Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
83 The Auction
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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83 The Auction

The General Auction, a week-long event that occurs every ten years in order to procure numerous items. Because of the preparation and thought that goes into it, it is the biggest event in the country with hundreds of items being auctioned off as well as an innumerable number of stalls and shops. Hundreds of thousands of people attend in hopes to obtain something or sell off their winnings.

It is housed in the Bright Treasure Auction Hall near the center of the city. Its size is second to the Emperor's castle and is able to accommodate millions of people. Furthermore, even the arena that was used for the Youth Dragon Tournament was being used for the auction.

It was mostly used by the common citizen to fight for items that were considered uncommon and below but for those rarer things, they were done within the Auction Hall.

Everyone moved around excitedly, the General Auction was starting tomorrow and everyone was working to get as much money as they possible can to use for the auction.

Ming Yue was the same, trying to gain more gold. Despite her experiences in Maple Root City, she dove herself into doing herb collecting and healing to forget it. Doing so was not very good for her, but there was nothing she could do to rid her conscious of it so quickly. She had already obtained over a million gold from this past year and continued to gain more. She sold the herbs that she found and any weapons or treasures she obtained from bandits and other ill-willed cultivators.

Xiao Yin and Hei Yue tried their best to cheer her up but they could not remove this stain from her mind. This matter with the Zhao Family had weighed her down. She spoke with Elder Yin about this when she came back from Maple Root City, needing someone to listen to her.

She listened carefully, giving her own opinions and thoughts on the matter.

"It's not your fault, the same goes for Xuan Yin", she said, "His body was already taken over before you had interfered. If anything, you had prevented him from infiltrating even further into the country. Albeit, after the Demon Continent linked with our continent, his soul was picked up by the demons. You are young and still have a long way to go, your strength can still improve."

Despite listening to her, Ming Yue still felt that she could've done more. But in the end, it all came down to power, she needed more. She needed to get stronger if she wanted to change something in this world. That feeling of being powerless was something she did not want to experience again.

When she left Elder Yin's office, the elder handed her something. It was a card of some sort, similar to the silver card from Gold Honor but it was a shimmering purple color instead.

"This is an entry card for the auction. There are multiple grades to it that let you access certain types of auctions. This purple one should be enough to get you to the Splitting Moon Blade, however, getting it is another story", she said.

Ming Yue quickly thanked her before leaving. Days after their meeting, she made good use of her time obtaining more gold. Now, the General Auction was starting tomorrow.

A wisp of excitement passed through her eyes as she thought about it. The largest event in the country, something that happens every ten years. There was bound to be all kinds of strange and wondrous items to see.

If Xuan Yin was here, she would be much more excited than her. Ming Yue thought this, missing the energy that her friend have.

She quickly dismissed these thoughts and rested for the night. The auction for the Splitting Moon Blade would happen on the fourth day. Until then, she would probably spend the first several days looking around.

At the break of dawn, the General Auction had officially begun!

Stalls were set up all throughout the city, shops put out discounts and sales, people had already started bidding crazily over little treasures.

Unlike the people here, Ming Yue was not so desperate as to wake up before the sun even rose. Instead, she had a great rest and woke up feeling energetic and excited. Her place of rest was not too far away from where the auction was being held and she could here the clamor of people from here.
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She dressed up and left the inn with Hei Yue and Xiao Yin. The trio reached the edges of the auction and began exploring it casually. There was nothing here that Ming Yue really desired and she did want to save up her money for the Splitting Moon Blade. They looked through the streets with curiosity, perusing the many venues and sellers who set up their wares on the ground. There was shouting on every corner, trying to entice these potential buyers. Crowds of people strolled through the streets, looking and examining the items that were laid out.

From exquisite jewelry to broken weapons, incomplete manuals, rare fruits and medicines, each one had some value to it.

As Ming Yue continued to look around, she noticed a big crowd in front of her, surrounding this one seller.

"You'll never find this in a thousand years!" he yelled out, holding something in his hands,"This is the egg of a Orchid Fang Snake, a rank three beast! My brothers and I fought hard to take this from its mother and we are willing to part with it for nine thousand gold!"

This was indeed a rare find and many people began offering him their price. Ming Yue was also intrigued by this but chose not to join. After all, she had Hei Yue, a Mistral Fox, and Xiao Yin, a Star Owl, there was no need to have more beasts join her.

As she thought this, a voice silenced all the others within that crowd.

"Twenty thousand gold, take it or leave it", it was a clear and sweet voice that spoke out, offering this outrageous sum of money.

Everyone grew quiet and looked for the source of this voice. Ming Yue also searched wondering who would offer such a number. As they looked around, their focus descended on a young girl under the age of twenty. She wore bright purple robes and carried a very dignified air. Her face had a gentle expression and her hair was braided into one long lock. It was to the point where it reached her ankles.

"Bing Yun Zhi?" Ming Yue thought.

It was the young daughter of the Bing Family, one of the five noble families of the capital city and best known for medicine. She was second in the tournament after her predecessor, Shu Zhi revealed himself to be a vessel for the Lord of Azure Souls.

Bing Yun Zhi was much stronger than before, most likely in the Earth Realm, but that was to be expected.

Being second gave her access to a number of treasures including a chance to cultivate in the Lotus Domain. A secret realm where only the strongest were allowed to enter and train. The pressure that it exudes onto those within the domain would be enough to force out anyone's untapped potential.

It seems that she had benefited greatly from the domain.

"I hope that no one will fight me for this egg. I need this for my studies", she said, letting out a cute little smile to everyone.

They did not reply, showing their willingness to surrender the egg. None of them expected someone of the five noble families to be here, walking around the streets. Usually it would be servants doing such things while they were in the auction hall.

Bing Yun Zhi walked forward to the dumbfounded seller and handed him a bag full of gold. Afterwards, her maid walked forth and took the egg from him.

Ming Yue had stopped watching and continued walking through the streets. She did not know the young daughter of the Bing Family personally and had no reason to speak with her. It was certainly interesting to watch these things unfold.
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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》