Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
127 Out of His Control
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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127 Out of His Control

The young woman brought out her sword and confidently stepped forward until she was only a few feet from Ming Yue. Still focused on the conversation, she did not notice her walk forward.

The young woman stared mockingly and she attacked. Flicking her wrist forward, the sword bent like a snake as it separated into small pieces connected by a metal wire. The blade whirled around like a snake and extended itself.

The shimmering tip was mere seconds from cutting Ming Yue's neck before she unsheathed Drifting Sky and blocked the strike. But she did not stop there.

There was killing intent on that strike, not a request to fuel but a wish to kill.

Ming The had practically disappeared from her place and reappeared with a white knife pressed on the woman's neck.

Shock and fear coursed through her mind.

When did Ming Yue get behind her? Rather how did she get behind her?

When the young woman's followers noticed her, they quickly pulled out their weapons.

"Release her right now!" one of them yelled out.

"She is a core disciple of the Tao Feng Sect, Yen Fen! Attacking her is tantamount to attacking the entire sect!"

Ming Yue ignored their threats and put her mouth close to Yen Fen'a ear.

"Please think before you act", she spoke in a quiet yet sincere voice, taking her knife away from Yen Fen's neck.

To Yen Fen, it sounded like the voice of a reaper.

There was a visible red line from where the knife was.

It wasn't until a few seconds later that she realized Ming Yue was back where she was. In that one instant, she felt her life slip from her fingers. Her hands trembled from the thought.

That feeling lasted until a pair of warm hands grabbed her shoulders.

"Sister Yen, are you okay?" with a concerned voice, Zuo Er appeared from behind her.

She turned around and saw his worried expression. As for him, he noticed her neck. Touching the mark, he looked at her before looking around.

"Who attacked her!?" he shouted angrily, "Was it you or you?".

"Don't bother!", someone shouted back, "She made the first move and attacked without warning! Too bad she acted so recklessly, one more wrong move and she might have lost her head."
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Zuo Er left Yen Fen's side and dashed towards the voice. In an instant, he found the source of that voice and grabbed the person by the neck. No longer did he have that smile from before or even that charisma. He lifted the person up, revealing a young man with hair down to his shoulder and wearing some white and gray robes.

"There is only so much that I am willing to put up with...", he said, "...especially with some nameless student like you."

The young man struggled to release himself from Zuo Er's grip. Despite using both his hands to pry into Zuo Er's grip, he was unable to escape.

He stopped trying and smiled at Zuo Er instead.

"If this is all you can endure, then the Tao Feng must be a joke to have someone like you in their ranks", he mocked, "Losing your composure over a woman, what kind of idiot are you?"

Pushed even more, Zuo Er began tightening his grip on the man''s neck, who began choking and gasping for air. But even as he struggled, he smiled at him. There was no fear in his eyes and this made Zuo Er even more furious.

"Then let this idiot be the last thing you see", he said, squeezing even harder.

"Friend, lets stop it here. There's no reason to go so far", Qing Lei Jiang had appeared from nowhere, grabbing Zuo Er's wrist.

He grabbed his wrist tightly, pulling it down. Zuo Er looked at him, resisting his attempts but he found it difficult. Lei Jiang calmly looked at him as he slowly strengthened his grasp on Zuo Er's wrist. In seconds, Zuo Er could not help but release that young man.

He was irritated but quickly regained his composure.

"It seems that we are not acquainted with each other, I am Zuo Er, the Junior Sect Leader of the Tao Feng", he said.

"Qing Lei Jiang, I am a prince of Red Lotus Country."

"This is unexpected", Zuo Er thought, "I did not expect someone like him to appear here."

"Ah, Prince Lei Jiang, I apologize for my rude behavior. Perhaps we can reconcile over some wine later."

"Oh, it's fine. I will be leaving soon anyways. I just did not anything unfortunate to happen on a day like today."

"Well then, I shall be leaving. I need to care for my fellow sister here."

Zuo Er quickly brought Yen Fen away.

Lei Jiang turned around and lifted the young man to his feet.

"Thank you for saving me there", he looked at him gratefully.

Lei Jiang smiled, "It is not a big problem. Although you did not have to go so far with your words."

The young man's face suddenly turned dark, "You do not understand, that Zuo bastard may not remember me but I remember him clearly. It was because of him that my teacher lost her arm. Sooner or later, I will get my revenge."

"In any case, thank you again for stepping in, Prince Lei Jiang. If you find yourself in the Kun Peng Basin, the Silver Waters Clan is there. Just ask for Yu Ban and I will be there in seconds", he finished and left quickly.

"Oh, thank you for the invitation", Lei Jiang replied before looking around.

Those that watched the whole affair quickly went back to their business. However, Ming Yue was nowhere to be found and he was looking for her. He had seen the entire fight that happened between her and Yen Fen. Despite only being in the Human Realm, her strength was nothing to scoff at and her speed even more so. He recognized her from the other times that they had crossed paths but never had a proper talk. He was very curious as to how she developed her skills.

Unable to find her in this crowd, he wandered the area, occasionally greeting others.

As for Zuo Er, he strolled down the mountain with Yen Fen, holding her hand.

"If he had chosen to stay, I might have needed to change my plan a little", he thought, "Still, if I could win him over, I might be able to get my hands on Red Lotus too."

Looking at Yen Fen, he smiled with warmth.

"You shouldn't worry me like that. What were you doing with them?" he asked.

"Oh, they all seemed to crowd around this girl but...she is too terrifying. I thought I could have gained more followers, however..." she paused, there was still a lingering fear in her eyes.

"She stopped me so easily. If she had pressed any harder, I would not be standing next to you", Yen Fen trembled ever so slightly as she spoke those words.

"What?" Zuo Er spoke with shock and doubt.

As Yen Fen described Ming Yue, the worried face of Zuo Er only grew more apparent. Moving around like a phantom, almost unnoticeable to others, this was the type of person he was afraid of.

That was because Ming Yue would be a variable in his plan that he could not control. Luckily enough, Yen Fen was able to warn him about her before he started anything.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》