Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
115 Discipline
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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115 Discipline

Kuang Li could not understand her actions. This choice of hers was dangerous and something that few had the courage to do.

This was one of the few times where he felt movement in his heart, hesitation, a bit of trembling, a bit of fear.

Despite being one of the few men within Clear Spring Mountain, he rose up steadily before reaching the rank of a core disciple. He had gone through may trials to get to where he was, he practiced his palm techniques night and day, going out for experiential training often. Yet, despite all of this, his hands trembled. Perhaps it was fear, excitement, he was not sure.

He brought his palms forward, the Bagua Circles formed once again taking a different appearance. Rather than a pale white color, it had become golden and the structure was much more intricate. With the Yin and Yang and the eight Trigrams were two layers of circles interconnected with a hexagon.

Facing the golden formation, Ming Yue took a step, leaving behind an explosion as she became a pale blue blur. Kuang Li put forth the Bagua activating the skill.

The golden Bagua exerted a great pressure on Ming Yue, the weight of a mountain suddenly dropped onto her shoulders. But her body was moving at its limits, this mountain crumbled under the rushing power of her body. She moved towards Kuang Li unhindered, he was surprised and found it too late to attack. He prepared himself for the clash, taking up a defensive stance.

Suddenly, he found himself at a disadvantage. Trying to divert Ming Yue's blows had become so much more difficult, an unending stream of attacks that had both speed and power. It was explosive, her swordsmanship had no rhythm to it and so, each strike had to be dealt with within a fraction of a second. Her sword was an amazing treasure, Kuang Li could not ignore that fact. He knew that it was part of the reason why each strike was so swift and heavy. A blade that was longer than his arms but Ming Yue swung it like it was part of her body.

It truly felt like fighting a wild beast, a complete difference from before where Ming Yue's attacks were calculated, perhaps even restrained.

Above, the right, from below, diagonally, the lower left, in a matter of seconds, over a hundred moves were exchanged.

Ming Yue could feel her energy losing control. She possible had another minute or so before it would become rampant again. In one strike she would put everything into Drifting Sky.

The blue aura disappeared from her body and moved to her sword, strange patterns slowly lit up on the blade.

Ming Yue attacked Kuang Li from the side, smashing the blade into him. He blocked it with the Bagua circles, cracks formed on them as his body was thrown off by the strike. Despite stopping the attack from going even further, the sheer power that was exerted was enough to damage his bones and organs.

Two figures dropped into the arena, one went to Kuang Li while the other caught Ming Yue, who was about to collapse. Both of them checked their conditions, making sure that there was no lasting damage,

The figure who was with Ming Yue, quickly struck multiple points of her body. Ming Yue's energy was brought under control and then worked on healing her. Hei Yue and Xiao Yin had already taken their stand in front of Ming Yue, ready to defend their master.

"I'm here to heal her, let me pass" the figure spoke to them with a kind voice. It was soothing and something about it made them less wary, allowing this person to approach Ming Yue.

"If I was late by even a second, your body might have been beyond repair", the person with Ming Yue spoke, sighing with relief. Her voice was soft, caring, different from that of the Vice Sect Leader who spoke with a tinge of cunning.

Kuang Li was in a much better state although his injuries were somewhat severe. But without a doubt, this was his victory.

Everyone that watched were unsure of their emotions. It might have been Kuang Li's victory but Ming Yue's actions gave them a sense of fear and shock. At the same time, there was a sense of admiration and respect for her.

Ming Yue was put into a state of meditation, her legs crossed and her hands resting on her knees. The figure with her stood up and walked towards the center of the arena.

All the judges that watched the arena jumped from their pillars and bowed towards the figure.

"We pay our respects to the Sect Leader!" they spoke with courtesy.

The many disciples were confused.

"That is the sect leader? Wasn't she suppose to be in closed-door training?"

"No, it's her! I recognize her. She is definitely the sect leader!"

"Why is she here though?"

As murmurs circled around, the sect leader of Clear Spring Mountain looked at her disciples. She looked young like a woman in her twenties, her hair was stark white and put in a simple braid. She wore the signature white robes which had the words Sect Leader stitched on the back. The robes were also trimmed with a gold ribbon, outlining the cuffs of her sleeves. Her face was stern and her eyes showed great wisdom. A pair of sparkling eyes and luscious lips could easily make one of the most beautiful fighters.

"I hope that all of you learn from this", she said.

"All of you are blinded by arrogance, going around and doing whatever you like. Picking fights with other and acting as if you are superior just because you are a part of Clear Spring Mountain", she sounded off, making every disciple feel shamed.

"Look at this girl here", she pointed at Ming Yue, "She fought five opponents with barely any rest and won three of them. She knew almost nothing about them but fought calmly. If anything, she could've easily won all five duels."

"What I want to ask you all is whether or not any of you are willing to fight her?"

No one responded, some pondered the question while others just waited.

"Since none of you volunteered, I want to ask one more thing. How many of you though that she would be a weak opponent?"

Again, no one responded, perhaps too prideful to admit their mistakes.
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"I see", the sect leader said, "I want you all to remember this, if this was outside of the mountain you would've all been killed. It does not matter where you are from or how strong you are. There will always be someone stronger than you and that person could be anyone. When any of you go out, understand that empty boasting will do nothing for you. Your background will not matter because there will be someone out there who does not care. The will be someone who will stop at nothing to kill you. Do not let your pride overtake you, be rational."

After speaking out, she left the arena bringing Ming Yue with her.

It was silent. It was difficult to decipher what everyone was thinking.

But one thing was sure, all of them have learned something.

The vice sect leader stayed back, looking at all of them.

"All of the elders including me and the sect leader made this duel happen to teach you all a lesson. I hope that you've learnt it", she spoke, ending her words with a dark tone.

She brought Kuang Li away to heal while the other elders let the disciples return.

In the meantime, the sect leader brought Ming Yue back to the great hall to continue treating her body.

Following her, the other elders returned to the hall.

"Have you reached it?" Xuan Han asked, "The Sky Realm?"

"I'm just a step away. I'm merely waiting for the tribulation to come" the sect leader replied, "As for when, I'm not sure. At the very least, it will come within the month maybe in just a few moments."

"Really?" everyone gasped, some in shock, some in excitement.

"Only sixty years old and already reaching the barrier between the Earth and the Sky. Do you know what tribulation it will be?" asked Dong Kuai, the hand that held her cane quivered with excitement.

"It is a heart tribulation for sure", the sect leader answered flatly, "Go back to the disciples, make sure they remember this day. I need time to regulate this girl's body."

"Yes, Sect Leader!" all of them bowed and took off, leaving the Sect Leader and Ming Yue alone.

"Ah this girl, you were too reckless this time", she said.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》