Mages Are Too OP
491 I“m That Fast and Quick
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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491 I“m That Fast and Quick

Chapter 491 Im That Fast and Quick

A husky? Solisa froze and said furiously, These guys who attacked us in the dark are taunting us, try to find them! Quick!

Solisa didnt have a cranky personality. But most of them were half-starved right now, and those fish were just awfultoo fishy.

Often, the power of food could calm people down.

On the other hand, if they didnt eat well and starved, most people would become more irritable and temperamental.

Wild animals were extremely fierce when they were hungry.

Women were oftentimes known as tigresses and could be treated as half-beasts.

Because of the awful food, not to mention Solisa, most of the female Summoners were unsettled and short-tempered.

Hearing Solisas words now, a sub-captain stood up abruptly and shouted, Captain, let me take people to find the enemy. This place is our home turf, and when our squads summon at full strength, adding three to four hundred more summons to what there previously was, therell be about seven hundred summons. With this many summons, well annihilate everyone and anyone. Even if we encounter an entire team, we also have the confidence to retreat. I dont believe that they can kill us instantly!

Hearing such ferocious words from her companion, Solisa instead calmed down immediately.

She took a deep breath and said, One group cant go alone, two groups must go. Jessica and Angela, you two go outside together. Remember, dont go more than two kilometers away from us, or it wont be easy to establish contact.

The maximum distance level-five Summoners could control a summoned beast from was two kilometers, and as long as they were within that range, they could count as a whole unit no matter where their companions were.

Just as Solisa made this decision, another girl ran over and said, There are another dozen or so summoned beasts missing in the north, still no enemy in sight.

Solishas face fell. It seems that the enemy is very good at hiding, they should be a group of Assassins who specialize in stealth assassination. You guys summon more deer women, fairies, or little flower demons. They have stronger mental power and know a small amount of magic, they might be able to use magic to find the enemy.

Okay. The two squads leaders, Jessica and Angela, immediately set off with their squads.

At this time, Roland was hiding underground.

It was quite easy to dig a cellar through the interchanged use of Mud to Rock and Rock to Mud.

And Roland had made several ventilation holes that were hidden in the grass, not large and almost impossible to detect.

The cellar was extremely bright, and a ball of light hung above Roland and the others heads.

They sat very quietly and none of them spoke.

There were indistinct sounds of chaotic footsteps above their heads.

Footsteps of different frequencies.

The images sent by the magic spider showed a large group of summons running over them, and after a while, another group of summons came over.

Several girls in coarse robes were soon seen coming in pairs.

Their demeanor was relaxed, for all around them, both on the ground and in the sky were ranks of summoned beasts, and no one could get close to them.

The Phoenix Guilds girls were quite pretty. After all, the main attribute of a Summoner was charm, and all of them had red lips and fair skin.

They walked for a while and passed by the ground above Roland and the others.

Roland raised his index finger and placed it to his mouth, signaling for Li Lin and the others to stay quiet.

Then he focused on receiving the images from the magic spiders.

Since the Phoenix Guild had temporarily split up, Roland also had one of the magic spiders follow the two teams of girls who had come out to scout the area.

The other two spiders continued to monitor Solisa and the others over at the small lake.

There were about twenty girls and they walked very slow. There was a round-faced girl who kept touching her stomach, and after a little more walking, she suddenly said, Captain, my stomachs not feeling well, its probably from eating the grilled fish. I cant stand it anymore, can I go to the side to take care of the metabolic process.

The girls started laughing.

Someone shouted, Youre out in the middle of nowhere, arent you afraid of people peeking?

The girl rolled her eyes at them. This game lasts for ten days. As if you guys dont need to take care of this problem.

The girl who seemed to be the captain waved her hand and laughed. Go quickly, go far away, and dont let us smell your poop.

Dont worry, it smells like strawberries. The round-faced girl said with a wild look, Want to have a taste?

Go, go, go!

The group of girls were extremely disgusted and shooed her off.

If a man was there, the girls would have acted ladylike.

But now they were surrounded by women, so there was no one to pretend to be ladylike for, and if someone did so, theyd be despised by their sisters.

The round-faced girl grunted and walked away, then found a thicker grassy area and looked around, nodding contentedly.

She then kept her summoned beast at a distance. The others summoned beasts also subconsciously moved away from her.

After all, these summoned beasts wills were connected to their owners, and no one wanted to see anyone else relieve themselves.

The exception was those with special fetishes.

Betta, who had been monitoring them, was now bright-eyed.

He certainly had an idea, but it wasnt the obscene kind.

Now that the girl was alone and the summoned beasts around her were far away it was a good time.

And the girl wasnt far from Roland, at most a little over 100 meters away.

Since the magic spiders vision was shared with Roland, Roland already knew the other partys location.

Roland estimated the distance between the two sides; he could use Teleportation to go over and still be able to teleport back.

Teleportation consumed more magic power than Long-Distance Teleportation and teleported a shorter distance.

But Teleportation had one advantage, and that was its speed.

It didnt require a spatial mark, and as long as one could see the location, one could go there.

As long as there was enough magic power.

He stood up.

The action stunned his friends in the cellar.

Roland continued to make a gesture of silence.

Then he disappeared from the cellar.

The round-faced girl had just lifted her robe and hadnt even taken off her pants yet.

Then she felt what seemed to be a surge of magic behind her, and then her mouth was covered by someone.

A stabbing pain then appeared on the left side of her chest. Her screams were trapped inside her mouth, muffled.

Her gaze instinctively moved down to see a flaming longsword protruding from her chest.

The robe at her chest was burning, and then she felt weak and lost consciousness in less than three seconds.

Not even the basic survival reflex of struggling was present.

When she was conscious again, she found herself transported back to the dark room.

The enemys assassination techniques were too nimble.



I died just like that?

Who did it?

How did he manage to walk in from outside the summoned creatures airtight defensive circle?

Even the best Assassins would not be able to escape the probing of the celestial wolves, deer women, and fairies that had anti-stealth abilities.

The round-faced girl turned on the black balls live feed, but because of the system restrictions, she could only watch her teams actions through the screen.

This was the so-called team viewer mode.

She then saw her teammates, who were clearly starting to panic.

After the round-faced girl was defeated, her summons naturally disappeared.

There were more than seventy of them, and with all of them gone at once, anyone who wasnt an idiot could sense that something was wrong.

Her teammates quickly arrived at the spot where she had an accident, only to see the body of the round-faced girl, slowly becoming transparent.

A girl looked at the wounds on the corpse and said, A fire-attributed blade went in through her back, its definitely a high-level Assassin. The enemy has already gotten equipment in the ruins, but how did he get in?

The girls were all nervous.

Although this was a magical world, and they were pretty good at fighting, as women, there was still some instinctive fear of unseen enemies.

Now, we have to try to stay together and not separate, or else well give the enemy a chance to attack again. The captain of the scouting team, Jessica, frowned and said, Keep up the reconnaissance with the summons, the enemy has snuck in and we still havent found anything. We have to get serious. Let a group of celestial wolves come over and take in the scent, we cant miss any traces.

At this point, a girl raised her hand and said sheepishly, What about the metabolism problem from now on?

Everyone looked at Jessica with eager eyes.

Jessica thought for a moment and said, When the time comes, go as a group of four for support and protection. The other girls showed expressions of disgust.

Taking care of the metabolism problem in the wild and requiring protection meant getting close, so wouldnt that mean smelling each others poop?

Not cool.

Which of these rich fair-skinned girls didnt have some obsession with cleanliness!

Its better to smell something than to have your ass blown straight up with a hot, sharp dagger while youre in a squat.

At the thought of that miserable image, the girls felt a chill crawl up their spines to the back of their heads.

Goosebumps rose all over their bodies.

All right so itll stink a little.

Roland had teleported back to the cellar, smiling proudly.

This quick and fierce strike from a thousand miles away felt so cool.

No wonder there were so many people in the sneaky profession of Assassins.

It turned out that it really was a particularly thrilling feeling

Under normal circumstances, Teleportation would produce magical fluctuations.

Anyone who knew a little magic could feel it.

But the problem was that there were too many summoned creatures around, and all of them were projections of aggregated magic power.

In other words, there were sources of different fluctuating magic power scurrying around everywhere, and the bit of fluctuation generated by Rolands Teleportation was like a small wave in the ocean tide, not conspicuous at all. It would even be treated as a part of the summoned creatures magical fluctuations. When his friends saw his smug expression, they whispered and asked him what had just happened.

Roland laughed and whispered, Just stabbed a Summoner girl.

Their jaws dropped.

Li Lin stared blankly at Rolands abdomen and said with a frightened and exaggerated tone and expression, Youre that fast!

Roland froze for a moment, then raised his middle finger at Li Lin and scoffed. You rich peoples minds are always so dirty.
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