Mages Are Too OP
510 No One Understands Emotions Better Than I Do
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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510 No One Understands Emotions Better Than I Do

In this world of magic, things like poison could be added to a spells characteristics.

A powerful poison could even work on gods.

However, it was still influenced by intensity.

But again, it was pointless to talk about the power of the poison without dosage.

A level-four Warrior had a decent constitution and when she was hit by the poison on the flying dagger, she went into shock in less than five seconds, so one could imagine how strong the poison was.

Normally, without a Legendary Priest, it wouldve been impossible to save First Princess Stephanie.

But Roland, a Mage who wasnt even specialized in conjuration, was able to pull her back from hell, an absolute miracle.

This was why high-level Dual Casting was so powerful

Normal Dual Casting was using the same spell with the left and right hand.

High-level Dual Casting was the use of different spells with both hands, which required quite a high level of mental and magic control from the spellcaster.

Roland suppressed the toxicity with one hand, increased her health with Healing with the other hand, and saved Stephanies life.

The moment Stephanie was poisoned, she knew she would probably die.

But she hadnt expected that she would live, and get away with a severed leg.

With Divine Healing, it was only a matter of time before a severed limb regenerated, so it wasnt a big deal.

The question was why Biden wanted to kill her.

Stephanie was puzzled. She leaned against the stone wall and thought for a moment and asked, Roland, can you take me to the palace?

Roland was a little surprised. Are you sure? I remember you said that Biden was one of your fathers three most powerful men, right? Isnt going to the palace a death sentence?

Andonara also nodded; she thought Roland made a good point.

Stephanie was very weak. She leaned against the wall and hesitated for a moment before saying, I thought about it for a while just now and I dont think its likely. I know my fathers personality very well. Hes not a qualified king, but hes a very qualified father. To prevent his children from killing each other over the throne, he ordered all the princes and princesses over ten years old who are not very capable to go to his remote territory. Im the only direct descendant of the royal family in the capital.

Roland was stunned. No wonder he felt something was off during his time in the capital.

The only young member of the royal family he had seen in all this time was Stephanie, making him think that the royal bloodline was thin and Stephanie was the only option.

Puzzled, Andonara said, It just means he loves you more, hes just biased.

Father spends about half a year every two years cruising around the empire in a flying ship, monitoring the lords on the surface, but in fact, its clear to anyone who cares that he only takes time to go to different territories to see his children, secretly giving gold coins to his children so that theyre better off. Monitoring the lords is only incidental.

So thats how it is.

How could a father who loves his children so much just send someone to kill them? Nor would he just send someone to kill his lover. Stephanie felt weak throughout her body. Her voice trembled and wavered. I was just too surprised to think of that at the time.

Roland thought for a moment and said, Its not hard to take you to the palace, but I still think its better not to go. Biden escaped, and hes sure to try to ambush you again, and if you dare to show up, you will surely be attacked as before. Andonara is a Great Swordsman, not a defensive Warrior-shes good at killing, not at protecting people. I cant protect you either, its only pure luck that you survived this time.

So what should we do?

Lets find a safe place to get well first, Roland said after a moments thought. Youve been poisoned, and if you dont show up for a long time, Biden will most likely think youre dead, and then well watch the situation from the dark. Besides, youll have to get your leg healed first.

Good point. Stephanie sighed. I wish Id always had reliable assistants like you and Andonara around me.

Roland smiled, not following up with anything.

Andonara wouldnt agree to anything either, and in her eyes, Stephanie was indeed a good friend, but compared to Roland, the significance of these two in her lifes journey was the difference between a fireflys glow and moonlight.

Seeing that neither Roland nor Andonara answered, Stephanie was slightly disappointed.

The silence lasted less than ten seconds before Roland spoke up. First Princess, where do you think it would be better for us to hide?

Cant we hide here? Stephanie knew it was a makeshift hole in the ground, and though it was a cramped cavern, the fact that she had two people she could trust with her made her feel quite secure. I dont think anyone would just investigate underground. This is under the road in front of your manor, so its okay to hide for a short time, but in the long term, you have to consider a lot of things, Roland explained. Such as safety, and for long-duration hiding, the size of the space needs to be considered, otherwise you will be depressed if you live underground all the time. Although I can expand this space, I also have to consider the washing, rest, and physical excretion of you two women.

With that said, Stephanie understood, and she blushed a little.

No matter how beautiful a woman was, she was still a woman, not a god, and she still needed to eat, drink, and defecate.

Then she clapped her hands. Why dont you build the tunnel under my library, Mr. Roland? To study and do magic experiments there for long periods, my ex-husband spent a great deal of effort on the library. There is a washroom there that leads to small underground water veins passing underneath it.

Roland nodded. Roland had also used the washroom in the library, and it was indeed nice.

Moreover, the library was large enough that one could even run around the edges for exercise, a lap estimated to be about 300 meters.

The iron gate here was protected by magic and one could only get in with a key.

It was quite safe, and no one usually came down here at random.

An excellent hiding spot indeed.

Now that the target had been decided, Roland immediately started to act. He spread out his mental power to explore the underground layout clearly, avoiding the underground water vein, so as not to collapse the water vein and ruin the underground library when he dug past it.

It took about half an hour for Roland to open the underground passage to the library.

They were already on the outskirts of the manor and not far from the underground library, so naturally, it was quick.

The passage opened up a large hole directly in the wall of the library. Roland jumped in first, looked around, and then scouted the area with his mental power to make sure no one was there before saying into the hole, Its safe, come in.

Then Andonara jumped in with Stephanie on her back.

Their mood was much better right when they entered the spacious area from the narrow hole in the ground.

This was quite normal. A narrow space would give one a sense of safety, but after staying for a long time, one would become gloomy and fearful of going out.

It also decreased motivation.

After entering the library, Roland found a corner and took out three sets of bedding and rations from his Backpack, and the three of them sat together and ate jerky.

Stephanie, being a princess and delicate, would have despised the jerky.

But the healing spell drained energy and strength from her, and now she was starving.

Besides, the taste of the jerky was satisfactory, and she felt that it was like a delicacy when she tasted it. She looked at Roland as she slowly chewed the jerky.

The man was plain-looking, but he truly behaved differently from the arrogant and ordinary noble-calm and steady. It was no wonder Andonara fell for him.

If her man was half as capable as Roland, even if he did something ridiculous, she wouldnt have killed him.

After Roland finished his jerky, he went back to work in the tunnels, which he had extended so that in case someone checked the library, the three of them could still hide for a long time in the tunnels by taking advantage of its complexity.

In reality, Roland could have used the teleportation magic array to teleport all three of them away.

That was safer.

But Roland didnt want to reveal that he knew the teleportation magic array in Fareins.

For any country, the teleportation magic array was of strong strategic importance.

It was hard to guarantee that the First Princess wouldnt get any strange ideas when she found out about it.

While the three of them hid in the library, it was already a new day outside.

Two days later, the news of the First Princesss disappearance spread throughout the capital.

Alfred then discovered that Roland and Andonara had also disappeared and that before they disappeared, they appeared to have gone to the First Princesss estate.

And there were many bodies of elite soldiers of the royal family at the scene.

Then Alfred went to the kingdom to find the old king

As an elder and as the person behind the substantial control of the Association of Mages, Alfred merely gave notice of his visit and received the invitation of the king.

Alfred knew the palace well and was soon in the kings chambers.

At this moment, the king was covering his forehead, half of his body leaning against the right side of the throne. At the sound of footsteps, the nominally most powerful old man in Fareins raised his head.

He was slightly fat and wore a kings robe, which was embroidered with a red lion on the chest and trimmed with gold on a white background.

The magnificent crown full of jewels had been taken down and put aside. The old king had little blond hair left on his head and was going bald.

His eyes were slightly red, and when he saw Alfred, he said, somewhat sadly, Are you here to see Natalisa off, too, Great-Grandfather? That woman is not worth my visit.

Youre so cold-hearted, Alfred, shes your great-great-great-granddaughter.

There are too many family members for a Mage at my age to keep track of all of them. Alfred found himself a chair. If youre in the mood to worry about your mistress, why dont you worry about your daughter?

Theres no use worrying, said old King Londox rather unhappily. As I told her, this is her test, and if she survives it, shell be queen, and if she doesnt, its up to her whether she lives or dies. Of course, whether she succeeds or fails, as long as she survives, shell at least receive a small territory.

Alfred thought for a moment and asked, Do you know whats been going on, with recent events?

I know a little, the rest is all deduction. The old king rubbed his eyes; he was on the verge of tears. Natalisa, youre so pitiful, your senior only cares about profit and doesnt care about you at all.

Alfred frowned. Dont be hypocritical, you dont give a damn about this woman.

How can you just speak badly about people. The old king straightened his back and said, extremely seriously, No one cares more about Natalisa than I do.
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    《Mages Are Too OP》