Mages Are Too OP
509 You Guys Are an Impressive Shameless Couple
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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509 You Guys Are an Impressive Shameless Couple

The shade of the square-shaped woods was good, so good that it even made the place a little dim.

Biden looked gloomy, and the elite soldiers behind him, all with gloomy expressions like the abyss, carrying small shields and long swords and wearing black hard leather armor, were arranged in three groups lined up orderly.

He frowned slightly as he looked at Roland and Andonara, who were standing in front of the First Princess.

Just as it was easy for Mages to distinguish the approximate strength of their counterparts, Warriors could also distinguish the approximate strength of their counterparts, judging from the opponents temperament, the appearance of his muscles, his aura, his stance, and so on.

Andonara was healthy and energetic despite her slender appearance.

But that aura that only a high-level Warrior had, as well as the stance, posture of carrying a sword, and movement, could show a lot of


Bidens eyelids twitched as he looked at Andonara for a moment. Then he turned to Stephanie and sneered, As expected of the First Princess, known for her intelligence: you came prepared in advance. But it may not be a good thing if you dont die this time. Lets go!

Biden waved his hand and was about to leave with the soldiers.

But Roland snapped his fingers, using Rock to Mud, and a large portion of the road ahead turned directly into a mud puddle, then a three-meter high stone wall appeared.

And this stone wall was still slowly rising.

This stone wall could stop the soldiers, but not the Legendary Warriors.

A single strike of a sword aura could split it.

After all, it was something that was put up in a hurry.

If Roland was given a few minutes, he would be able to make a cage that could trap Legendary Warriors.

However, no Legendary Warrior would be that stupid and allow Roland to keep raising and thickening the rocky cage. However, this also indicated his intentions.

He wasnt letting them go. Biden turned and stared at Roland with a cold look. What do you mean by this, brat? Do you really think Im afraid of you?

The longsword was once again unsheathed and held horizontally.

Then Andonara stood in front of Roland.

The First Princess suddenly realized that there was no one else in front of her, and gave a somewhat grudging glance at Andonara, then quickly hid behind Roland.

Roland patted Andonaras shoulder, took two steps forward until he was abreast of Andonara, and said to Biden, You still want to kill the First Princess after killing so many people, but now that you see its impossible, youre trying to escape; you probably also framed her What an interesting thing to do. Dont you want to stay and chat about it? Biden laughed sardonically, his longsword raised high.

Andonara also drew her magic sword.

The First Princess took a deep breath, crouched halfway down, and touched the small dagger tied to the outside of her right thigh, hidden by her skirt.

She was also a Warrior, level four, the weakest except for those soldiers.

But poor strength was one thing; it didnt mean she would sit around and wait to die.

Then Biden moved, waving his hands a few times, and several sword auras slashed in multiple directions.

Two of the frontal ones were blocked by Andonara.

But this was only a feint, and those sword auras slashing into the surrounding area were the real killer moves.

All of the soldiers around Biden were cut in two.

Not a single survivor.


Biden laughed and quickly retreated.

Extremely swiftly. Stop.

Andonara shouted, her entire body covered in blue flames and seemed to turn into a blue firebird, spreading her wings and sweeping across the ground at high speed.

Roland saw this and shouted urgently, Dont chase him!

As soon as that was said, both Andonara and Biden were already at least forty meters away from them.

Rolands face changed drastically, and he immediately snapped his fingers twice, then turned around and dove straight at the First Princess Stephanie.

Stephanie was already half-crouching and ended up on the ground when Roland pounced on her.

She was a little confused, wondering why Roland suddenly attacked her.

But then it became clear.

Several flying knives flew behind him, hitting Roland with a clang, but were then bounced aside by the blue Magic Shield.

But Rolands body wasnt very wide, and he could only protect most of Stephanies torso, so one of the flying knives still hit Stephanies calf.

The First Princess couldnt help but groan.

Several shadows suddenly appeared not far away and rushed toward the two.

Right at this moment, stone walls appeared on the ground around Roland and Stephanie, quickly closing together before these people rushed over, forming a small rock cover to protect the two of them.

These shadows kept throwing flying knives as they approached.

And some also threw small nail hammers.

These things hit the small rock cover and were bounced off, but they also wore down a sizable piece of the rock cover.

More than a dozen long-range weapons were thrown at it, and the gray, cement-like texture of the small rock cover was visibly cracked.

These people rushed over and swiftly surrounded the small rock cover, then simultaneously hit it with their longswords or spiked hammers.

The combined strikes of multiple weapons were extremely powerful.

The small rock cover was smashed through and collapsed, and these men with black scarves over their faces and an ominous glint in their eyes were preparing to kill them.

However beneath the shattered rock, there was just plain ground, with no human figure at all.


What was going on?

While they were puzzled, the blue firebird snapped back at an even faster pace from fifty meters away.

It was eerily fast.

These black-clad men didnt even have time to react.

With the clear sound of birdsong, the huge firebird flew across where they were and then stopped ten meters away.

The firebird disappeared and Andonaras figure appeared.

And the black-clad men had turned into ashes and drifted away in the wind.

Their weapons, on the other hand, were left on the spot and turned into red liquid metal.

Andonara ran to the small rock cover and searched nervously, not finding Roland and Stephanie.

Then tears were welling up in her eyes. Roland, where did you go? At this moment, a hole opened inconspicuously in the ground not far away, and Rolands voice came up from below. Jump in, quick.

Andonara was delighted and jumped in without hesitation.

The hole wasnt very deep, only about two meters, and there was a sheltering layer in there, which Roland and Stephanie were underneath to prevent Andonara from stepping on them when she jumped down.

When Andonara landed on the ground, the hole above closed up without a sound.

A luminous sphere illuminated the space below.

Stephanie was unconscious, leaning against the rocky side wall and sitting on the floor, her complexion black.

Her lips were also black.

This was a sign of being poisoned.

Rolands hands were glowing with magic, white on the left and green on the right, and he was using Detoxification and Healing on Stephanie.

Andonara leaned in.

Roland said to her, Just cut off her poisoned right leg from the knee.

At this time, Stephanie was unconscious, and when Andonara heard this, she lifted Stephanies skirt and noticed that her right leg was the color of ink.

And swollen as if it were leavened bread.

Her left leg was slightly lighter in color, turning a yellow soy sauce color.

Is this poison so potent?

Now Andonara did not hesitate to raise her sword and cut off Stephanies right leg with a single blow.

Black blood spurted out.

The unconscious Stephanie merely twitched her cheek and made no other movement. The poison is very potent, Roland explained as he cast the spells. Her lips started to change color within ten seconds of being poisoned, and within half a minute she was like this. If I hadnt used both Detoxification and Healing, she would have been a corpse by now.

Andonara was filled with self-loathing. Roland, Im sorry, its my fault, I shouldnt have chased him!


Its fine, you didnt expect the enemy to be so cunning. Roland shook his head indifferently. Now its up to Stephanie to make it through.

Upon hearing that, Andonara tensed up again.

After all, Stephanie was a rare friend of hers.

She didnt dare to talk much, fearing that it might affect Rolands spellcasting.

As time passed, Stephanies right leg continued to bleed from the severed stubble, but the blood had gradually turned from black to red.

After two more minutes, it turned bright red.

By now Stephanies face had turned from grayish black to white, and her lips had turned a sickly pale pink.

This was what happened when one lost too much blood.

The hole in the ground was now filled with the smell of blood, and the ground they were standing on was almost soaked in black blood.

Rolands left hand that cast the Detoxification shone with a white glow, turning into Healing, and then aimed at Stephanies right leg.

The bloody stump began to scab over, and then skin began to wrap around the wound, linking together in a short time, smooth flesh completely sealing the wound. It looked like the leg had been severed for quite some time, completely free of injury.

Roland sighed in relief and said to Andonara, Pick her up.

Andonara picked up Stephanie as she was told.

Roland used Muddy Transformation to open another clean hole in the ground, moved over, and then sealed the hole that was previously filled with blood and a severed leg.

Then Roland sat down against the wall, panting softly.

It was no easy task to continuously Dual Cast, Healing with one hand, and Detoxification with the other.

Andonara laid Stephanie carefully on the ground and asked, Is she all right?

Its okay, shell live.

Andonara let out a sigh of relief.

Self-blame was written across her face, but she didnt know how to express herself.

Roland saw this and pulled her into his arms, patting her gently on the back and comforting her. Dont think about it, its not your fault and you didnt want it.

Andonaras tense body relaxed considerably.

It wasnt long before Stephanie woke up.She was, after all, a level-four Warrior, and her constitution wasnt bad.

After opening her eyes for a moment, Stephanie was finally fully awake. She didnt struggle and smiled reassuringly as she saw both Roland and Andonara in front of her. It seems Im not dead and quite safe.

Roland was a little surprised. He had never had a good impression of Stephanie.

He had previously found that Stephanie had the virtue of self-reflection, but now he found that she also had the good trait of being able to remain calm in critical moments.

As expected, it takes a while of getting along with someone to know what strengths and weaknesses they have.

Stephanie tried to stand up, but then she felt as if something was missing in her body, and when she looked down, she laughed. I cant believe I became a cripple, but its okay, itll grow back in a few days with Healing anyway. Andonara, did you catch up with Biden?

Andonara shook her head in shame. I had only cut off one of his arms when I saw you guys being attacked, so I rushed back. He got away.

Stephanie was shocked. Thats Biden, one of the strongest three under my fathers command, and you cut off his arm in such a short time? How strong are you? And you! Stephanie looked at Roland. I dont know what kind of poison I was subjected to, but its scary to think that I lost consciousness in less than five seconds, but you still saved me You two are a bit too strong.
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    《Mages Are Too OP》