Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
32 Traveling to the Capital
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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32 Traveling to the Capital

Several weeks after the attack, Luan City was back to being a bustling city once more. The streets were littered with stalls and children played with some of the left over rubble. The recovery of the city went quite well due to aid from the government as well as the materials obtained from the dead bodies of the beast horde. While many of cultivators took materials as part of their spoils there was too much for even them to take. Much of it was sold to help pay for the broken walls and buildings. A fair amount was used to create weapons, armor, and other types of equipment in order to reward those based on their contributions to defending the city.

Out of the several hundred members that took part, Ming Yue was ranked quite highly due to her achievements for attacking the culprit and killing close to three hundred beasts on her own. But her rash behavior caused her to lose out to some of the others. She was rewarded accordingly and movied to the Bronze Bull rank from Jade Fox for the pavilion and she was given a knife made from the tooth of a Rank 3, Iron Tusk Elephant. A creature known for its tough bones and large body, it is said that they are able to crush stone walls like paper.

The knife itself was very pretty. The blade was white like snow, the handle was wrapped in leather and the pommel was made of True Steel and engraved with a dragon symbolizing the Jade Dragon Pavilion. What made True Steel different from regular steel is that it forms by being naturally refined by its surroundings. In this case the natural element of earth from the mountains refines it, making what is formerly regular steel much more durable turning it into True Steel. This is common for many metals which are shaped by the elements that nurture them creating miraculous materials like Purple Thunder Iron or Darkfire Ore. Both of which are refined by the earth.

Ming Yue was quite content with her reward, having a second weapon was reassuring in case there was a situations where she did not have the Parting Sun Blade.

She sheathed the blade and placed it within her robes, keeping it hidden. After doing so she left the Pavilion and went back to the brothel where Aunt Cui Fen and Rou'er were, where to proceeded to pack her belongings. After seeing the Demon Brigades in action, she realized that she needed to travel the world and get stronger. With that in mind, she though about her next destination before recalling Youth Dragon Tournament at the capital that Grandpa Meng talked to her about. After all, he did tell her that she might have a chance at finding the Splitting Moon Blade at the Capital. There was still several months before the tournament began and the Capital wasn't extremely far.

Thus, she decided to travel there by foot. In the morning, she said farewell to everyone at the brothel.

"We're going to miss you girl," the brothel owner said.

"Yeah, without you, whose going to keep those men from causing trouble for us," said one of the brothel girls.

Aunt Cui Fen and Rou'er looked at her before giving her a big hug.

"You've only been here for a couple of months and you're already going. None of us want you to leave especially Rou'er," Aunt Cui Fen said.

"Yeah! I don't want you to go anywhere sister Ming, stay with me and play," Rou'er said pleadingly.

Ming Yue felt somewhat sad that she had to go and tried comforting them.

"Don't worry, I'll come back and visit. Don't you also have Elder Fei as well, even though he isn't here, I'm sure you keep in touch with him," she said.

Cui Fen's face turned somewhat red,"Well, he has been sending me letters, talking about his travels and I've been... writing him back a little."

"That's good to hear," Ming Yue said. It looks like their relationship was moving a bit.

After concluding her goodbyes, she left the pair and the brothel, heading for the gate. Nearing the gate, she recognized Owner Su waiting there with a small package in his hands.

"Ah there you are," he spotted her and walked towards her, giving her the package. It was wrapped in cloth and was a bit bigger than her hands.

As she held it in her hands, Owner Su explained, "This is a small parting gift from me and Tie Di, the old blacksmith. Furthermore, there is also a letter in there from Meng Zhao. I hope you have a safe journey out there."

Ming Yue opened it and found a small pendant along with a book and the letter. The pendant was and shaped like a star, made from some sort of metal and a green gem was embedded into the pendant shining brightly. Putting it on, she felt an unknown force coming from it and surging through her body. It was refreshing and cool. Afterwards she examined the book, reading the title,"Flowing Wind Manual."

"The pendant is from Tie Di, by wearing it, you will be able to recover your inner force much quicker. As for the book, that is from me. After watching you fight, there is one flaw in your swordplay. It is much too rigid and the way you use your inner force to strengthen your strikes is somewhat crude. Without some form of flexibility, each and every move you make are like straight lines, unable to bend. It can be easy to dodge it before you even finish your move. This book focuses on that missing flexibility and it is quite detailed on the usage how inner force can be used. Hopefully, this will help you", Owner Su said.

She then opened the letter from Grandpa Meng and started reading it. It was quite long and talked about how he knew that she would be going to the capital, wishing her a safe travel and telling her that when she reaches the Capital, to immediately come to the Jade Dragon Pavilion there and send him a message telling him that she made it.

Ming Yue gazed at these items before putting them into her spatial ring. She thanked him and exited the city into the wilderness where she headed in the direction of the Capital. She would have to cross the Purple Vine Forest into the Firelight Ruins before reaching the Capital of Red Lotus Country, Five Element City. She disappeared into the forest, a young girl embarking on the next leg of her path.
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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》