Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
55 The High Council
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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55 The High Council

"Indeed, it is the Phoenix Dragon Seal."

"With this, we only have one more nation seal to go. Well done, Di Mu."

"Once An Ri completes her mission, we will summon the Thirteen Messengers together. Until then, maintain watch over your district."

"Yes, High Council", Di Mu stood up and bowed before leaving the great hall.

With the high council by themselves, it was silent. Not even the sound of wind was present.

"Should we really go through with this? Such a plan is too risky."

"It matters not, we are only one step away. Do not forget, too much time has passed, who knows what will come out from those broken lands."

"If this is what you deem best, I will not argue."

The seven figures sat quietly, some pondering their plan, others merely waiting. It was not clear how life would be once the continents reconnected. Years would pass before anything drastic happens but those years are mere seconds to them. All that can be done is to continue with life.

Days later, Ming Yue was led into a grand mansion, big and beautiful but not overly luxurious. Inside, she waited quietly, sipping some tea. It was quite simple, paintings of lions and dragons hung against the walls. Accompanied by these paintings were numerous racks of weapons. This truly was the family which boasts the best martial ability. This was the home of the Yu Family, she was invited by Yu Yao Xian and with no immediate errands to do, she took her up on that invite.

"I'm sorry for making you wait", Yu Yao Xian talked happily before grabbing Ming Yue's hand, taking back to her own quarters.

"I really should thank you for helping me and Fengtian before. If it wasn't for you none of this would have happened", she said.

What followed was a long story of their time within the main family. After bringing the head of the leader of the Darksun Marauders, The both of them were held with high regard by the older generation. At the same time, the young masters and mistresses of the family had become dismayed and threatened by their newfound status. At first, there would be slight harassment and the Yu siblings would endure for weeks before they increased the intensity. It started with snide comments and a bit of pushing around, but Yu Yao Xian was tired of their act once they had ordered their servants to attack Fengtian. Once the older generation caught wind of all this, these so called young geniuses were punished, sent to train with the imperial guards. Furthermore, It was already established that Yu Yao Xian was stronger then them. It was apparent that they lacked discipline.

Ming Yue was somewhat satisfied with this result. After meeting that third master of theirs, she did not find him pleasant and was glad that they got their just deserts.

", about that tournament, what do you think about that war and this mysterious council?" she asked.

Ming Yue was a bit surprised by this question. She did not think that people were still worried and as if Yu Yao Xian had read her mind, she quickly explained.

"I'm a part of the Yu Family. many of us join the army or the guards, working to protect our land. With news of a possible war, everyone has been working much harder in preparation, myself included."

Ming Yue found this reasonable, having a responsibility to protect, the news of war can be quite unsettling.

"I do hope that a war would not come. I've been traveling for a while and it would be a shame to be unable to see what these continents looked like", she responded.

"Oh, I never took you to be the type to travel", Yao Xian spoke with a bit of surprise.

Ming Yue never really spoke much, Yao Xian really did not know what went through her mind. But traveling was the last thing she thought Ming Yue would be interested.

"Anyways, do you want to spar with me? We have this large open courtyard that many people use for duels", she said.

Ming Yue had no reason to reject, following Yao Xian into an open field. It was a filled with a many fighters either dueling each other or practicing on their own.

Finding a small empty space, the both of them grabbed a wooden version of their respective weapons. Ming Yue was slightly surprised that they had a practice sword with a similar size and shape to her Parting Sun Blade. The Yu Family really does live up to their reputation to having almost every type of weapon and with techniques to pair as well.

The both of them took their positions and waited. They were quiet, the sounds of combat surrounded them. At the sound of a swords clashing, they began combat. From the very beginning, Yao Xian did not hold back. She knew that the distance advantage that she had when using a guandao was neutralized by Ming Yue's sword being the length of five feet.

This fight was of pure skill and technique. Yao Xian mixed her techniques, thrusting and slashing. But it was all countered by Ming Yue, her skill with the sword was exquisite. They were simple attacks from the exterior but each attack was carefully thought out and controlled. Even so, what Yao Xian saw was random attacking, no real pattern or rhythm. It was always changing and she could never stay comfortable. Her only path to breaking through was with sheer power. Yao Xian grabbed the guandao by the end of its handle, spinning her body around she smashed blade down onto Ming Yue. Rather than dodging the hit, Ming Yue parried it away, the attack landed on the floor, pounding the ground. However, she did not have an easy time doing so. Fast and strong, Yao Xian's attack had made her arms slightly numb. If she was struck by that, there was no guarantee that would come out unhurt.

"You can stop now, Yao Xian, anymore and you will lose", with a stern voice, the duel had stopped.

As for the one that interrupted, it was an elderly man wearing gray robes. With a little hair bun and a well kept beard,

"Ah, Caretaker Jian, why do you say that?" Yao Xian questioning his judgement. After all, she had just broken through Ming Yue's attacks, in several minutes, she could've won.

Caretaker Jian explained, "With that last attack, there is no doubt that you had a chance to win. However, more than likely, She could have backed off and regain her composure. Then if the fight had continued, you would have started back where you began. If she wanted to, she could have retaliated right after deflecting your attack. You had only one opportunity to win, one that you have to make yourself. But she has multiple ways, you were too impatient and your skill is inferior to hers."

"As for you, If I remember correctly, you were the one that won against Shao Jin, obtaining rank 56", he said, "Good work kicking him down, the Shao family has been an eyesore for us for very long. They always think that money is superior than power. It was quite nice to see their reputation a bit soiled. But enough of that, your swordsmanship is quite mysterious and very unique, something that I have not seen before. Your grasp at the mysteries of the sword is quite in-depth, having understood grip, momentum, and flexibility. What you lack is experience. Once you are able to comprehend the more intricate mechanics of the sword, you will reach the next level of sword mastery."

Ming Yue remembered his words but still had many questions. What did her mean by the next level of sword mastery? What could be the intricate mechanics of the sword? Similarly, Yao Xian also had questions regarding her skill and improvement.

"The both of you come with me", he said, "I'll teach you."
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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》