Mages Are Too OP
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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544 Official Open Beta Tes

The life of a traditional Mage could be very boring, especially one like Roland.

What he did 24 hours a day was the interminable repetition of inferring magic data, experimenting, charging the "solar system," recovering his mana with the Magic Power Affluence, and confirming the magic data when he was free.

However, such a life was boring only for certain people.

Those who didn't like magic would find this life monotonous and unexciting, but Roland couldn't have enjoyed himself more.

It was the greatest joy to update the magic data, slowly lift the skirt of the Goddess of Magic, and pry into the forbidden knowledge of magic.

The bigger sense of achievement came when he fixed errors or updated his knowledge by doing experiments with his current magic knowledge.

These days, Roland observed the "solar system" whenever he had time.

At first, Roland thought that the Magic Power Affluence was why the "solar system" was attracting the magic power nearby.

But then he realized that it wasn't the whole reason.

After staying in the area of Magic Power Affluence for a while, Roland gradually sensed the flow of magic elements.

About sixty percent of the elements were attracted from outside, but the other forty percent emerged out of thin air.

Among many elements, some new elemental particles would suddenly pop up, which was weird.

At first, Roland thought that the magic elements were reproducing. He wondered if they were alive.

But very soon, he gave up the thought.

That was because the elemental particles carried a distinguishable vibe when they appeared. They kind of felt like Roland's own magic elements after he used Elemental Embodiment.

It meant that those elemental particles had a master before, but they had somehow jumped to this place.

Roland named them "Void Elemental Particles." He remembered a rumor, or rather, a speculation, about the planes of elements.

According to the Mages who were adept with elements, this world contained a few planes of elements apart from the main plane: the Realm of Devils, the Netherworld, the Realm of Gods, and the Astral Plane.

For example, there might be a plane of fire elements, or one of water elements.

In those planes of pure elements, everybody was made of particles of the same elements, including the elemental lives that resided in those places.

Of course, those ideas were pure speculations, because nobody had ever visited the plane of elements.

As for the elemental lives in the main plane, most of them didn't have the intellectual faculty to communicate with other creatures.

Even those who could talk were mostly born in the main plane and didn't know anything about the elemental planes.

Even the gods didn't know much about that.

According to the Goddess of Magic, all the gods only knew what their believers knew.

They weren't even capable of creation.

It meant that, while the gods were powerful and more knowledgeable, they hadn't yet transcended the limits of human beings.

They knew all that human beings knew, and they didn't know what human beings were unaware of.

That was why the Goddess of Magic wanted Roland to worship her so badly.

The Life Goddess had bet on Roland for a similar reason.

All the gods wanted an erudite and creative believer as long as he could understand their doctrine.

Getting back to Roland, he sensed that the elemental particles that appeared out of nowhere weren't right. However, those particles would be assimilated into other particles nearby and turned into free unowned particles in the area of Magic Power Affluence.

Was there really a plane of elements?

The idea popped up in Roland's heart.

Then, he began to set up a net of mental power to capture the momentary spatial wave when the Void Elemental Particles popped up.

If those particles had really jumped here from the elemental plane, energy waves related to space would've definitely been triggered.

After establishing the net of mental power, Roland had to retract it every five hours to recover his mental power because it was very exhausting.

After more than ten days of fishing, Roland got nothing.

He didn't sense any quake of spatial energy at all.

There could only be two explanations for that.

First, Roland's guess was incorrect.

Second, the elemental particles were so small that the energy waves they caused were too insignificant for Roland to feel.

Either way, Roland temporarily gave up the idea of confirming the elemental plane's existence, and focused on expanding his "solar system."

Then, an unexpected change happened during the second month of his stay in the basement.

The "solar system" suddenly collapsed.

The culprit was the sun, which quickly vaporized and expanded from solid form, turning from a blue ball into a gigantic mass of blue elements fifteen meters in diameter. It swallowed the eight planets and quickly collapsed inwardly to Roland's surprise. Also, it crazily absorbed the surrounding magic power and drained it in no more than three minutes.

The area of Magic Power Affluence rapidly became a magic power desert.

The enormous blue energy ball eventually self-collapsed into a small white ball floating before Roland.

Roland extended his hand for it and suddenly felt that this white ball was somehow connected to himself.

With his thought, this white ball was stretched and transformed into a brick.

Oh… Interesting.

Roland smashed the brick down heavily!

The brick, which was almost weightless, was embedded into the rock on the floor, with only a tiny part left exposed to the air.

Roland snatched it remotely, and the brick immediately turned into a long stream of water and gathered in Roland's palm as a ball.

Then, the ball transformed into different shapes according to Roland's will, until it retook the appearance of a brick in the end.

Roland gently tapped the surface of the magic brick.

It was very hard, and felt like iron.

More importantly, it contained at least five times more magic elements than the previous blue ball did.

Could such a brick be used as the foundation of the floating city?

That could work! Roland was slightly excited. Although it would take some time to build such bricks, he could totally multitask and all he needed to do was inject magic power into the "solar system" over time. After all, it would automatically transform in the end.

Roland carefully put the white magic brick into his Backpack. He was about to build a few more "solar systems" when he suddenly saw a system notification.

"It's been detected that Player Roland has reached the boundary of this game's laws. This game will officially enter the open beta test phase. The server will be suspended for three days for the update after today's game time is over. Please explore the specific contents of the update on your own. This will be a major update. The NPCs' time will be frozen in the game, so don't worry when you log off."


An update? I've reached the boundary of the game's laws? What's that about?

Roland thought for a long time and didn't recall any special perks or skills he got. The only thing he obtained that could be related to the game's laws was the white brick.

Or maybe, it was the mini solar system?

Roland thought for a moment and then opened the forum. He wanted to know what other players were thinking.

He found that most of the posts were about him, and only a very small proportion of them were about Betta's territory.

Roland again. It's true that when he's faster than you by one step, he will always be faster than you by one step.

If I were one of the devs, I'd definitely nerf Roland's Intelligence.

Will more virtual cabins be released for the open beta test? I've prepared fifty thousand yuan.

Roland opened the posts and summarized the discussions as followed.

"Would you please stop making announcements about Roland all the time? You might as well call your world World of Roland instead of World of Falan."

"Friend, it's really cute when you disguise your inability with cynicism!"

"When the server reopens the day after tomorrow, Roland will get another title that enhances his stats. Do the devs still not think that Roland is powerful enough? He already has more abilities than the three OP classes."

"Does nobody care about the laws at all?"

"Why would I care about the laws? I see them everyday. Aren't the bikinis that the girls wear natural-law-level equipment?"

"Why are guys not protected with natural-law-level underwear? That's sexism!"

Most of the replies were simply expressions of greediness. Few rational discussions could be found among them.

Failing to find anything worth a read, Roland logged off from the forum and teleported to the capital of Fareins.

There were six hours to go until the server shutdown, which was enough to do a lot of things.

He came to Stephanie the First Princess's manor, and Andonara simply jumped at him.

She embraced Roland happily.

Her soft, flexible body made Roland's mouth dry.

Stephanie walked out of the manor and clicked her tongue at Roland. "You're finally out?"

"Did anything happen?" Roland could tell that Stephanie didn't look happy.

"Do you have any idea what pressure we shouldered?" asked Stephanie angrily. "You studied magic in Motasos for three months. The Red Magic Tower came and asked us where you were. We knew where you were, but we couldn't tell them because we feared that they might ruin your work. Do you think it's easy to shake off the Red Magic Tower? If we hadn't…"

At this moment, Andonara interrupted Stephanie. "Don't listen to her. It's true that the Red Magic Tower came for you, but I drove them away. They dared not even be rude to me, much less put pressure on us."

A Legendary Swordsman, enhanced with the bloodline power of the Hero, was just that strong.

She could fight anybody who was not a demigod.

Stephanie stared at Andonara, angry that her efforts weren't appreciated.

She couldn't have felt more wronged. I was only helping you so that Roland would think that you did him a great favor. You really shouldn't have revealed the truth.

Roland was rather helpless too.

He was so focused on magic studies that he completely forgot about the Red Magic Tower. It had been almost three months. He didn't think he could get a chance to visit the Grand Library of Light anymore.

After cuddling with Andonara for a while, Roland went to the Association of Mages. Someone was waiting for him and told him that the communication was over and school had restarted in the Red Magic Tower. The Great Elder wanted him to continue his studies in the Red Magic Tower after he received the message.

After leaving the capital, Roland teleported to the Red Magic Tower right away.

He returned to his manor.

Hardly had he stepped through the door when a person in white rushed to him.

On all fours, the little catgirl clung to his left thigh and wept hard. "You're finally back. I was so scared. I wouldn't have you as my master any longer if you still didn't come back."

Roland calculated the time and realized that it had been almost half a year since he'd left.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》