Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
84 A Strange Treasure
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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84 A Strange Treasure

She continued to explore the streets around the auction hall, eventually reaching the arena where the less significant items were being auctioned off.

"What's this?" she thought.

Nearing the arena, her eyes caught a rugged book, on the faded cover was the image of a thunderous storm. Ming Yue did not know why she was drawn to it but she wanted to look through the book. She walked up to the little stall and picked up the book before flipping through it.

There were no words but pictures, drawings of wind and lightning in all of its glory. Despite the condition that these drawings were in, they were extremely detailed and almost lifelike. Ming Yue could feel herself being drawn to the artwork as if her mind was being pulled in.

"If you want this book, I'll sell it to you for ten gold coins", said the trader.

She was a young woman with dark brown hair. All of the things she was selling seemed to be of a similar quality as the book, damaged and old. It was likely that she was selling off any old items that she had lying around.

"This book is a manual that my great-grandfather found when he was out exploring the continent. Unfortunately this book did not hold any benefits for him but he kept it anyway, believing that some great figure created this book. He passed away several years ago and it was passed on to me but I have no use for it either", she said.

Ming Yue listened to her story while continuing to examine the drawings within it. After a bit of consideration, she decided to purchase it purely out of curiosity. While it may not have any face value, she felt that there was more to this manual. It has almost put her into a trance.

After paying the vendor, she placed it within her spatial ring, adding another book to her little collection of manuals. Leaving the vendor, she entered the arena and walked up to the highest seats before sitting. Under her were millions of people, all bidding over fifty or so items that were displayed on the stage.

"Blue Thunder Sword sold for thirty thousand gold! A set of twelve Yuan Pills sold for twelve thousand gold! Four kilograms of Ocean Bronze Metal sold for twenty three thousand gold..." the announcer at the stage continuously spoke, notifying the masses of every little bid made. Several items were changed by the minute. Not even ten minutes have passed and every item that Ming Yue saw when she entered the arena was already replaced by another one.

Ming Yue was expecting it the move so fast. Many people furiously bid on anything they wanted, their eyes were glued to a small paper in their hands. There would be number and images of the items on it, constantly changing as the auction went on.

Ming Yue took a peek at the papers of those below her, curious as to how an auction this large worked. But it was much too strange for her to understand. Simple swipes with a finger would cause the image of an item to change to the next one. Making a bid required writing on the paper but it would soon disappear, a sign that the bid was accepted.

Perhaps this was something made by the Jian Clan, after all they were craftsmen that specialized in trinkets and formations.

She could only speculate and continued to watch the auction. It was very interesting to watch even though she was not participating herself. The faces on many of the bidders always ended in joy and satisfaction, any grief from being unable to win an item would be quickly washed away by the sight of another item. In the end, everyone was able to get something.

The auction within the arena lasted until midnight and by then, hundreds of people left, happily holding their newly gained treasure. Ming Yue left as well, Xiao Yin and Hei Yue felt bored several hours ago and spent the time napping while their master watched with interest. When she stood to leave, they bolted awake, happily leading the way out.

It seems that they truly did not like the auctions at the arena.

Back at the inn, Ming Yue took out the book and began examining it. The incredible detail to each drawing was enchanting to her. Every page was filled with sketches and painting of storms on land and the ocean. Some had fierce rain, dark clouds and others were accompanied with typhoons and tidal waves. Each and every one was different, some gave off the same feeling of power, free and unrestrained strength. Others felt controlled and hidden, like the calm before the storm.

Perhaps if she could replicate such a feeling, her strength could undergo another qualitative change. Not to mention, these images could serve as inspiration for creating new techniques. She was close to mastering her swordsmanship on a physical level, now she could focus on techniques and skills as she was severely lacking in those parts. After all, she only had "Savage Tempest" and "Eclipse." The former depended on brute force and the latter was focused on sharpness but both were somewhat unrefined and could still be improved.
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She felt happy that this book was not bought in vain. There was something to gain here. She looked through the book late into the night.

The second day was spent just like the first. Ming Yue took her time exploring the auctions and eventually entered the Auction Hall. This time, she left Hei Yue and Xiao Yin at the inn. They did not want to go through another day of torturous boredom.

One of the largest building in the capital city with over twenty floors and a hundred rooms per floor for each auction. The twenty floors were divided into four sections: equipment, medicine and pills, raw materials, and items. Each and every item was on another level when compared to the those at the arena, often selling for hundreds of thousands of gold. There were gold adornments everywhere and sculptures of dragons and phoenixes. People walked in and out continuously, like a river, excited and determined to get what they wanted.

Some rooms were filled to the brim with people, others were in an even worse situation with bidders outside of the room, trying to push their way in.

Moving around, Ming Yue bumped into a familiar pair of siblings.

Yu Yao Xian and Yu Fengtian were both happily walking around the halls. With their siblings sent off to the army as punishment and to discipline them, the both of them lived peaceful lives. Yao Xian's talent was above average and her performance during the Youth Dragon Tournament was worthy of respect. Furthermore, her cheerful personality was cherished by the Yu Family. While Fengtian was not as physically talented, he was quite intuitive and excelled in his studies.

Their hardworking attitude had elevated their positions from being branch family members to the main family. The both of them had already gained a number of fans and admirers, especially with Fengtian. Despite being a man, his girlish features had garnered the attention of men and women.

The two of them chatter happily before Fengtian looked around and spotted Ming Yue. Their eyes met and he quickly looked away, somewhat embarrassed and surprised to see her. Ming Yue did not mind it but Yao Xian saw everything and spotted Ming Yue.

"Ming Yue! When did you come back? How come you didn't tell us?" she asked.

Fengtian followed up with a quiet greeting, still blushing from meeting her eyes.

"I came back just a couple days ago. Have you guys gotten anything yet?" Ming Yue replied.

"Yeah! I bought a new guandao* for myself and Fengtian bought some more books. Are you looking to buy something too?"

"Yes, I'm going to bid on a sword. The auction isn't until tomorrow but I thought that it would be nice to look around."

"Want to walk with us? We're going to another auction room for a weapon for Fengtian."

Ming Yue had nothing else to really do and joined the siblings.
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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》