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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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64 Shopping

Arriving to Gold Honor, the worker from before, recognized her and approached her quickly.

"Do you need any help, miss?"

"I need to sell some things", said Ming Yue.

"This way please."

He led her up to the third floor, entered one of the appraisal rooms. She sat down and waited studying the room. It was the exact same as the one before, although, she was at another room further down the hall.

Several minutes later, an appraiser entered the room. Ming Yue recognized him as the one from the first time she came.

"Hello there, one of my employees ad informed me of your arrival. I came as quickly as I could", he said, "So, what will you be selling us today?"

Ming Yue motions her hand and emptied out, both rings on her fingers. Neatly stacked piles of materials appeared on the floor, causing a great shock to the appraiser. Afterwards, she even tossed in the two spatial rings that she obtained.

"This much... I'm sorry, I will need to call over several other colleagues to help me sort this out. Will you be staying and watching us or going out?" he asked, somewhat distressed over the sheer number of things in laying in front of him.

"I'd like to look around or shop for a bit", she said.

Ming Yue realized that her current spatial ring had too little space, barely enough for anything other than her personal belongings. There was only several meters of space within it. Furthermore, using more than one ring would be too uncomfortable for her to wield her sword. She needed a better ring and this would be a good chance to see if there was anything else she may need.

The appraiser called someone over to guide her.

"Give her a silver card as well", he told her, "She is a very good patron, treat her with respect."

Why he did this was a mystery to the worker. However in his mind, it was a good decision. Ming Yue had brought a months worth of goods in two visits. Not to mention, the quality of everything was very good. The beast skins were undamaged, the plants were at least one hundred years old. The metals and ores needed a bit of cleaning but nonetheless it was in good condition. All of these items could go into clothes, armor, weapons, medicine. If she were to become a regular patron of their shop, they could get even more profit.

The appraiser was happy that she had come to their store.

"Now, I'm going to need a fair bit of help", he sighed, looking back at the numerous items that needed appraising.

Ming Yue followed her guide who gave her a silver colored card, on it were the words "Honorable Friend".

The guide quickly explained its purpose.

"This is an Honor Card meant for those who the shop deems as good customers. There are three ranks to the cards: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. With each one, you gain a discount as well as news of any rare items that the shop had come across. In addition, with each tier, you will gain access to several secret floors. With a silver tier, you will have access to the fourth and fifth floor and a 20% discount on your purchases. If you have a request for a specific item, we will send the news of obtaining one to you first. Those in bronze only have access to the fourth floor and a 10% discount and gold tier gives you the sixth and seventh floor as well as a 40% discount."

"I see..." Ming Yue listened well, these benefits are quite helpful to her especially the last one about requests. If there was an item she wanted to find, she could just ask them. She might not have the highest priority, being silver tier, but it was better than nothing.

"Now, are you looking for something specific?" asked the guide.

"A spatial ring, with at least fifty square meters of space", she said.

The guide led her to a section of only spatial rings. There were at least two hundred of them and each one was different, a variety of metals and engravings separated each one.

"These are the ones we currently have. The ones at the bottom have several meters of space while those at the highest are at several hundred. This section here is around fifty to sixty meters", he pointed out the many rings, telling her their sizes.

She looked at each one, looking for a plain looking ring. Gaudy items are not her style, her clothes and sword could be considered quite plain as well. After all, the Parting Sun Blade looked like a walking stick with some engravings on it while her robes were a gentle blue color coupled with some small white embroidery. It was nothing compared to those shining, jewel encrusted blades or any lustrous clothing. Her only jewelry was the Dusk Lily Pin. Eventually, she chose a ring.

It was a very plain ring with fifty five square meters of space, this was already twice as big as all three rings combined. Simple engravings were etched on the surface, there was no symbol on it, just patterns of curved lines resembling waves.

"Ah, good choice. This was made by a wandering blacksmith who sold it to us a couple years ago, he named it the "Reflecting Pond". Despite, its simple design, the work was immaculate and very good. The price is twenty thousand gold", he said, "Is there anything else that you need?"

Ming Yue shook her head and spent the rest of the time, wandering the store. She even looked through the upper floors. Compared to the first two, these floors were not as crowded with only five or ten people. As for the items, they were of a much higher quality and rarity. There were weapons that dated back to the Warlord Era. Many of the herbs could only be harvested every hundred years, possibly even longer.

She waited for several hours before the guide from before informed her that the appraisal was finished. She entered the room, finding all of her items organized as well as the appraiser, who was accompanied by four others.

"With all of these items here, we will buy it for 130,000 gold coins. If we factor in the spatial ring, you will get 110,000 gold coins. Is that alright?" he asked.

Ming Yue nodded. Now that her wealth had increased by over 100,000, she had a little more than 200,000 gold saved up. She changed her old ring for the new one and transferred all of her things. As for the old ring, she sold it off. It was a ring that she obtained from bandits, there was no reason for her keep it anymore.

She left Gold Honor, planning to rest for one night at an inn before setting off for Mist Valley. Along the way, she bought a lamb skewer and strolled down the street. She decided to sit down for a bit and look over the book that Elder Yin gave her. It was a collection of every known criminal, there was a portrait along with information about their crimes, their martial arts and their bounty. If she was going to go bounty hunting, she would at least familiarize herself with them.

"I found you!" someone shouted.

Ming Yue looked up from her reading and found Shao Huang walking up to her.

"I've been looking for you for the past several months", he said, "Ever since you defeated me in the tournament, I've become a laughingstock among the noble families. Now I'm here for payback. Fight me now."
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He was smiling, happy to have found the one that disgraced him. He had been training non-stop just to fight Ming Yue again. However, she did not do as he expected and just went back to reading.

"Yo-Yo-You fucking bitch!" his face was red with rage and suddenly attacked her.
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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》