Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
42 The New Inheritor
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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42 The New Inheritor

As she dove down the pond, the situation of the Firelight ruins grew even more tense. The barrier had yet to dissipate and everyone had become impatient with it. Some even had ideas of forcefully breaking the barrier and entering the ruins.

"I'm tired of waiting! When can we see this mystery inheritor?!" some of them expressed their discontent. Others quietly waited and sat down, cultivating.

Within this group were the several disciples from the Violet Sun Sect, who discussed amongst themselves about the inheritor..

"Do you think it was sister Hua Xiong?" one of them asked.

"If she wasn't the inheritor, she would be with us right now. Right?" another answered.

"I hope so," their senior brother spoke with concern.

They looked at the tower, feeling anxious for their fellow disciple. Hua Xiong was a kindhearted person, coupled with her beauty and healing ability, she gained the title, Fairy of Jin*, a reference to the Flower Fairy, a member of the previous generation whose exploits involved healing people from all walks of life. From kings to beggars, she treated everyone with the same compassion, healing them with no desire for compensation.

Hua Xiong was the same, she healed all that sought her help and never asked for money or treasures. Now she was undergoing one of the harshest trials of her life. In the tower, She sat cross-legged in the empty room and the necklace shined brightly. She wore a pained expression, constant sweat had dampened her clothes. Whatever she was going through must've been pushing her to the limits.

"Urgh....aagghhh," she screamed and opened her eyes.

Light shined from them, in fact her entire body began to glow. She continued to scream as powerful energy began to envelop her body and she disappeared within an instants. After disappearing, the entire ruins began to rumble, even Ming Yue felt it from the depths of the pond.

She ignored them and dove even further into the pond, she wanted to know the source of this pool. Yet, there did not seem to be an end and soon she gave up. The coldness of the pond had grown too harsh for her to bear. Rather, she swam back up to the top of the pond and kept her body submerged. Such a wonderful opportunity would save her months of cultivation. She was still curious about the source of this mystery pond, too be filled with such dense energy was amazing. Unfortunately she was too weak to find out for herself. The shock waves had stopped minutes ago, if she remembered correctly, it was in the direction of the city ruins.

"Someone must have gotten the inheritance," she thought. She wondered who it could've been, not knowing that it was the Violet Sun Sect disciples that she had saved. Ming Yue changed her focus to the pond and began cultivating. This energy was excellent for any cultivators of the ice or water element, but for her this was an great opportunity to temper her entire body. The cold energy prickled her like needles, poking into her skin, she endured and cultivated quietly.

She exited the cave after cultivating in the pond for several hours, finding Xiao Yin playing with the little Mistral Fox. The corpse of the little's fox's mother was nowhere to be seen, probably devoured by the him. They were beasts after all, something like a burial was a foreign concept to them. It had not even been a day since she entered the cave but the mistral fox was much bigger than before and had a much stronger aura. Its silver fur was also darker than before, possibly a mutation from devouring the dark winged wolf. The both of them noticed Ming Yue and stopped their playing.

She looked at them before changing her focus to just the Mistral Fox.

She squatted down and motioned for the fox to come to her.

"Do you want to come with me?" she asked.

The fox didn't quite understand. Despite being a rank 2 beast with a fair amount of intelligence, it was still a cub and still had much to learn. However, it knew that she was a good person and wanted to stay with her. It walked up to her and affectionately rubbed its head on her hand.

Ming Yue found the little fox exceedingly cute at this moment and thought of a name. She thought for several minutes before finally finding one that she liked.

"Do you like the name, Hei Yue?" she asked.

The fox looked up before nodding, it didn't really care for the name. Anything was fine as long as she would take him.

She smiled at Hei Yue's reply and stood up. "I suppose I should check out the city again to see who the inheritor is. After that, I'll travel to the city", she thought.

She traveled back to the ruins, playing with Hei Yue and Xiao Yin along the way. As she grew closer and closer, there was an eerie silence and when she arrived, there were little people left. In fact, the entire Firelight Ruins seemed to had lost its luster.

She approached one of the remaining cultivators, who scoured the vicinity for any leftover treasure.

"The inheritance had been taken by some sect disciple," he explained," because of that, many had no reason to stay, most scattered into the outer regions looking for other treasures. After all, the main attraction of these ruins was the Fury of Light's inheritance."

After his explanation, she understood why it seemed so empty and quiet. The lure of an ancient inheritance was hard to ignore, but without it, these ruins would not be as popular as before.

However, this did not bother her, after all her main objective was to train. Something like the inheritance was just an attraction for her. She was already quite content with what she gained from this experience.

With nothing left to do, her only objective was to go to the capital, Five Element City, and join the Youth Dragon Tournament. Furthermore, she had to find the sister blade of Parting Sun, Splitting Moon.

Ming Yue left the ruins and headed towards her destination. She still had around a month before the tournament starts and it would take her a week to two to reach the city. She was excited to see what the Capital looked like. Time flew by quickly, especially with Hei Yue, he had a playful personality and was extremely curious about everything they came across. He would run off on his own and come back covered in dirt and dust. It wasn't long before she saw a giant city peaking over the trees. The road started to fill with more and more people. She finally reached the gate of Five Element City and showed her Jade Dragon Permit before entering.

FIve Element City was even grander than Luan City in every aspect. If she had to guess, Five Element City was at least triple the size of Luan City. The streets were filled with all sorts of decorations and vendors. Everything seemed incredibly glamorous and bewitching, but such things were merely empty objects. At the center of the city was a great palace, the home of the emperor and the imperial guards. Ming Yue enjoyed the sight but made it her first priority to get to the Jade Dragon Pavilion. She strolled through the streets with Xiao Yin and Hei Yue, the latter who seemed much more entranced by the sights than the former, who merely perched herself on Ming Yue's shoulder

"Eh, is that a Mistral Fox? How cute! Brother Shao, can you get it for me?" a sweet voice spoke, behind Ming Yue's back.

"Don't worry, Lan Ying. I'll definitely get it for you," the young man spoke, assuring her. He looked at MIng Yue and sized her up, seeing this as an easy chance to impress his girl.

She felt that a headache was coming and lamented that it happened right after she entered the city.
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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》