Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
28 Shadow Blood Crows
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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28 Shadow Blood Crows

"Shadow Blood Crows..." Owner Su muttered.

Everyone in the city turned towards the black cloud and looked in despair. Each crow was about the size of a man. Their feather were were but had streaks of crimson running through their wings. The most terrifying aspect about them was the speed at which they could fly at. They're fast enough to create a dark blur and their long claws were sharp enough to cut metal. The fact they always traveled in groups was why they were considered rank 5 monsters. These beasts could decimate a small city within minutes.

As the cloud became increasingly larger, there was one in front that stood out. It was more menacing and shrieked constantly, as if it was crying for the inevitable fate of the city.

Suddenly a thundering voice shocked everyone from their state.


Everyone looked at the source of the voice before finding the city lord before them. But unlike the other times that he had appeared, this time he was adorned in silvery armor. On one hand he held a saber while his helmet was in his other hand. The blade was etched with the words, Silver Howl, the handle had a simple design but a large green jewel was set on the guard.

He donned his helmet before giving out orders.

"This is our last stand to save this city, reinforcements are to arrive in 4 hours. If we can defend until then, the city will stay standing. Furthermore the team in charge of killing the first rank 5 has already completed their task. They are said to be arriving within the time it takes for incense to finish burning. Until then, we must defend this city. I want everyone to take up whatever ranged weapons you have and there should be multiple squads manning the ballistae", he said.

Everyone followed his orders and groups of bowmen and ballista covered the wall.

The city lord walked up and faced the Shadow Blood Crows before raising his hand up. The crows grew larger and larger as he continued to stare at them.

Then, as if lightning struck, he threw his hand down and everyone launched their attacks. The sky was immediately filled with arrows and bolts.

Seconds passed as they flew through the sky before finally colliding with the crows.

Seconds later, another volley was launched as a rain of arrows tore though the air.

But it did nothing to stop the crow's advance. It was as if the arrows never existed. Still, bodies dropped from the sky and the blood crows slowly dwindled but it was not enough. Minutes passed until they finally reached the walls and unleashed their wrath. They began swooping down with their claws wide open and caught any unlucky soul only to crush them within their grip.

"They're too fast, I keep missing!"

Chaos erupted as soldiers frantically shot in every direction.

"Aaahh! Save me!"

One of the soldiers had been caught and screamed for help but no one was able to save him. His comrades could only grit their teeth and continue fighting to save themselves. This soldier had resigned to his fate and awaited his death but it never came. He opened his eyes to find a young girl carrying him in the air.

It was Ming Yue and she managed to get back to the wall.

Few people noticed her come back and even fewer noticed her save the soldier. But for those that saw the whole event unfold, it was a sight to behold. She had managed to jump up and fly to the crow before cutting it in half and grabbing the soldier. From there, she was able to fly back to the city walls safely. But it should not have been possible, flying was an ability that one would obtain when they had reached the Earth Realm but she was only at Human.

"Whew, that was close", she thought.

Ming Yue looked at the soldier before dropping him to the floor and leaving. He stared at her in a daze before waking up and going back to battle. He still had a responsibility to protect this city.

"That was the first time I ever tested it out in real combat!" she thought, "who would've known that the Dao of Wind would be so helpful. I even flew for a little!"

As it turns out, Ming Yue could not really fly but rather float in the air for several seconds due to her affinity for wind.

She felt extremely happy that her skill had worked. During her time with Grandpa Meng, she had learned a lot about the many Daos and was told to always think about it. Things like how she could use it as a weapon and as a support as well as comprehending what fit her best. From the beginning she knew that she was the most compatible with the element of wind, if she wasn't fighting in the Sword Domain then she would spend her time playing with wind and its many forms.

From there she came up with three uses: to coat her sword for a more lethal strike, a ranged weapon in which she could throw out wind blades from either her sword or her hands, and a way to fly. The first use she had done many times in battle, the second she had yet to try out, and the third she had only practiced for a bit.

After silently thinking in glee of having "flew", she went back to fighting off the crows with the soldiers and proceeded to save as many people from the crows as possible, often jumping off the wall and floating through the air. More and more crows began to drop from the skies but only one had yet to enter the fray.

It was the leader of the Shadow Blood Crows and despite losing over half of its troops, it has yet to move. What was even more stranger was that a figure stood on top of this beast. There was no doubt that this person was the one that had instigated the unusual horde as well as the rank 5 monsters. However the fact that they were able to achieve this meant one thing, this person could not be trifled with!
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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》