Mages Are Too OP
507 I Want To Be Undying Too
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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507 I Want To Be Undying Too

The womans voice was high-pitched and filled with fury.

However, the gate of the manor was tightly closed. Nobody even bothered to come out and check, as if they were already used to it.

Roland and Andonara observed the situation from a distance.

The dozens of soldiers, fully armed and wearing leather armor, looked rather intimidating, but upon closer look, they were clearly skinny and emaciated.

Besides, their equipment seemed old and outdated too. Is she the First Princesss husbands sister? Roland observed for a moment and put down the curtain. Should we go home and come back later?

Andonara said with a smile, Thats not necessary. We can go in through the secret tunnel on the right side.

How do you know that? Roland was rather curious.

Stephanie told me, replied Andonara with a smile.

Roland was slightly surprised. He raised his eyebrow. Generally speaking, such tunnels were for emergencies and would be kept a secret from anyone that wasnt trustworthy.

Even more unbelievably, Stephanie had told Andonara about the secret tunnel even though they had only known each for several days.

Was Stephanie a silly and innocent woman?


After a couple of days, Roland had already gotten to know Stephanie.

He found her to be a rich and pretty lady whose capabilities were above average. She wasnt exactly a genius, but she definitely wasnt stupid.

She was slightly arrogant because of the environment she grew up in, but she knew when to reflect on herself and when to give in.

She was not bad for a descendant of a noble family.

Then, why would such a woman, who wasnt stupid, tell Andonara of the critical existence of the secret tunnel?

Was it because Andonara was too approachable?

Roland looked at the lovable woman next to him and found it unlikely too.

Therefore Could women really build up their friendship so fast? Roland dropped the matter after a moment of consideration.

Roland was fairly good at math, but he didnt think that he could solve problems about women.

Einstein once said that he could understand the Theory of Relativity but he couldnt understand women.

Confucius also said that women could be extremely difficult to take care of.

Those two bigshots were among the most brilliant stars in the history of mankind, but even they couldnt figure out women, so Roland would rather not waste time wondering what Stephanie was thinking.

The carriage came to the right side of the large manor along the woods at the edge.

Getting out of the carriage, Andonara asked the driver to go first. Then, she searched the grim wood with Roland and found a ring on the ground that was covered by leaves. She pulled the ring, and a dim tunnel was revealed. She came in with Roland, closed the tunnel, and led the way.

The tunnel reeked of sand and stone.

They walked about five minutes, and climbed about five meters on helical stairs. Then opened the door and saw Stephanie before them in a low-cut white dress.

The dress was so thin that it almost looked like a pajama. Stephanie was very happy to see Andonara. She hugged her and held her hand with a smile. I knew you would come this way. Thank you for forgiving me.

Andonara nodded. We can still be friends as long as you dont foment trouble between me and Roland again.

I certainly dont dare to do that again. Stephanie put on a bitter smile and said to Roland, Thank you for forgiving my impudence, sir.

Roland waved his hand. Youre welcome. Im doing this for myself.

Roland was talking about the epic quest. It would be a shame to abandon such a huge amount of experience to be rewarded.

Stephanie only made a slight attempt to turn him and Andonara against each other. It was more like a next-door neighbors gossip, which was annoying but not a big deal.

Besides, she had already apologized. It would be a shame if he were to give up the reward of the epic quest just because he was slightly bummed.

But Stephanie didnt quite believe it. She thought Roland was only helping her for Andonaras sake.

Holding Andonaras hand, Stephanie walked forward quickly. Her curves were accentuated by her pajamas.

Walking behind them, Roland looked at the two womens back and subconsciously compared them.

The two of them had similar heights and the same charming curves, but Andonara had a beautiful, bright golden ponytail that almost reached her ankles. It also seemed to be glowing. It made her much prettier.

Then, Roland heard Andonara asking, I saw someone was blocking your gate just now. Is she your late husbands sister?

No. Stephanie shook her head. My dead husband was an orphan, or I wouldnt have taken him as my husband. But I didnt expect that Forget it, lets not talk about my late husband. The woman outside is one of my fathers mistresses, otherwise I wouldve killed her a long time ago. Her brother tried to molest me in the dark during a banquet. I kicked him in the nuts and blew them up. A normal man would feel pain for a while when their balls were gone, and then they would be fine just like the eunuchs. However, her brother was so weak that he died after his balls exploded.

Roland felt extremely uncomfortable as he listened.

Andonara chuckled. Thats exactly how you should deal with harassing men. Unfortunately, I only broke their hands before.

You are the queen. Did anyone dare to harass you?

Andonara heaved a sigh. The old king was very cold to me, so many powerful men didnt think that I was a big deal.

But you are a Legendary Swordsman right now. I dont think anybody dares to do anything to you now, do they? Stephanie dragged Andonara into a big room. After Roland came in, she clapped her hands and said to the butler, Serve the wine, fruits, and cakes.

The butler left with her order.

Roland sat down and asked while she wasnt talking to Andonara, First Princess, have you gathered any intelligence regarding the deaths of the Association of Mages deputy chairman and General Louis?

No, not at all. Stephanie shook her head. I even asked Great Cousin Grandpa Alfred yesterday. He said he didnt find any traces either. But I didnt tell him that you found the residues of magical elements.

That was understandable. The residues of magical elements suggested that a Mage committed the murder.

The odds were slim that Alfred was the murderer, but it didnt mean that he wouldnt keep certain criminal matters to himself for the honor of the Association of Mages after he learned that a Mage was involved.

Frowning, Roland was going to ask again, but he suddenly received a system notification. Someone just left a message and pinged him in the guild system. He opened the system menu and saw Schucks message.

Schuck: I found a piece of interesting information. The First Princess killed her husband not because her husband cheated on her but for other reasons. If possible, can you ask her about it? My newly-established intelligence squad is too inexperienced. This is the best they can find.

Briefly dazed, Roland raised his head and looked at Stephanie.

Women were always sensitive about mens eyes, and Stephanie was no exception.

She had been talking to Andonara in a low voice, when she suddenly turned to Roland and asked curiously, Whats the matter?

Andonara looked at Roland curiously too.

Roland thought for a moment and decided that it didnt have to be kept a secret. He had been hired by Stephanie to help anyway. He simply said, I said earlier that I know Schuck.

Stephanie nodded. I believe you. For certain reasons, hes looking into the case too, said Roland.

Stephanies face instantly changed. The Holy Realm is involved too? What do they want?

Stephanies anxiety was understandable; the Church of Light had been keeping a low profile for two hundred years.

Was their investigation on this matter the sign of certain changes to come?

The Holy Realm isnt involved. This is Schucks personal investigation, Roland explained. When I said that the case was partly related to me, I wasnt lying to you. It involves some secrets of the Golden Sons that I cant talk about.

Stephanie glanced at Andonara. She was of the mind to say something like You cant even tell Anna, but having been taught a lesson, she did not dare to say things like that anymore.

Roland was not stupid. He knew what was on Stephanies mind from her eyes. He said, You cant hear it even if I tell it to you. For example, capitalism Stephanie looked rather strange, because she had just heard some muffled syllables.

Andonara wasnt surprised at all. Back in Delpon, when she overheard Roland and his friends conversation, she heard similar meaningless noises all the time.

You Golden Sons are really strange. Stephanie clicked her tongue. That seems to be information blockage on the level of natural law.

Roland shrugged. Also, my friend Schuck wants to ask you why you killed your late husband. Hes very curious.

Stephanie didnt look too happy. Why is he looking into that?

It may be related to the cases were working on.

After a moment of hesitation, Stephanie said, Its fine if he wants to know the reason, but we need to make a deal. Can you arrange a meeting for us?

Let me ask him!Then, Roland left a message in the guild system. Less than a minute later, Roland said, Okay, hes on board. You can meet him in the Moonlight Stone Tavern in an hour.

Stephanies eyes widened. Wait. You didnt even go out or use any magic. How did you reach out to him?

The Golden Sons have special ways of communication.

Stephanie furrowed her eyebrow. Youre undying to begin with, and you also have special ways of communication? Thats too outrageous. Roland spread his hands.

Can I join you? Or can your bloodline be inherited on our side? asked Stephanie.

She wasnt the only person who was curious about that.

Everybody was intrigued and wanted the ability to be undying.

However, up until now, nobody had unraveled the secret of how the Golden Sons never died.
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    《Mages Are Too OP》