Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
56 Mysteries of the Sword
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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56 Mysteries of the Sword

"After watching Yao Xian speak with you, many of us were somewhat curious about your relationship with each other", he said, "If you've guessed, I am given the title "caretaker" and it has been my responsibility to tend to the martial library and the training grounds. It was my duty to find more weapon techniques and styles to add to the library and record them as well. When she talked about your skill. I had wanted to converse with you for a little. After seeing you in action, I have never seen a style such as yours, although there are several principles that resemble one or two styles."

Bringing them to another hall, only this one was empty, devoid of any decorations and distractions.

"Please", he gestured Ming Yue for her practice sword.

Not wanting to lose an opportunity to learn, she did so, handing over the sword.

"Now, a sword of this size and weight is very much difficult to handle, especially for someone of your frame. With such an imbalance, you remedied the problem by adjusting, being able to understand how to handle your weapon."

He swung the sword several times before stopping.

"You have reached something akin to a plateau. You have begun to intertwine the sword with inner force but I'm sure that you feel as if you are lacking something", he said.

This much was true, Ming Yue had reached that point. Back when she tried to recreate the tornado from earlier, she found it incredibly difficult. At best, she could make a much smaller version. However, when she applied it to sword techniques, she could not find a way to merge the two. If she could then she would be able to create much more intricate attacks rather than forceful ones like Savage Tempest.

Noticing her expression, he smiled.
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"Ah so I was right", he said, "What you lack is thought, feeling, vision. Have you used the sword as if it was a part of your body? Have you ever focused on the immaterial rather than the material? Your mind is the greatest weapon and the greatest obstacle. You need to feel the sword, treat it like another limb. You cannot just focus on an image but meaning when it comes to techniques. The mystery of every technique is the meaning, the intent."

After speaking, he began to move, attacking swiftly and with a degree of ruthlessness. Ming Yue watched finding her skill to be inferior to his. It was smooth, his swings flowed with the rest of his body. There was a certain aura to it all. This degree of mastery was incredible. Even Yao Xian was captivated by such skill work.

He stopped afterwards, handing her back the sword, "Something like that, is what your swordsmanship is missing. Unfortunately, this is something not book or master can teach, you can only rely on yourself to find a way."

"Ah," he winced in pain, rubbing his hand.

"This is what age does, I'm not as good as I use to be, hahaha", he chuckled, continuing to massage his hand.

Ming Yue walked up to him asking for his hand.

"Hmm, is it an old injury?" she asked.

"Oh, how did you know? But yes, when I was younger, I took part in the defending of a town. A group of killers had targeted it and I was struck in the hand by one of them. However, this did not stop me, I killed him and spent the coming years practicing with my other hand. Though, I can use this hand for a little bit before some pain starts to settle in."

She took out several herbs and gave them to him.

"These plants can be ground into a paste, It should help alleviate some of the pain and heal some of the bone fractures", she said.

Her actions surprised both Caretaker Jian and Yao Xian, the latter who had no idea that she had experience with medicine.

"Where did you learn this medical knowledge?" he asked curiously.

"My late father was a herb collector and a doctor. He taught me a lot and gave me many books to read", she responded.

"Oh, I'm apologize for bringing up such a topic", he said, "Anyways, feel free to come by any time."

"It's fine. It has been almost a year since then. I have come to accept it."

Leaving with Yao Xian, Ming Yue left the training hall and Yao Xian began showing her around the estate.

"Ah! it's Fengtian!" Yao Xian exclaimed, "Brother! Look who I brought with me."

Fengtian was busy reading books and studying in the library. With his sister training, he did not have much to do and so focused his time on studying. He had set his sights on becoming a military tactician, alas his girlish appearance has given him some trouble. Very few have taken him seriously but even still, he continued to work hard.

He looked up from his books, finding Yao Xian and Ming Yue by her side.

"Yao Xian, why didn't you tell me that Ming Yue was here?" he said, feeling a bit embarrassed by his messy appearance.

"Well you were so absorbed with your books and I didn't want to bother you. Also, I called you earlier and you didn't even hear me. You don't even want to go outside with your sister", she pouted, annoyed by his tone.

"Hmph, and now you pay attention because Ming Yue is here. It seems like you don't care about your own sister. Let's go, Ming Yue, this brother of mine is so thoughtless", she said, leading Ming Yue away.

"Wait! I'm sorry", he held his hand out, helpless from her act.

Yao Xian grinned, happy from teasing her Fengtian.

"I'm just teasing you", she said, "Come with us, Ming Yue hasn't seen the entire city yet and I want to show her around!"

Fengtian readily agreed, changing into new clothes before joining them.

"This is the Glassy River Restaurant, they have the best seafood!"

"That is the general market, they sell almost everything but you should watch out for thieves and scammers. But the street food is delicious!"

"Here is the Flaming Forge. The front is a huge smithy but behind is the Manor of the Gong Family. On the other side of the road, is the Jian Family's trinket shop as well as their workshop. Their residence is actually quite close to the Yu Family's location. On the corner of this street is a little stall that sells really good haw flake candies.*"

Ming Yue was somewhat amused by Yao Xian, almost all of her introductions were followed with comments on delicious food. She really did not expect Yao Xian to be so excited. Afterwards, they reached a familiar looking building.

"The Jade Dragon Pavilion..." she said.

"Oh I see, you already know this place. Are you a part of it?" Yao Xian asked, "Being part of the Yu Family, I was automatically a part of it. Furthermore, everyone has to complete a combat mission every two weeks."

Fengtian had a gloomy face, "Ah, I hate this the most."

"I need to go in and speak with someone. Can you guys wait for me? It will be really quick", she said.

The Yu siblings agreed.

"We'll just be over there, by the skewer cart", Yao Xian said, she brought Fengtian away asking him about what skewers he wanted to eat.

Ming Yue entered the pavilion, asking to see Elder Yin. It had been several months since they last met, she wanted to ask her if there was anymore news about the Splitting Moon Blade. The same attendant from before, Zhi SHu recognized her and lead her to Elder Yin's office.

As they entered, Ming Yue stood in front of numerous piles of paperwork. The last time she was here, it only took over the desk but now almost every inch of the room was filled with documents.
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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》