Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
135 Murderous Trance
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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135 Murderous Trance

Despite trapped between the two sister's attacks, she did not panic. Instead, she flew up with the help of a strong gust of wind. This left the two sisters to attack each other.

However, such a thing could not happen.

Yen Nu pulled back the blade while Yen Hua hopped away, avoiding each other. Directing their attention towards Ming Yue, neither was willing to let her go so easily.

"Don't run so quickly", said Yen Hua.

"You still have to lay down for life for attacking our sister", Yen Nu grinned.

Knowing that they would pursue her, Ming Yue took what little time she had and created a lance of wind. It spun furiously and she directed it towards Yen Nu, who was preparing another attack.

The lance pierced through the air and headed straight for her heart!

Yen Nu quickly brought her blade up, colliding with the lance. It grinded into the blade, creating sparks. She had thought that Ming Yue's attack would dissipate on impact but to her dismay, it did not break. In fact, it had even pushed her back a few steps before she dug her feet into the ground.

"Hnng, Break for me!" Yen Nu pushed back against the lance, gaining momentum before shattering the lance.

In those few seconds, Ming Yue headed for Yen Hua. Aiming to take her down quickly, she attacked Yen Hua with ferocity. Her breath quickened as she struck blow after blow.

Yen Hua found it difficult to trade blows with Ming Yue. Her moves were quick and random, making it hard for her to track. But that sword of hers was simply too good, a divine grade blade, a treasure found in one out of a billion others.
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"My claws!" she lamented in her mind.

Yen Hua's own treasured weapons, the Steel Crane's Claws, were riddled with scratches and small fractures. The glove part were amber colored which slowly faded into a bright sterling with the blades. Judging by its look, it was created from True Ochre Steel, it was a beautiful piece of work and was created just for her.

It showed in her exchange with Ming Yue. She fought as if she danced, twirling around and whirling her amber claws. But she was like a caged bird, locked down by Ming Yue's unending barrage of attacks. There was no chance for her to retreat for Ming Yue would not give her any opportunity to slip away. She was frustrated with Ming Yue, having damaged her claws to such a degree and for pushing her like this.

"Yen Nu, Help me!" She shouted out, looking at her sister.

Having just rid herself of the lance, Yen Nu rushed to help her sister. A silvery aura encircled her body before moving into her Winged Qi Chain Blade, showcasing the Dao of Metal.

This dao is one synonymous with forgers as they spend their days working with ores and other materials. With that said, warriors who pursued the Dao of Metal were plentiful. Why? Because this dao had many qualities that was suitable for battle: sharpness, firmness, flexibility, and much more. Skills such as enhancing one's weapon on battle or even reshaping it was unique to this dao.

In this instance, the Winged Qi Chain Blade had repaired itself and seemed to grow even sharper and stronger.

Different from how Ming Yue encircled her blade with wind that twisted violently and against other surfaces, her blade would cut through so much easily. But at closer inspection, that rotating wind simply tore through it all, grinding away whatever was in its path.

While what she did was an external effect, Yen Nu changed the internal structure of the blade, enforcing every inch of it with her energy.

Charging towards Ming Yue, she began swinging her blade by the chain. It spun faster and faster becoming a blur in seconds.

"Once we kill you, I'm going to take that blade and give to Yen Fen. She's going to carve your body up like a pig!" she shouted.

"Soaring Chaser!" Yen Nu threw the blade forward and it sliced the air, travelling towards Ming Yue.

Yen Hua quickly circulated her energy and that same metal aura exuded from her. The aura carried a powerful sharpness to it, she crossed her claws before lashing out. Six silvery waves of light cam out in the form of a diagonal cross.

"Crossing Cranes!" she exclaimed, "I'd like to see you try to escape this!"

Again Ming Yue found herself at the middle of their attacks. The Yen Sisters were confident, after all the only reason Ming Yue could contend with them was because of her sword. But against their full powered strikes, she could not stand a chance.

This time, Ming Yue had no choice but to deal with both of these attacks. With a split second to decide, she took out her Ivory Dagger and imbued with a massive amount of power. A silhouette of the dagger grew and quickly expanded to twice its length.

With Drifting Sky on one hand and her Ivory Dagger in the other, she resolved to dealing with both attacks.

She attacked as soon as both strikes were within an arm's length of her body. The Ivory Dagger faced against Yen Hua's Crossing Cranes technique while Drifting Sky clashed with the Winged Qi Blade.

The pressure from these techniques was enormous. Two strikes from Earth Realm Cultivators came crashing down on her. She stood like a statue and stopped the techniques. Drifting Sky was grinding into the Winged Qi Blade, producing enough sparks to light up the night. The aura surrounding her dagger had bursted on impact with Yen Hua's technique. Powerful winds pushed back against the ethereal cross.

Shaking under the force of both attacks, Ming Yue could feel her body scream out in pain. But her eyes were still alive, under that piercing sensation, she was determined to come out alive.

Her unwillingness to lose grew as did another emotion.

All she had to do was break this attack and kill those two sisters. She thought and thought, those two needed to die. She would cut off their heads and then start attacking the rest of them. If she wanted to survive, she had to kill whatever was in her way.

That fire in her eyes disappeared, leaving only and empty void, soulless like a pit without end.

The feeling around her had changed rather, it disappeared, simply vanished.

The Yen Sister's found this to be strange, a feeling of discomfort arose. Something wasn't right and they knew that Ming Yue was the cause of it.

"Quickly attack her!" Yen Hua shouted towards the onlookers.

She felt slight fear from her and did not want to risk her life just yet.

As for the many Tao Feng disciples, they had no choice but to follow the orders of their seniors especially because it was the Yen Sisters. One was the Junior Sect Leader's woman but all three came from the Yen Family, an extremely affluent family. With all this power, these sisters acted arrogantly and wildly, caring little for the consequences of their actions. Even then, they were powerful fighters.

Several of them slowly approached Ming Yue. Yen Nu felt her chain loosen and immediately called out.

"Stay back! Stay away from her!" she warned but it was too late.

Ming Yue had disappeared from her spot and the two attacks clashed with each other. A powerful blast of wind shocked everyone but Ming Yue had yet to make a move. Like a ghost, she just vanished from everyone's eyes.

"Where is she? Where is she!?" Yen Hua shouted angrily.

Everyone looked around except for those closest to Ming Yue. They were frozen still, just standing there.

Yen Hua was currently enraged and she rushed up to that group that had yet to move.

"Are you going to just stand like that?" she yelled and grabbed the shoulder of one of them.

She turned the poor young man around only to find his head fallen on the ground and blood erupting from his severed neck. Following that head, the others found their heads on the ground before collapsing to the ground, dying the grass in blood.

Yen Hua was covered in blood and she felt a cold air brush her neck.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》