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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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133 Targeted

The two of them faced off against two elders each.

Both were cultivators of the Sky Realm, a level suitable for their positions. One was the king of a nation and the other was the leader of a prominent sect. Despite their superior cultivation, their opponents were quite the threat.

It wasn't that they were outnumbered but these elders carried a number of treasures on them.

"So you rely on external objects to keep up with us. Were there no Sky Cultivators in your little sect?" asked Qiu Bing.

"Such figures have already established themselves in the world. Not to mention, they can be difficult to find", a much older woman answered his question as she sent off an icy cold beam of light from her sword.

His other opponent was someone much younger than her, perhaps in his mid twenties.

"What's the difference? We are more than enough to deal with you!" he spun a hooked chain and swung it at Qiu Bing.

Both wore violet uniforms but differed in style. The woman wore a gray mantle over her plum covered robes. Her hair was adorned with many pins and accessories, one of which was extremely eye-catching. A bright pale blue hair pin that sported three small icicles, each of which had been carved with geometric patterns.

The young man's clothes were fitted, showing a muscular form. A black ribbon wrapped around his waist and had several small knifes hidden underneath it.

Met with two different attacks, Qiu Bing did not dare to take them lightly. Unsheathing his sword, it was unlike any other. It was much larger than most blades and sported a much longer handle. Two crimson gems were socketed into the center of the guard and the blade was pale white, almost ivory. This was a weapon meant to used held with two hands.

Qiu Bing's energy stirred and surged into his sword. The feeling of death and rage arose from him. There were illusions of warriors behind him, injured but still full of spirit. This Dao of Massacre had gone through numerous changes to become what was uniquely his.

The Dao of Undaunted Massacre, fearless and unafraid of witnessing scenes of death. Unafraid of committing such heinous crimes.

To produce such scenes meant he had reach major perfection.

With one swing, he deflected the ice beam but the hooked chain had caught onto his blade. Wrapped around it, the young man quickly pulled in.

"Zhou Dong, now!" he called out to the old woman.

Zhou Dong did not even hesitate and sent off more beams of ice. It seemed as if Qiu Bing was in trouble. He had been overwhelmed by the sudden momentum

"Father!" his children, who fought close to him were worried but they were not close enough to help.

Qiu Bing did not seem perturbed and grabbed the chain, yanking it back towards himself. Seconds later, a flash of light passed by and knocked out Zhou Dong's ice beams.

He turned to the left and looked at Fu Men, who was busy fighting his own enemies.

"There was no need to help! You are a guest of my kingdom and as its lord, I should be the one aiding you."

Fu Men only chuckled, "We are all friends here."

His opponents were both bladesmen, one fought with a jade cleaver and the other used a deep blue three-pointed spear.*

These two seemed to be opposites of each other. The one with the jade cleaver was a rather plump man with hair shaped into a bun. In fact, he seemed to be enormously fat*. Yet he moved without much difficulty and never seemed to tire out. He was certainly the stronger of the two and had much more explosive power. He wore the same purple robes but both his leg and arm sleeves were rolled up.

The one with the three-pointed spear was different. His attacks were much more precise and lacked the power of his partner. The spear's body was engraved with two serpents intertwined with each other and wrapped around it. Unlike the others, he wore matching robes with his spear but it did have some lavender accents all over it.

"Come on you youngsters! Is that all!" Fu Men yelled out.

His eyes were full of vigor and they were ravenous, craving for battle. The facade of the kindly, old man disappeared, instead it was a warrior who only knew battle.

"Yu Chen! Let's go!" the cleaver-wielding man moved forward followed by his counterpart.

They sent off all sorts of attacks, from sharp shards of rock and thunderous lightning. But it was all dealt with by Fu Men, whose swordplay seemed to transcend what a mortal could achieve. It was strange and mystifying, no power behind these strikes, no uniqueness. It was ordinary and yet it wasn't.

Stabbing and slashing, parrying, simple moves that contained years on knowledge.

Against their opponents, both Fu Men and Qiu Bing had no problems holding their own. Perhaps they might have had an advantage in power. However, these four elders were equipped with numerous treasures.

The old woman's mantle, the young man's uniform, the jade cleaver and the three-pointed spear were all treasures that were at least Peak Sage Grade. Furthermore, they could have more hidden away. This made the Fu Men and Qiu Bing somewhat wary. After all, such treasures could really impact one's strength.

Like Ming Yue's previous sword, Parting Sun, it allowed her to injure an Earth Realm Cultivator while she was at the lower levels of the Human Realm. This was because it was a Lower Divine grade sword. If it were any weaker, such a feat would not have happened.

But now she had Drifting Sky, specially made by the Forgelord, it had become a Peak Divine blade. It was capable of much more.

Thus with Sage Grade treasures in the hands of four Earth Realm Cultivators, they really were enough to contend with Fu Men and Qiu Bing.

Apart from their battles, Du Hua, an elder from Heaven's Gate found herself surrounded by three women, beauties nonetheless. One was dressed in full armor and carried a large club, another wore revealing robes and used a pair of pale pink fans, and the third was dressed in the signature purple robes but carried a ferocious glaive in her hands.

"Oh, someone seems to have expected my coming here", Du Hua smiled.

None of them bothered to answer back, watching her coldly.
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"Really now? You're going to just watch me? Might as well just sit and chat instead."

Du Hua neither moved or attacked, she just sat and smiled at them. All of her students had left her, most likely aiding the others.

The three women remained vigilant and circled her, cutting off any form of escape.

Being so focused on her, none of them seemed to realize that someone seemed to be sneaking behind them.

Although they couldn't help it. In the end, they lacked the information of Du Hua. Her charming illusions against men were certainly a specialty. But, that did not mean her proficiency in other forms of illusions and mind attacks were sub-par.

Before they knew it, a shadow was upon them and it struck the fan wielding woman on the neck, almost knocking her out.

These three were not experts for nothing. In the final moment, she managed to move avoiding a strike to her vital points. They turned around to see the vice sect leader behind them. In her white clothes, she wore gloves on her hands made from an unknown material.

"Ah, close enough", she said bluntly and began fighting the fan wielding woman.

At the same time, Du Hua moved out and struck the armored woman with a elegant looking blade. Created from white jade, it was a fragile looking sword but she wielded it with grace and power.

As their fight began, Ming Yue was in the middle of her own battle. Minutes after the barrier opened up, the Clear Spring Mountain disciples in charge of that node had overcome the restraints made from Kuang Li.

Having already sent Xiao Yin to find one of the elder, she stayed with the others to guard this point.

From the higher regions of the mountain, Hei Yue came down after being alerted by Xiao Yin.

Then the group found themselves surrounded by groups of Tao Feng disciples.

Kuang Li must've sent them to deal with her.

With no other option but to fight, Xiao Yin and the others unsheathed their weapons. Hei Yue growled at them and was ready to attack.

With Drifting Sky out, she ran towards one side and yook on as many as she could!

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》