Mages Are Too OP
494 Everybody Can Learn From Setbacks
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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494 Everybody Can Learn From Setbacks

The Barbarian grinned hideously after he landed.

All the girls were terrified.

In a battle, a Barbarian would effortlessly intimidate the enemy. The enemy who was threatened would be given a dice-throw test. The units who didnt pass the test would be stunned for one to five seconds.

The result of the throw depended on the Constitution of the Barbarian, as well as the Spirit and the Will Save of the intimidated. Under normal circumstances, a spellcaster wouldnt be intimidated by a Barbarian. Instead, they would only snort, Tsk, what a Barbarian!

It was mostly because the spellcasters all had high mental power or high Will Save. For example, Warlocks could have high save stats because of the vampire bloodline.

But the Elven Summoner didnt have that.

They had devoted most of their growth points to Charm and the rest to Intelligence to increase their mana.

Therefore, their Spirit was generally lower than average.

It was high for ordinary people, but for the players, it was no different from that of the Warriors.

The Warriors had a series of specializations such as Battle Roar and Sturdy Mind to increase their Will Save, but the Elven Summoners didnt have any of that, unless they wasted the slot of free specialization on one of these abilities.

But normally they wouldnt do that. They would prefer to increase the number, strength, or distance of control of their summoned creatures with a freely-chosen specialization.

Therefore, Summoners were almost defenseless once the enemy approached them. But it didnt mean that they were completely at the enemys mercy once they were approached. While the girls were too intimidated by the Barbarian to move, consciously, they werent really influenced. After all, while Li Lin the Barbarian assaulted from the rear, it wasnt exactly assassination. He wasnt like Roland who flashed to someones back and stabbed her in the heart. The round-faced chick died before she could do anything.

At this moment, Solisa had set up a perimeter behind them, and she knew that the enemy was coming

Therefore, although their bodies were intimidated, they had been giving their summoned creatures commands via mental links.

The summoned creatures all retreated crazily whether they were in the sky or on the ground.

But it would take time for them to come back. After Li Lin landed, he immediately started a charge. Since he was thirty meters away, he could reach Solisa and the others with one charge.

However, there was still a line of summoned creatures between them.

Dum! Li Lin knocked away a long-horned bull during his charge, but he was stopped too.

Everybody knew what it meant to be stopped in the midst of enemies.

At this moment, Solisa finally came back to herself from the status of intimidation.

She was so furious seeing that Li Lin was charging on his own that she was about to give the order to drown him with the ocean of beasts.

But exactly at this moment, another Shield Warrior who was in iron armor appeared on their left side and charged at a high speed. The charge of the Shield Warrior was much more powerful than the Barbarians. Like a high-speed car, he flung away seven summoned creatures including two long-horned bulls and a two-meter-tall bear.

He almost pierced through the thin line of summoned creatures.

The summoned creatures were about to attack them spontaneously, when golden light shone from deep inside the woods.

A handsome man with golden wings suddenly emerged above them.

Many girls were so fascinated by the mans unparalleled looks that they completely forgot the situation they were in.

Decree: Sun Collapse!

A golden ball of light descended from the sky. The light ball wasnt big, but it contained an enormous magic power of light.

Solisas face changed greatly. She roared, Establish a protective barrier with the summoned beasts.

Green light arose on all the summoned creatures around her. They formed a square and protected all the girls.

The golden ball hit the barrier, and dazzling golden light burst out.

Everybody subconsciously covered their eyes. A moment later, the golden light was gone. The golden wings behind Schucks back were dimming.

For him, it was rather exhausting to use Sun Collapse at level five.

At this moment, cracks had appeared on the barrier where it was hit, but it was not destroyed.

However, at this moment, a colorful ball of light swirled out of the woods, leaving a long rainbow trail behind it, and hit the cracks, emitting rays of various colors.

Then, there was a big hole on the green barrier.

The central barrier made with the summoned beasts was different from regular barriers which would vanish when any part of them was broken. Even though there was a big hole in the central barrier, the damage could be automatically repaired as long as the summoned beasts provided magic power.

The barrier was quickly healing.

Solisa was relieved.

But at this moment, a blue fireball the size of a fist suddenly appeared from the woods. Like a snake, it slithered through the tiny hole in the barrier that was about to be restored, following a strange path. Watching the blue fireball coming at her sisters not far away, Solisa shouted palely and sorrowfully, F6, Roland, you are

Then, her curse was eclipsed by the intense explosion.

The Inferior Fireball exploded not far away with a max range of ten meters. It blew up thirteen girls of the Phoenix Guild into pieces.

Solisa herself was thrown and crashed not far away.

Her unicorn was lying next to her and neighing miserably.

Holding the wound on her right hand with her left hand, and looking at her partners that were crying in fear, Solisa was at a loss. They were protected by the central barrier of summoned beasts again, and it was getting steadier and steadier.

However Solisa felt that she had completely lost interest in this official activity.

They had such a powerful lineup, but they had still been crushed by one ambush.

How were they going to play this game?

Was the gap between them and the top players so huge?

Roland was still so powerful when he was restricted. What if there werent any restrictions?

Solisa heaved a sigh.

Many girls were crying before her. Apart from the thirteen girls who had been blown apart, many other girls had lost their limbs.

They were all sobbing and crying.

Ah, my leg is gone! Someone help me! My lower body is gone Its so scary! Im dying! Im dying!

I lost my boobs in the explosion! Theyre bleeding hard! Someone treat me!

Different from female Warriors who led charges, Elven Summoners barely had head-on clashes with the enemy. They hid behind the beasts they summoned all the time.

This was the consequence of avoiding the gore at the front line of the battlefield. They found it impossible to accept the cruelties of war.

Most of the remaining girls were overwhelmed and didnt know what to do seeing how miserable their teammates were.

Only some of the girls immediately began to treat their partners.

But even so, the scene was still a complete mess.

Rolands Inferior Fireball achieved the perfect effect.

An effective damage radius of five meters was actually not small.

But the bigger reason was that the girls were standing almost right next to each other.

Therefore, the Inferior Fireball had caused tremendous damage.

If it were another group, Roland couldve only killed no more than three people if he had cast such a weakened Inferior Fireball.

Solisa turned around and looked out of the barrier, but the F6 members were already gone.

However, she was not certain if those people were still around.

The central barrier with summoned beasts was very exhausting. If they kept it up, all their magic power would run out within twenty minutes.

After considering for several seconds, Solisa shouted, Sisters, kill yourselves if youre gravely wounded or crippled and cant recover soon. The others collect the resources that the other team dropped. Meantime, release all the scouting creatures and dont let anything come close.

Solisa was quite prestigious in the Phoenix Guild. After she gave out the order, the heavily-wounded girls gritted their teeth and commanded their celestial wolves to bite their necks.

If anyone couldnt kill herself, Solisa would personally order the summoned creatures to finish them.

After each sister she killed, there would be more flames in her eyes.

After all the gravely wounded teammates were gone, Solisa turned around and secretly wiped her tears.

She didnt want to give out such an order, but it would take at least ten days for her wounded partners to regrow their limbs even with the help of treatment skills.

They would only be burdens for this activity if they stayed.

She then canceled the central barrier and counted her teammates whose bodies were still intact.

There were fourteen of them.

Soon, the girls who left to pick up resources returned.

After they calculated the quantity of the resources, Solisas grim face finally put on a smile. If we use them judiciously, the resources will be enough for ten days. F6 has taught us that number is the least useful factor in this match. You can barely satisfy the needs of fifty people without sufficient resources. Solisa sneered. This environment is so vast and complicated that only an elite squad can secure a victory. Therefore, we will also be divided into two squads. Then, we will attack other players in guerrilla style with our mounts. Well gradually reduce the number of our enemies with our summoned beasts. When the enemy chases us, well retreat. When the enemy retreats, well chase them. Fall back if you encounter F6. Well reunite again on the last day and have a final battle with them.

Now, lets split into two squads. Solisa narrowed her eyes. Remember to make the most of our advantages in mobility, and try to live to the end.

All the other girls nodded. These weak girls all seemed to be showing qualities that they never had before.
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    《Mages Are Too OP》