Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
18 Ruins Exploration
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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18 Ruins Exploration

According to preliminary reports, the ruins consisted of 4 wings and 5 floors. In addition, there weren't any traps or arrays but people should still tread carefully. Several groups were assigned to each wing on every floor as the ruins were extremely large. For Ming Yue's group, they were assigned to the north wing of the 3rd floor along with 4 other groups. Before they left, everyone checked to see that they were prepared and marched onward.

As they entered the ruins, everyone looked in awe. The interior was grand and extremely ornate, paintings and other decorations covered the walls. They slowly walked around, taking in the view. These decorations were extremely alluring but no one would take them. They were here for treasure, these decorations were of little value to them.

Ming Yue's group was the first to arrive to the area and began exploring one of the halls, not waiting for everyone else. The other groups that were assigned to the same area soon arrived and split off into separate halls, searching on their own. Everyone began looking through the rooms but as they searched, their spirits lowered and lowered. There were many items but much of it was too old or damaged to be of value. However, this was just the beginning, there was still much more to discover. This was an unknown set of ruins that had been long abandoned after all. It wasn't an inheritance or a place where fortuitous encounters were certain. But this does not mean that it did not have something, there are always treasures to find. It was a matter of whether or not one was destined for this.

In any case, the first several days did not have much but as people continued to explore deeper, more and more treasures were found.

"Hah! what luck!", a voice echoed throughout the hall as a man starting flipping through some books.

It was Ming Wang, who had just found some body cultivation manuals that fitted him. He was going to focus on body cultivation after breaking through to Earth Realm. Once he embarks on this road, he must go through seven levels: Outer Shell, Inner Core, Earth Frame, Metal Bones, Golden Veins, Immortal Physique, and Deity's Form. Not many cultivated the body and even fewer were able to reach the peak. Not only was it extremely painful, it represented a risk in destroying your body. While inner force cultivation also contained much risk, it was somewhat lower than that of body cultivation and it was easier to recover from.

These cultivation manuals of his could only support him to the peak of Outer Core but even that was enough. Ming Gang was only in the 5th level right now, he still had a ways to go. Sone time later, Ling Rong and Lan Jia found some weapons as well. They weren't good enough to replace their weapons but were worth something. Everyone had also come across numerous herbs and pills, grabbing whatever was still good. But for Ming Yue, she couldn't find anything, she only moved forward, occasionally playing with Xiao Yin. Nothing had really interested her as of yet and she could only continue onward.

As they moved further in, something strange had occurred. They had begun to feel a slight pressure in one of the corridors but they paid no mind to it. It was somewhat dull and empty, having no decor. There was very little to look at. However, that pressure increased the further they went, slowing them down. This was a sign.

"It seems that this area is not simple", they thought.

The team slowly moved closer as the pressure grew upon them. A shining light appeared at the end of the hall. The moment they were within 10 meters, the pressure suddenly doubled and everyone struggled to move but managed to get closer. When they were close enough to get a good look, they saw a room at the end. There, in the center was a stone pedestal holding something. They squinted their eyes to try and see what the item was.

"It's a hairpin!" said Lan Jia, who recognized the shape.

It was incredibly ornate and a light purple water lily was at the center of it. The hair pin was a sight to behold and Ming Yue was instantly attracted to it. She felt a strange connection with it and pushed forward.

Interestingly enough, Lan Jia did not want it and retreated, the pressure was extremely heavy, and she felt that the pin did not suit her. As for the other three, there was no need to explain. They had no use for this hairpin nor did they have anyone to give it to. Furthermore, everyone respected Ming Yue, she had contributed a lot to fighting against the wolf horde. They also knew that she had not gotten anything yet.

Thus Ming Yue was the only one that approached it, Xiao Yin had flew away, unable to handle the pressure. She walked with heavy steps, sweat covered her body. This pressure was even heavier than the time she was being tested by the regulations elder. The hair pin continued to hum and released an even heavier aura. She was only one step away now and struggled to reach for it. The moment her fingers touched it, a blinding light covered her as she closed her eyes.

Suddenly, a woman's voice appeared in her head.

"From now on, you are the owner of the Dusk Lily Pin, I hope that it will serve you well", she said.

The pressure disappeared and Ming Yue held the pin in her hands. It stopped glowing and laid silently in her hands. As she held it in her hands, the palace began rumbling.

"Its breaking down! We must get out of here!" said Ming Wang.

They rushed out and saw that every other team had run out as well. As they looked at the ruins from the outside, they realized that it was not crumbling.

It was transforming!

The 4 wings split apart revealing a hidden staircase leading to a secret area. The rumbling stopped and everyone moved closer to the staircase.

"These ruins have much more than we thought. This might be the true treasure room", said one of the leaders as they walked forward, inspecting it.

Soon, he walked down the stairs after seeing that there was no danger. The others followed him as they also descended the stairs. Once everyone was inside this hidden area, they gazed in amazement. The stairs had led them to a hidden hall! All sorts of treasure covered the area and people rushed to grab what they could. Fights broke out over all kinds of items.

"I dare anyone to fight me for this Fire Spring Fruit!" said one person.

Another wielding a heavy sword responded, "Cheh, you are only at the 5th realm, stop acting like a big shot. This one here is going to make you call him grandpa."

"I dare you to try!"

The area descended into chaos as numerous fights occurred. Everyone but Ming Yue was fighting.

She chose not to partake in this chaos. She already gotten something that she liked and decided to explore the area rather than try to grab any of the treasures. She looked around before stopping in front of a portrait. It was of a woman, possibly a lover but the most interesting part was that she wore the same hair pin that Ming Yue obtained. She noticed some words etched at the bottom.

"Tian Xing, the Twilight Valkyrie"

The owner of that voice from before must've been her. She repeated the name several times, imprinting her name into her memory before bowing in respect.
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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》