Mages Are Too OP
529 Can You Believe It!
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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529 Can You Believe It!

After Rolands post was uploaded, it became a hot topic in less than three minutes.

In contrast, Hussos post, which took several hours to upload and falsely accuse Roland, was just a popular post.

This was a very real difference.

Husso was just an ordinary leisure player, only level two, and also just a branch deputy chairman, working for someone else, with no reputation.

His post had become a popular post only because it had rubbed off on the name Roland.

Roland was now the highest-level player in the entire server, the first to reach level ten, the strongest Mage in the entire server, and most likely still the strongest amongst players.

He had two divine artifacts and controlled a city behind the scenes.

He also snatched a queen as a companion.

Many other deeds could be told; Husso was not even on the same level as Roland.

Hussos previous post only got so much traffic because it benefited from the popularity of Rolands name. And now that Roland himself had posted, there were a large number of people who wanted to see what was going on.

Although it became a hot topic in three minutes, it took about ten minutes after posting for someone to reply.

After all, it took time to watch the video, even if one had fast-forwarded through it.

Tsk, I had thought that Cornucopia only monopolized a small portion of the industry resources in a small number of cities, but I never thought that they had dabbled in all of Hollevins medium and large cities. Amazing, amazing.

Monopoly aside, they forcefully lowered the purchase price and greatly increased the selling price, as expected of new-era capitalists. This is even more ruthless than the merchants of the feudal era.

I have a say in this matter. I worked part-time as a hunter some time ago. Originally, the purchase price for a complete wolf skin was one silver coin, and the fur merchants selling price was usually around three silver coins, but after Cornucopia pushed out these merchants, the purchase price became thirty-seven bronze coins, and the selling price increased to five silver coins. Now Im no longer hunting. I can only go to the Guild of Mercenaries to take on quests as a bodyguard. I dont quite like to fight and kill, but theres no better option.

In my city, Cornucopia has also monopolized the food banks, and now the price of food has risen by at least fifty percent, and a large number of commoners are starving. Its pitiful to look at.

For businessmen, isnt it normal to pursue profit? And no ones restricting them. Roland stood out and was framed.

Why dont the territories around the world target Cornucopia? Cornucopia is now banking on the players power! Nowadays, all the NPCs know that it is extremely unwise to offend the Golden Sons. They all have qualms and dont dare to do anything to Cornucopia.

Are we going to let Cornucopia continue to be so unbridled? What they are doing is no different from those leeches, and if we wait any longer, the collective reputation of the players will be overwhelmingly negative because of them.

What can we do? This game has a penalty for malicious killing, and the other side has the players hard-earned reputation backing them, and theyre taking advantage of a loophole in the system to cause trouble, so theres no way to get them.

How unpleasant.


Upstairs, youre all fast-forwarding through the video. I watched the video in its entirety, and now Ive received a blue quest to deal with Cornucopias members in the city Im in at the moment. Kill them and open the free flow of food!

??? F**k, really? Ill try it.

Its true, Ive triggered it too.

So Almighty Roland is here to deliver the quest? Love you!

As expected, I had to watch it all, and I cant even fast-forward one second. A gold quest for me to kill the chairman of Cornucopia? Oh sh*t, Im a bit scared. Ive heard that their chairman is a super-rich man in reality. If I kill him, will he take revenge on me in real life?

Idiot, you dont know how to disguise yourself? Its not a traditional online game, your name wont be displayed above your head. Just mask your face, put on a black suit, and kill him. No one will know who did it.

The impressive one upstairs, please sit down. I feel like my nine-year compulsory education was in vain.

I learned something.

Just realized now? Isnt this a basic operation? At least we Thieves and Assassins are masked every day. Ive almost forgotten what I look like in the game.

After waiting for nearly half an hour, Roland was relieved when he finally saw that someone had received a quest.

The purpose of sending this video was to use the kings speech to release quests.

Of course, it was only experimental and not a hundred percent certain.

Rolands impression of Cornucopia wasnt very good. It wasnt very good before, and it was even worse now.

It wasnt significant to restrict Cornucopia in Delpon alone, but it would be different if a wave could be started against Cornucopia in Hollevin and their roots dug up directly. The situation would be different then.

For now, it seemed to be working well.

The only ones who could deal with the players were the players, as expected.

After exiting the forum, Roland found Antis.

At this time he was watering the flowers in his manor.

The early morning sunlight penetrated Antis thin bangs, like a beautiful layer of golden velvet on his forehead.

Hearing a sound, he turned his head to look at Roland. You look quite happy. It seems that things probably went as you expected.

Yes. Next, its the internal affairs of the Golden Sons. Roland stood in front of a bed of red flowers. After that, Cornucopia will definitely have a lot of their information dumped out. If youre interested, you can go and receive it.

No, I dont need money. Antis smiled with narrowed eyes.

His expression looked increasingly womanly.

Roland stayed for a moment and asked, When are you going to do it? Give me time.

Six months from now. Antis thought for a moment and said, It takes time to gather resources and find the right time.

Okay, Ill come to find you again in six months.

Roland waved to Antis and left the huge manor.

Teleporting back to Delpon, Roland found Vivian and said, Now that Cornucopia should no longer be a problem, you can continue to manage and develop the Magic Tower according to the plan that was decided upon.

Vivians eyes sparkled as she looked at Roland adoringly. Now the people in Cornucopia must be furious.

Roland nodded. I guess so.

Just as the two of them had thought, Cornucopia was holding an online meeting at this time.

Since they could use the browser directly in the game, the guild made their own voice chat web page.

This is a very bad situation. Chairman Charles sounded angry. Damn it, who the hell messed with that crazy Roland, for him to screw with us like this. The one in charge of Delpon is the deputy chairman Husso.

Charles immediately shouted, Husso, didnt I say not to mess with Roland or with the F6 members! You f**king just didnt listen. Now theyre starting to mess with us, and theyre making us feel real good. Weve had a hard time getting to where we are now. If we dont handle it right, our guild will just be gone. Do you understand?

Husso said in an aggrieved voice, Chairman, I didnt provoke Roland. He came to us by himself to target us.

Why did he come to target you? You f**king tell me. Charles growled loudly. For a pure research-type player who deals in magic techniques, twenty-four hours a day is not enough time for him to spend on magic research. Hed be bored out of his mind before he takes the initiative to screw you.

Husso said, He really came of his own accord, saying that he wanted me not to monopolize the business of ores, furs, and the like. How is that possible!

You didnt concede on his word? We are doing business uprightly, why should we concede! Husso was quite unconvinced. I f*** all the women in your house!

Charles cursed, his voice seemed a little dull as if his mouth was blocked by something. Although his face couldnt be seen, the participants in the meeting all had the feeling that Charles was talking with his hands over his face.

He was probably quite helpless and pained.

If your backbone is so hard and straight, dont be a businessman, Charles said bitterly. The previous privateering license incident, we had a hard time settling. Now comes a large number of righteous quests, and I estimate the loss this time to be at least one hundred million! I invested fifty million yuan in it, and money begetting money, got to the current level, and you alone burned down the entire safe that held the money, with no return on the original capital. Youre so damn capable.

Husso whispered, I did it for the guild. I cant just let people bully us!

Im so f**king grateful that youre so considerate of us! Charles spoke gloomily, then sighed and said, Aaron, go post on the forum and warn all the players who took the quests that there will be consequences for going against us, like a real-life manhunt or something. Of course, you cant say this explicitlyyou have to hint at it. Dont let anyone catch us in the act, understand?

Okay, Chairman. Find another group of paid posters to wash the slate for us, not wash it cleanly, just muddy the waters. As for Roland, the son of a b**ch, find a way to flesh him out. Ill see who it is exactly thats so arrogant as to dare play me. This matter will be left to the public relations and logistics department.

Also, Beckham, dont play soccer for a few days, find a way to contact that group of Brotherhood players. Ask them if theyll take on the task of assassinating Queen Andonara; Ill pay a thousand gold coins. I must have Andonara die, make Roland cry to death, make him understand the consequences of going against me. Online and offline, I want him to cry.

Oh The player called Beckham hesitated for a moment and said, Boss, this is a tough one.

Whats so hard to do?

Someone already tried to manhunt Roland, Shuck, and the rest of F6, but they seem to be protected by someonethe informations cut off at a certain point-and someone will call to warn you if you investigate further. Ive heard that the phone number is a string of zeros.

Is that so?

Besides, Queen Andonara is the strongest fighter in Hollevin, and the Brotherhood may not be able to defeat her with all of their members. More importantly, according to the information we received, Andonara seems to be able to increase her strength by killing those with red names. The Brotherhood gang are all red names, so wouldnt it be gifting Andonara EXP to send them to deal with her? What the f**k, that means I cant mess with Roland even if I want to? Charles clearly sounded exasperated. Im a second-generation rich son, and I cant even get back at a commoner? This is ridiculous! Can you believe it?
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    《Mages Are Too OP》