Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
75 Leaving for Maple Root City
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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75 Leaving for Maple Root City

Ming Yue kept the talisman with her, placing it in her spatial ring. With these tasks done, she could now help the Zhao Family with their dilemma. Everyone spent another day or two enjoying the captial city before setting off for Maple Root City. During their four day journey, Liqiu and You Qian filled Ming Yue in about the inner workings of the city.

"The Shi and the Yong were always at odds with each other which allowed us, the Zhao to flourish and grow in power. Due to their constant fighting, neither bothered to care about our growth but we did not dare to grow even stronger for fear that they would attack us instead. It has stayed this way for years, however something changed. Oddly enough, both families had come to terms with each other, even forming and alliance to kick us down. At first, we believed that they had only wanted to weaken us to their level but instead they want to completely push us out of the city. First there were small quarrels between us but it has escalated to point of harassing out stores and attacking our men. Nobody knew why the Shi and the Yong had become to aggressive but we did not have much choice but to seek help outside of Maple Root City. This led us to Shao Jin offering his help if he were to have the young miss's hand in marriage."

Ming Yue digested the information and thought about a solution. She also found it strange that these two families that have been feuding for years are suddenly in an alliance. If she wanted to help out the Zhao Family, she must know what is motivating the Shi and the Yong to suddenly join together.

Four days later, they reached Maple Root City. It was quite different from any other city that Ming Yue had seen. Centered in the middle of a forest, it was named Maple Root due to a large number of trees that oozed a sweet sap. According to Liqiu, it is common within the city to chew in the roots and branches as a sweet snack. Amber red in color, the sweet sap had a unique taste to it and was used for a number of dishes and sweets.

A feature unique to only this city, not even the capital city had it.

Inside, the architecture was not as grand while many decorations were made of wood. Intricately carved, multiple sculptures were spread throughout the city. Famous figures and mythical creatures, each one was incredibly detailed, from the facial expressions to the smallest of furs.

Liqiu led them to the Zhao family estate, a large manor with two wooden sculptures of guardian deities. Both Xuan Yin and Ming Yue were free to explore the city while Liqiu spoke with her father.

"How exciting!" Xuan Yin said, "I want to try those maple candies I saw earlier."

On her own path to find food, Ming Yue separated from Xuan Yin and continued to stroll around the city with Hei Yue and Xiao Yin. As she walked down a random street, the figure of a man was thrown out of a restaurant followed by more figures being tossed out. Thrown into a pile, they groaned in pain as their bodies were riddled in bruises.

"Hahaha, you Zhao weaklings, Lucky Autumn Restaurant is our property now! Now get out of here before I send you back with some more bruises" a young man walked out, followed by four others, most likely his guards.

The men groaned as they helped one another stand up and stared at the four men with detest, "Yong bastard, you dare take our restaurant like this. The Zhao will not forget this."

"Pfft, with the Yong and the Shi together, your Zhao Family is nothing. Consider it your fate, that you will lose your home soon. Our benefactor has foretold it and soon the city will be ours alone! Men! Go have some fun with them", Yong Ren announced arrogantly, his handsome face was ruined by the ugly expressions he made.

His four guards walked forward, readying their fists for another round. The five rugged men of the Zhao stood with the support of each other and faced the guards.

"This is the young miss's favorite restaurant, we will not let you take it so easily", they groaned weakly, putting their fists up.

The four guards smirked at them. The closest one threw the throw the first hit, his fist already passing through the air and hit one of them. But rather than push them back, the guard found himself on the ground. Stunned he tried to stand and found that he couldn't.

Everyone else were just as surprised, at that moment the Zhao members should've been pushed down. Instead they found the guard on the ground, he struggled to get up but couldn't. Every time he tried, he felt a gust of wind push him back down. Each time would sink him further and further into the pavement, his bones fracked under the constant pressure as blood flowed.

From the crowds, Ming Yue had manifested this wind to keep the guard down. She never neglected training her control over wind, it slowly became much easier to create some phenomena. This was only a small application of it. She did not want to openly show herself or create any enmity between her and Yong Ren yet.

While this was happening, she sent Xiao Yin to the injured Zhao and led them away. No one was paying attention to them, the other guards had broken from their trance and tried to help their comrade but even they were pushed away. It would not be until an hour until he was finally set free albeit all four guards ended up in a worst state that the Zhao. By then, the Zhao had already disappeared from the area.

"Those weaklings still had some tricks up their sleeves but it won't save them for long", a vicious smile formed on Yong Ren's face. He did not seem to think of the Zhao Family as a danger, believing that their destruction was coming closer.

Ming Yue brought them away and took them back to the Zhao estate. They were all too haggard to express their gratefulness to her. Inside the main hall, Liqiu greeted her and saw the men behind her.
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Seeing her, they dropped to their knees, "Young Miss, we apologize for our uselessness. We could not protect Lucky Autumn Restaurant."

"It's fine, go inside and get yourselves treated. I feel much happier knowing that you are all safe", she helped them up, assuring the five men that it was not their fault.

Sending them away, she looked back at Ming Yue.

"Time and time again, you have helped me immensely. I really cannot thank you enough", she said, "I've talked to my father and he is open to your help. He was opposed to the marriage from the first place but found no other choice but to go through with it. It was somewhat difficult to convince him but once I told him of your achievements, he accepted my proposal."

Ming Yue was relieved that Liqiu's father was not opposed to her help. Liqiu led her a room with a small courtyard. This would be her residence during her time in Maple Root City. She placed her things down and let Hei Yue out into the courtyard to play. Xiao Yin stayed in, probably to sleep.

As she slowly made herself comfortable, there was a knock on the door. She opened it expecting Liqiu to come in but saw a middle-aged man, somewhere in his forties. He had a noble air surrounding him and had the same red hair as Liqiu. This must be her father.

"Hello there, do you mind if I come in?"
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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》