Mages Are Too OP
486 There Are Lots of Weird People
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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486 There Are Lots of Weird People

With the exact same equipment and level, the individuals combat experience played a big role.

But the problem was, everyone had combat experience, and after playing the game for over a year, even casual players had a lot of it.

So in this competition, everyones starting point was actually similar. At most, it was just that Roland had mastered more magic and Saint Samurai Schuck had higher attributes.

Even though the F6 members worked extremely well together, the cooperation of the other groups wasnt too far behind theirs, so this tournament was quite challenging.

There were thousands of game masters and thousands of newbies, and accidents happen to everyone.

Roland never expected his team to win all the time. They just had to have a high enough win rate so that they would naturally take first place, and he had faith in his small team that even if they lost once or twice, they would quickly find a way to target their enemies. That was what he thought.

But this current situation, where the second game was a strange play that messed with his mind, was something he never expected.

He had read the introduction and promotional posts of the flying feces method, and he had laughed so hard watching someone get surrounded by heated yellow-white feces and then die from the stench.

Now the group of experts who were watching the livestream for F6s battle habits were probably laughing a lot too.

Roland squatted on the floor and retched. Although they had escaped from the hell of feces stench, they were inevitably covered in the stench, making the entire chamber stink.

The other four looked much the same, all of them pale and lifeless.

Betta covered his nose and said, Were first in points for now. Should we take a break first?

Definitely need to rest, its too disgusting, Roland said helplessly. Wait for us to recover.

Beta covered his nose, stepped to the side, and began operating the stereoscopic projection on the light sphere, clicking on the second-ranked team that was fighting.

The second-ranked team actually included Rolands acquaintance, Solisa from the Phoenix Guild.

This team was all members from the Phoenix Guild, full of female Elven Summoners.

The opening was a non-stop summoning of beasts, and not long after, the five of them filled the entire arena with summons.

Their opponents despaired, gave up the fight, and allowed these summoners to beat them back to their room.

Then the screen flashed with comments.

Thats shameless. How can others fight like that?

Ive already said that the biggest winners from nerfing Roland are these summoners.

I do think that theyll have a natural counter.

A natural counter my ass. I cant figure out how to deal with so many summons without a powerful group attack.

It turned out that the streaming system came with comments, but that was also quite interesting

Roland, on the other hand, estimated the duration of the fight at over two minutes.

Schuck leaned in and asked, What if we run into them?

Schuck felt troubled too.

If it wasnt for the restriction, he wouldnt even care about this group of summons.

Riding on the little fire dragon princess and sweeping flames back and forth in the air, even if he couldnt kill them all, he could still escape.

Until now, the only one who could fly faster than dragons was Roland.

In reality, in this kind of field with a boundary, Roland was also very restricted. His spatial bubble combo technique would catapult him a distance of more than 100 meters right away, directly hitting the wall, so now he couldnt fly at all.

Roland nodded slightly. Their summoning speed is a bit slow. If its against them, you guys dont wait for me to add buffs, just charge forward, Ill back you up with firepower from behind.

Summoners needed summoning preparation, which was their biggest weakness.

If it was usually fine in the outside world, as they would always be followed by a few defensive summons, but in a match, they couldnt summon until they teleported to the arena, and even if they summoned something, it would be eliminated during the teleportation.

Okay, thats my domain. Li Lin walked over and took off his armor, revealing his Barbarian war tattoos. No one is more reckless than us Barbarians.

As they gathered, they suddenly noticed that they seemed to smell worse, and immediately pulled away again.

Solisas team won again, and now they were first, with Roland and the others back in second place.

Shall we go in? Li Lin asked somewhat anxiously.

Roland shook his head. Wait a little longer. Although the stamina has recovered, my spirit hasnt. Im still feeling nauseous.

Schuck said, Same here.

Li Lin tsked. Your spirits are weak, it just stinks, like me blegh!

Seemingly thinking back to those yellow and white things on the field earlier, Li Lin couldnt help but run to the side and dry heave.

Everyone laughed quite cheerfully, and it seemed that even the stench in the room was reduced.

Roland thought that Solisa would take a break for a while, but after the projector went black for three minutes, Roland was trying to see how the other top-ranked teams fought, and then Solisas livestream channel lit up again.

This time they were against two Warriors and three spellcasters.

And all three spellcasters were followed by a white maggot.

The entire F6 crew gaped.

The comments on the screen were all ellipsis.

As soon as the match started, the three white maggots sprayed yellowish-white matter into the sky, while they plugged their noses with towels.

One white maggot was disgusting enoughthere were three now!

What grudge did these fire feces Warlocks have against the players?

The flying feces covered half of the field on the opposing side.

The five beautiful and fair-skinned Summoner girls were drenched.

Their forms couldnt even be seen, as they were covered in thick, yellowish-white slurry.

The heads of the summons only came out halfway before the summoning stopped.

As if time had stopped temporarily, these five Summoner girls fell to the ground simultaneously, splashing liquid feces everywhere and no longer moving.

Then the system automatically announced that the maggot Warlocks side had won.

A dense, frantic wave of comments now painted the livestream feed.

Fu**, what the hell kind of operation is this? I feel suffocated.

Damn, how can I fight against such an obscene battle style.

Can I abandon the match?

Its all right, the chances of encountering a fire feces Warlock shouldnt be high, as long your luck isnt too bad.

Believe you, yeah right, you terrible old man. As far as I know, the fire feces Warlocks account for half of the total population of Warlocks, and the number of Warlocks is at least 80,000. The participation rate of the entire player base is now over ninety-five percent, which means that at least seventy thousand Warlocks are participating, and there are at least thirty thousand fire feces Warlocks participating. With their fighting power, their ranking should be quite high, meaning that if anyone wanted to get a good ranking, they were bound to meet fire feces Warlocks.

F**k, Im forfeiting the tournament now.

Dont be in a hurry to forfeit the tournament, we can make a complaint on the black ball projector. Make the fire feces Warlocks f**k


Yes, yes, yes, theres still this method.

Looking at the projector, the F6 members looked at each other. Li Lin scratched his head in annoyance and said, I take back what I just said. Even I cant resist this situation, I have to save face.

Schuck hesitated for a moment and looked at Roland. Maybe we should forfeit the tournament too, I dont want to get drenched in that stuff. Someone as handsome as I am cant stand the humiliation.

Though Schuck usually didnt care much about whether his looks would be affected, in reality, he had a lot of idol baggage on the inside.

Imagine a super handsome guy getting drenched in something yellow and white. That would be a beautiful picture.

Roland thought for a moment and asked, Schuck, I remember that Saint Samurai seem to have an aura ability that speeds up the spell construction process, right?

We do. Schuck nodded.

Those fire feces Warlocks may be extremely difficult for others to deal with, but it doesnt seem to be much of a problem for us. After all, this stench doesnt discriminate between friend or foe. As long as we can resist it, the only ones who will die from the stench are them.

But the problem is, well get drenched all over, so well definitely die of nausea first. Next to him, Raffel was puzzled and said, Do you have any spells to bounce those flying feces back?

Roland shook his head. Im not very good at wind magic, but Im good at Mud to Rock, so if we meet these fire feces Warlocsk again, Ill use this spell to wrap us in an enclosed space and wait for them to stink and poison themselves, and well naturally be the ones who win.

Oh yeah, theres such a move.

Everyones eyes lit up.

At this time, everyone received a system message: According to the feedback from many players, regarding the maggot Warlocks fighting style being too indecent our event-planning team members approved the maggot Warlocks fighting style after five minutes of discussion. The match will continue on as usual.

Roland and the others werent watching the livestream at this point, but they knew that all the matches were livestreamed and there mustve been anguished wailing.

Roland stood up. Schuck, continue with the matches.

All right.

Schuck stood up and clicked on the option to match for opponents.

In less than five seconds, the five of them were teleported again.

On the opposite side this time was an all-trades combination of a Warrior, a Mage, a Priest, an Archer, and a Great Swordsman. When they saw Roland and the others and recognized Roland and Schuck, all of them revealed helpless looks.

Although they already felt like they had lost, they still took the fight with Roland and the others seriously.

It was just that with Rolands various group buffs, their attributes were quite a bit worse than Rolands and the rest.

Roland and Brazil, the damage dealers, didnt have much to do, and the opponents were knocked down by Schuck and the other two on the front line.

With this win, the 69 team was back at the top of the standings, tied with several other teams.

Back in the closed room, thanks to the fact that the entire team chose equipment with stamina and constitution regeneration, they rested for just over a minute, and then matched up again. The white light dissipated and they were transported to a rugged hillside.

They had the summit to their right, the cliff to their left, and a barely five-person-wide path leading forward in the middle.

And on opposite them were two acquaintances.

Hawk and Link and three somewhat familiar-looking members of Silver Wings.
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    《Mages Are Too OP》