array could easily cost a hundred gold coins.

The teleportation magic array to teleport multiple people demanded more than five gold coins' worth of materials. A large one that could teleport a hundred people at once might cost a hundred gold coins.

Therefore, the magic arrays had to be optimized in order to be promoted and popularized.

Their cost had to be lowered.

Mr. Freud, who taught the Meteorite Class, came up with a trick, which was to manufacture magic arrays with molds.

Specifically speaking, he extracted the sap of a cheap magic herb, poured it into a mold, and then "printed" a magic array on the ground.

The sap of this magic herb was magically conductive but also highly volatile. So, the magic array would disappear after it was used once.

As a result, not only could a magic array be quickly formed this way, but it would also disappear after being used. So, the magic array could be kept a secret, and nobody could steal it.

The magic arrays created with such a trick couldn't cost more than one silver coin per usage.

The smaller magic arrays would probably only cost a dozen coppers.

But Freud didn't specify what materials were best to be made into molds, or what materials were most suitable as the stripes of the magic arrays. He asked the students to experiment to find out.

That was his unique trick that he wouldn't fully divulge easily.

Roland had to admit that every Legend had his or her personal advantages.

Roland returned to his manor, which had already become very beautiful with a large flat lawn and a nice stone road.

There were also a dozen plain-looking maids who were busy working.

Andonara, on the other hand, was sitting before the house with a round table in front of her.

Marilyn, wearing a black-and-white suit for maids, was pitifully being scolded by her.

"As I've said a million times, the bed belongs to me and Roland. Don't just crawl underneath every soft, furry blanket and sleep there, or Roland might mistake you for me, take off all your clothes, and do you."

Roland was immediately lost for words.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》