Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
43 Five Element City
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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43 Five Element City

"Hey, how much do you want for this Mistral Fox?" Brother Shao spoke with a fair bit of arrogance. As the young master of the esteemed Shao Family, he carried a bit of hubris within him. He was without hair, but he had a confident expression on his face. His clear eyes and and thin lips was enough to make him one of the more handsome men of the city.

Ming Yue ignored and continued walking, looking around for the pavilion. She did not have time to deal with this nor did she even want to partake in it. Now that she has reached the capital city, there were many things to do.

The young master did not expect such a response from this girl.

"May I ask again? How much for your Mistral Fox?" he repeated with an authoritative tone.

And again, she ignored his questioning.

"Fucking bitch," he thought, being treated like this was like slapping his face. He wasn't going to let her off this easily.

"Tie Yu! Take that fox away!" he commanded.

A large man stepped forward, his tall stature and muscular build caused many to shake. Not to mention, his ferocious face with an eye-patch and an ugly grin, he resembled more of a bandit than a bodyguard. He walked towards Ming Yue attempting to grab the fox in one move, but it was too quick for him and escaped before he could even touch it. For the next several minutes, he chased the little fox around unable to even touch it.

Hei Yue continued to run circles around him, he looked extremely happy as if he found a new playmate. Everyone in the streets stopped to watch the spectacle, a scary looking man chasing around a cute little fox. Brother Shao looked at the scene, feeling frustrated that his guard is being played like a fool.

He leaped forward and pushed back Tie Yu, immediately making a move on Hei Yue. But his hand was met with another as he felt himself flung into the air and slammed into the ground. The impact alone was able to crack the stone pavement and left him dazed and surprised. He did not anticipate that any of this would happen.

Unlike Tie Yu, Ming Yue saw that this Brother Shao was not very weak and his clothes showed that he was definitely someone important. She let him off with only a small bruise and left the area without sparing a glance.

"Young Master, are you alright?" Tie Yu ran to help him stand up but he pushed him away.

"You oaf! Go chase after her!" he yelled out, angry by what she had done to him.

Tie Yu hesitated, after seeing what had just happened, he felt somewhat apprehensive of Ming Yue. Although he was Young Master Shao's bodyguard, he wasn't as strong as him, only acting as a deterrent for any small problems that weren't necessary for the young master to deal with.

Master Shao saw Tie Yu's hesitation,"Screw it, we'll deal with this when I talk to father."

He wasn't in the mood to continue this dispute but silently swore to humiliate her the same way she humiliated him. He looked around, glaring at the bystanders.

"What are you all looking at?! Do you all want to die?!" he yelled out.

Everyone quickly scrambled and went back to their work. News of a young girl thrashing the young master of the Shao Family spread quickly. Everyone grew curious of her identity, after all the Shao family was one of the great five families. This group comprised of the Yu, Gong, Jian, Bing, and Shao clans. The city was controlled by these five clans who were subsequently under the Emperor's rule.

Each clan held a unique aspect. The Yu excelled in combat, boasting a collection of over one million techniques for every weapon known. The Gong were famous for their forging, creating numerous weapons for many sect leaders and prominent figures. Some of the Emperor's weapons also originated from the Gong Clan. Alongside the Gong were the Jian, a clan of crafters who create a variety of formations and talismans from teleportation to recovery. The Bing Clan specializes in medicine and was also the birth family of the Flower Fairy, Bing Chun Sheng. Lastly, the Shao Family was one that focused on wealth, owning a third of the businesses and stores in the city continuing to spread their influence to the entire country.

Having offended the Shao, it was no doubt that living in the city would be impossible with them. Especially with that young master, the son of the current head, he was extremely lazy and chose to play all day, treating money like water. Yet he was extremely strong and a self-proclaimed genius, but many knew it was because of the money his father had invested in him, using rare pills and elixirs to aid his cultivation. He was not comparable to the other geniuses of his generation.

As news of this event continued to spread, Ming Yue reached a tall building and entered. The entrance was held by two great doors etched with a dragon and a phoenix on them. A sign above the doors had two words, Jade Dragon. Compared to the one in Luan City, the style was very similar and it was much more spacious. All of the seating had been taken and it was rather crowded. She pushed her way through and carried Hei Yue in her arms. She did not want to the little fox to get trampled by the numerous cultivators. Many of them held the Jade Dragon Catalogue in their hands, looking through the pages for something to spend their contribution points. Others surrounded the mission board, looking for jobs to take. Many had noticed her enter but only gave a glance before going back to what they were doing.

It took her several minutes to reach the counter. One of the attendants, a young women smiled and went to her.

"Welcome, what business do you have with us today?" she said.

Ming Yue brought out her badge showing that she was a member of the pavilion.

The attendant, Zhi Shu, took it and verified the badge, somewhat surprised that this young girl was of the Bronze Bull Rank.

Ming Yue received her badge, "My name is Ming Yue, I would like to send a message to my grandfather, Meng Zhao."

"You're Ming Yue?" Zhi Shu said with some shock.

She quickly regained her composure, bringing back a sense of calmness.

"Please come with me", she said, leaving the counter and leading Ming Yue up some stairs.

After walking up several flights, Zhi Shu brought her to in front of a doors, knocking on them.

"Come in", a melodious voice spoke.

The both of them entered the room which turned out to be an office. It was large with a desk centered at the middle of it. Large windows replaced the walls behind the desk, revealing a great view of the city and piles among piles of papers covered the room. Tall stacks of papers blocked much of the room, Ming Yue couldn't even see the person behind them.

"I've brought Miss Ming Yue here", Zhi Shu spoke respectfully.

"Oh", the voice sounded surprise,"You can go now. I'll talk with her."

"Yes, Elder", Zhi Shu bowed before leaving the room.

"Hello there, Meng Zhao sent me a message saying that you would be coming", Ming Yue heard the sound of a chair moving before a figure emerged from the pile of paper.

It was a middle aged woman, she was quite ordinary with a thin face and sporting a hair bun. Her eyes were somewhat dark and sunken, signs that she had not slept for some time.

"I am Elder Yin, I'm sorry for such a display, after the incident at Luan City. I've had much more work to do and I believe that Meng Zhao is in a much worse predicament than me", she spoke with a soothing tone, a voice of that which resembled calm oceans.

Ming Yue shook her head, "No, Elder, I understand. I just hope that you would send a message to Grandpa Meng, telling him that I arrived."

Elder Yin smiled, "Do not worry, I've already done so. Meanwhile, I understand that you are looking for the Splitting Moon Blade right?"
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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》