Mages Are Too OP
547 This is the Specialty of the Cat-Humans
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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547 This is the Specialty of the Cat-Humans

After chatting in the guild channel, Roland confirmed that only his stats were increased.

None of his friends experienced the same thing.

He even read posts on the forum for two hours, but he didn't see any players saying that their stats had uncannily increased.

Was he the only person who had such a problem?

Or maybe, had some other players experienced the same thing, but they had decided to play it cool and didn't want anyone to find out?

Roland thought for a moment and decided that he might as well play it cool too.

The additional points on Spirit and the thirty points of mana capacity meant that he had a piece of high-level equipment that didn't take up any slots.

Leaving the matter aside, Roland waved at the kitten who was hopping and catching butterflies in the yard.

The catgirl ran over to him and looked at Roland with glittering eyes. "Master, are you taking me out to have fun?"

Marilyn didn't dare to go out these days. Cats were both curious and cowardly. When they were scared, it would take days before they regained the courage to embark on adventures again.

However, if they had a strong supporter who was willing to take them out, they would still have the courage to go.

Looking at the catgirl's hopeful eyes, Roland nodded and said, "Sort of. Marilyn, as a catgirl, you should have a sharp nose, right?"

"Of course!" Marilyn patted her unremarkable breasts proudly. "My nose is even sharper than that of a dog!"

Well… Although that was true, Roland somehow felt that it wasn't right.

However, looking at Marilyn who was expecting praise, Roland could only say, "That's truly awesome. I need to find someone in a city in the east. I may need your help."

The cat-humans were natural-born Rogues and Assassins.

They had both excellent noses and ears.

Thanks to their ancestors' hunting instincts, the professionals among the cat-humans would have reinforced bloodline talents after they became Rogues or Assassins.

In many cases, as long as one told a strong cat-human scout or Assassin the name and general appearance of the target and where he recently showed up, this scout or Assassin could likely track the target down even though they had never met before without any other intelligence.

It was not very scientific, but rather very magical.

A well-acknowledged opinion in the circle of Mages on such amazing phenomena was that the cat-humans were born with a talent that was similar to Lesser Benediction. However, it could only be used for tracing, and its effect depended on the cat-human's strength.

In order to block the intuitive tracking of the strong cat-humans, one had to use special barriers that could resist divination spells.

But even that couldn't be very effective.

Roland had read all this information in books. He thought that Marilyn should have similar abilities.

Besides, even if Marilyn didn't have such abilities, she still had her nose and ears.

After Roland found the vulpera, or acquired some of his personal items, the catgirl would come in handy.

Hearing that they were going on a walk to another city, Marilyn flipped backward and scratched the ground with her feet excitedly. She exclaimed, "I certainly will! Master, take me with you! I can help you! When you flirt with other girls, I can watch out for you."


Roland tapped the catgirl's head.

The catgirl immediately covered her head and squatted.

Actually, with the catgirl's nerves, it was easy for her to dodge Roland's slap, but Marilyn didn't do that, because she had subconsciously acknowledged Roland as her master.

It was just the catgirl was simply too perky to show her obedience.

"Come with me. If we're going out, I have to get something for your protection first." Roland walked in the front and said, "You're too weak. If a battle happens, your top priority is to ensure your own safety."

"Got it. Meow."

Marilyn followed Roland and accepted the demand so quickly that she let out her signature voice. Also, her tail was raised high and wiggling, indicating great happiness.

Roland went shopping in the western district of the Red Magic Tower with the catgirl and got a fitting light leather armor and two sharp daggers for her. He planned to enchant the two daggers, but he gave up the idea due to the limited time.

He also bought a few magic scrolls, such as flash and temporary shield that could be instantly cast, for Marilyn's protection.

They weren't very powerful, but they might save her life at a critical moment.

After they were prepared, Roland added fresh water and food to his system backpack and led the kitten out of the Red Magic Tower.

Brown Sand City was about sixty kilometers to the east of the Red Magic Tower.

On the way, there was nothing but desert and the occasional sandstorm.

Normally speaking, any travelers without experience in desert traveling wouldn't dare to leave the city easily lest they were swallowed by the sand.

However, Mages were never normal, particularly those who were also Golden Sons.

Roland took Marilyn out of the city into the desert. Then, he built a square room with Mud to Rock and Rock to Mud in a random place and hid Marilyn inside. He then flew to Brown Sand City in about four minutes.

After that, he landed in an empty place outside of the city. He teleported himself back to Marilyn, and then teleported both of them to the city.

Blue light glittered behind the hill of sand, and Roland and the catgirl emerged from the light.

Then, the catgirl lay down on the sand and vomited crazily.

It was typical for anyone who had been remotely teleported for the first time.

The catgirl's fur bristled as she vomited. Her thin tail suddenly became thick, which was rather hilarious.

Roland waited patiently.

The catgirl didn't stop vomiting until a dozen minutes later. She had vomited everything in her stomach that could be vomited.

The sand was burning under the heat of the sun, but the catgirl wasn't scared of it. She sat down on the sand, held her belly, and looked at Roland pitifully.

Roland took out clean water and food from the system Backpack.

After taking a rest and having some food and water, the catgirl gradually recovered.

About half an hour later, she finished the food and jumped from the sand, before she scampered to the city wall not far away holding Roland's hand. "Master, let's go there! I've never been to another city before!"

After paying ten coppers, Roland and Marilyn were allowed to enter the city.

This was a city of hybrids. Roland saw hybrids of many different races in this place.

They looked like lions, tigers, leopards, wolves, dogs, and foxes with different skin colors. There were also dark-skinned drows and even two Lalafells that were sitting in baskets full of fruit. There was no telling where they were being sent to.

However, no other catgirls could be seen.

Therefore, Marilyn, as a delightful catgirl, attracted a lot of attention.

However, when the more brutish hybrids saw the collar on the catgirl's neck and the human Mage behind her, they could only hold back their inappropriate thoughts.

This was a city of hybrids, but many human merchants had businesses and even settled down here.

More importantly… the famous Red Magic Tower was only sixty kilometers to the west. Only an idiot would offend a Mage who was so close to his base.

If they wanted to kill themselves, there were better ways.

The catgirl had great fun on the street. There were plenty of residents, and the atmosphere here was livelier than the western district of the Red Magic Tower.

This place had a wider variety of goods than the Red Magic Tower did too.

That was understandable. After all, as an academic city, the Red Magic Tower only needed enough goods to keep everybody alive. Everybody was more focused on magic-related stuff.

In comparison, this was a city of common folk, and naturally it was more energetic.

Roland simply let Marilyn wander the streets while he followed her.

In the evening, Marilyn finally grew tired. She stopped and said to Roland, "Master, I'm hungry."

They were right next to a tavern, from which the fragrance of spicy roasted meat was emanating.

No wonder the kitten couldn't walk on anymore.

"Then let's have some food."

Roland walked into the tavern first, and Marilyn followed excitedly.

The waiter was a vulpera. He approached and asked them what they wanted to eat.

The catgirl said quickly, "I'd like a piece of all the kinds of meat in your restaurant."

The waiter looked at Roland suspiciously.

Roland nodded and said, "Just listen to her."

The waiter slightly bowed and then left.

The tavern was a lot more quiet, as the combination of a catgirl, who was rare, and a human Mage, who must not be offended, was quite weird.

After a moment of silence, the noise in the tavern grew louder again.

Nobody wanted to do anything to the human and the catgirl.

Although hybrids were known for their proclivity towards violence, they were actually even smarter than human beings and knew the people they should avoid fighting very well.

The waiter soon began serving the food. He also offered a complimentary Desert Red Fruit Wine, which had aphrodisiac effects.

That was only because the waiter saw that the catgirl was wearing a slave collar. He thought that he could give her master some Desert Red Fruit Wine, so that they would have more fun at night.

However, although Roland drank all the Desert Red Fruit Wine, it didn't really work on him.

The aphrodisiac in the wine was considered a poison by his body. Although Roland's Constitution wasn't high at this moment, his health had been boosted by his equipment and his titles.

To put it simply, most poisons would be automatically dissolved after he took them.

Drinking the fruit wine, Roland recalled what he observed during the day.

There were many hybrids in this city, the vulpera making up a huge percentage of them.

The vulpera who stole something from the Monochrome Magic Tower chose to hide in this city probably to use his compatriots as cover.

Roland was considering how to find the thief without alarming him, when he heard two vulpera on his right side talking about something interesting.

"A few days ago, I saw a vulpera compatriot appear out of nowhere in front of me. That was scary."

Huh? A spatial spell?

Roland subconsciously looked at the catgirl.

They had found a lead so quickly. It seemed that the catgirl's talent of intuitive hunting was truly terrifying.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》