Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
108 Direct Challenge
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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108 Direct Challenge

The elders of Clear Spring Mountain left as quickly as they came except Wen Jing was tasked with seeing their two guests to their rooms.

It didn't take long for the two of them to settle down, Wen Jing gave them both a small medallion to show that they were guests of the sect. Ming Yue set off immediately to check out the rest of Clear Spring Mountain. Elder Fei followed, moving towards the technique halls in hopes of studying some of their techniques.

She was much more interested in the land herself, admiring the gardens and little houses that dotted the mountain.

Her little wolf, Hei Yue, followed her around wagging its tail as it excitedly sniffed the entire place. Xiao Yin was resting on Ming Yue's sword which she carried in her hand, using it to traverse any difficult obstacle in her path.

She passed by the same group of boys from before, still fighting each other. She stopped for a bit and watched, studying the way they fought. They were fluid and slow yet carried a bit of power with each attack, this must have been the "gentle power" that Wen Jing had mentioned. However, she could not decipher its mysteries, it would've been better if she had experienced it herself. But that would happen tomorrow and it wouldn't be too long.

She stood up from her spot and stretched around, only to find that Hei Yue had run off, most likely bored from watching.

Ming Yue looked around, calling out his name before spotting him getting surrounded by a number of disciples, all of whom seemed o be gushing with desire over wanting to own the little fox.

Hei Yue was a mistral fox after all, a creature whose fur was highly sought after. Despite his mutation with darker fur, one good look was all it took to recognize his race. He was a nimble beast but this time, the hands of these disciples seemed to be even nimbler.

Hei Yue was in quite a dire situation, he cowered in the center of the crown, whimpering for his master as these disciples started cooing it with some rather fake voices.

"Hei Yue!" it heard, the little fox perked up and rushed through, forcing its way past the crowd. Seeing his master, Hei Yue leaped forward right into Ming Yue's arms. She held him for a bit before letting him down on the ground where he clung to her legs.

The many disciples of Clear Sky Mountain was both surprised and disappointed, the little fox had a master.

"Who are you?" one of them asked.

"I am a guest of your sect, I was just wandering around the mountain for a bit", said Ming Yue, she took out the medallion that Wen Jing gave her.

It was a small silver medallion with the symbol of honored on it. Just seeing it had already deterred many of the disciples who wanted to take the fox.

She was let go quite easily as the group of disciples dispersed but now every time she passed, there would be people pointing and whispering at her. After all, a young girl like her was a guest, why was she here? People felt a bit envious of her two pets, both were very cute.

As the sun began to set, she went to the medicine hall and studied the catalog, looking through the many materials that it had. There were pages among pages filled with at least several thousand herbs that were worth either next to nothing or almost priceless. Some things she had never even heard of before like a Clover Pill or Redsin Grass.

It was all quite interesting to read as each thing had a small introduction, detailing their origin and their effects and uses. She sat by one of the many benches, reading quietly to herself, not knowing that a small group of disciples had been watching her.

"You go-"

"No, you go-"

"What about you?"

They bickered to each other about approaching Ming Yue. News of a cute fox had spread throughout the sect and many of them wanted it.

What the vice sect leader was true, many of their disciples lacked restraint, sending them out into the world would only bring trouble. Even now, they began thinking about how to approach Ming Yue and take Hei Yue away. The only thing holding them back was the medallion that Wen Jing gave. If it wasn't for that, one or two of them would definitely try to snatch the little fox.

However this problem has always plagued the sect. As one of the more prominent sects out there, many of the disciples did not have simple backgrounds. Furthermore, the sect leader was currently in closed door training. Having to discipline the more unruly disciples were a bit difficult to achieve. Without the sect leader, it would be much easier for other powers to pressure them.

Finally one of them was brave enough to walk forth only for everyone to notice someone else walking towards Ming Yue.

"Damn, it's Ling Cai Yun! None of us have a chance now, she's an inner disciple", one of them said.

This Ling Cai Yun was a rather plump girl, a bit roundish and she carried herself in a noble manner. Although, one could see a greedy and arrogant person within her eyes. Her hair was tied onto two little buns and her white robes was paired with a rosy sash. Rather than a sword, she carried a circular shield that was large enough to cover her back.

Ming Yue looked up at the encroaching figure, wondering what business she wanted with her.

"You there, how much would it take for you to give me that fox of yours?" Ling Cai Yun questioned, speaking in a deep and commanding voice.
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Ming Yue was a bit annoyed but did not want to cause a scene and rejected her advances politely.

"He is not for sale nor will he ever be, if this is all that you have wanted then please leave" Ming Yue responded.

But Ling Cai Yun was not bothered by the slightest continuing to push for a price.

"Listen here, I am a daughter of the king's counselor. As long as it is within this kingdom, I will surely give it to you."

"And again, I must refuse, he is not for sale."

"Are you absolutely sure about that? Do you really want to turn down my offer?"

"Yes, now please, I am leaving now."

"Hold on for just minute, did I say you could leave?"

At this moment, the both of them were standing up face to face. Their little conversation had already caught the eye of many others, all of whom silently watched. Ling Cai Yun continued talking without any care.

"I have offered you anything within my power and you can't go of one mangy mutt?" she said, suddenly attacking Hei Yue, who had not expected such a strike.

Her fist aimed towards the little fox, smashing down onto the floor. Small cracks formed from the impact but Hei Yue was no where to be found. A bit of surprise flashed through her face as Ling Cai Yun felt the cold edge of a blade, barely touching her skin.

With one hand, Ming Yue carried Hei Yue and with the other, she held a knife, one that pressed gently on Ling Cai Yun's neck.

"Nothing of yours can change my mind", she said to her, retracting the blade.

Ming Yue put the little fox down and walked away, leaving Ling Cai Yun by herself. But she was not angry or resentful but rather happy, her expression could be described as ecstatic, excited. One disciple couldn't help but ask her senior sister why she seemed to happy.

"Haah", the senior sister replied, "You have not been around for long so you do not know about Ling Cai Yun. She might be the daughter of the king's counselor but here, she is better known for being a battle maniac. She never wanted to take the fox, she just wanted to test her and it looks like she passed."

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》