Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
155 The Earth Realm
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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155 The Earth Realm

Ming Yue nodded before looking to Elder Shen for guidance but he shook his head.

"Whether or not you want to breakthrough is up to you. If you do not feel prepared, you can wait but if you do, we will have to move outside", he said, looking at her seriously.

Ming Yue thought to herself and quickly made a decision.

"Where should I go?" she asked him.

Elder Shen smiled and led her to the outskirts of Heaven's Gate, outside of the city. Bai Ying, the little cat, followed along and both of Ming Yue's pets noticed that something was about to happen.

The day was a bit cloudy, barely any sunshine broke past the layer of clouds. A cold wind began to pick up as the group found an empty clearing near the walls of the city.

On the way, Elder Shen reminded her of the process of breaking through to a new realm.

"At the Earth Realm, the heavens will always attack you. Whatever methods they use will also determine your future potential. The stronger it is, the greater your potential and the more dangerous your path will be", Elder Shen spoke solemnly.

Ming Yue nodded, understanding the risks and sat down. She crossed her legs, resting her hands on her knees.

The other four watched over her as they waited for her to begin.

Thus, her breakthrough had gone underway.

The first ten cycles went by quickly and smoothly. It only took the time of one breath to complete a cycle.

By the twentieth, it took two or three breaths per cycle.

By the thirtieth, it took her several breaths to complete a cycle.

At the fiftieth cycle, each cycle took several minutes.

At the seventieth, the time it took was equal to burning an incense stick.*

At the ninetieth cycle, it took her a full hour to complete the cycle.

From the first to the ninetieth cycle, it was a smooth ride and one where she took her time. Perhaps it was because she was trying to breakthrough but Ming Yue felt a pressure she had never felt before.

Elder Shen and the three beasts watched her carefully. Bai Ying would glance at the skies every now and then, anticipating something.
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She cultivated through the whole night, reaching the ninety eighth cycle. On the ninety ninth cycle, her energy had reached an almost solid state. The image of a small island grew clearer and clearer as her energy flowed through each meridian of her body.

Small fractures spread throughout her entire body and it felt as if her body could burst at any moment. Ming Yue grimaced at the sensation but she pushed through.

Then the sky began to rumble. Whatever weather the sky was, it was no longer there. Clouds began to gather, forming a great cluster.

The closer she was to finishing the ninety ninth cycle, the louder the rumbling and the darker the sky became. The heaven's have noticed her but what will it do to Ming Yue?

What methods will it use to impede her?

A great storm began to form just large enough to encompass Ming Yue's surroundings. Lightning cracked all around her and sharp winds blew by her.

Elder Shen took out a small mirror and looked at Bai Ying, who had grown to his full size. They could feel the divine power of the Heavens gathering.

Ming Yue's body began to break down and reform itself, the energy that once flowed through her had retreated into the small island within her. At this critical moment, she took that final step and suddenly, power surged from the clouds as a bolt of lightning shot down.

This was no simple lightning but one of a pure white color.

Even more shocking, it took on the form of a dragon with its mouth gaping open, ready to devour the meal before it.

Upon its appearance, Elder Shen and the others sprung into action. He rode atop Bai Ying and held up the mirror in his hands. The mirror hummed before emanating a divine radiance pushing back the draconic lightning.

Both Hei Yue and Xiao Yin stood in front of Ming Yue, shielding her from the impending strike.

But could a mere mirror stop this ferocious attack from the Heavens? Would such a thing be allowed?

Angered by this defiance, a second bolt of lightning fell, then a third, and a fourth. Each one deadlier than the the last however, it was only able to stagger the Soul Elder. Then there was a fifth bolt, different from the others.

A dragon like the others but thicker and with three heads!

With its appearance, Ming Yue's eyes opened and she unsheathed her blade. It would not be a true breakthrough, unless she basked in the power of the Heavens!

Drifting Sky gleamed under the shocking light of the three headed lightning dragon. She leaped past Elder Shen and faced the ferocious lightning dragon. The three heads stared at her and converged on to her.

Within Ming Yue's body, the mist like island had become become a flourishing one. With clouds and rivers hat flowed, energy rushed out and enveloped her. It was a sensation like nothing she had experienced, it was exhilarating.

Her sword hummed with power as she slashed at the dragon. Lightning discharged from the dragon's body as its heads fought to suppress Ming Yue's blade. Under its might, Ming Yue's power churned incessantly.

Bathing in the pressure, Ming Yue stood tall and barely budged.

And in this fight, she had won. the three headed dragon's power waned and with all her might, she pushed it aside with Drifting Sky.

The Heavens had failed in their attempt and the lightning dragon disappeared. The clouds scattered and sunshine returned.

Ming Yue had reached broken from the chains of a common mortal and reached the Earth Realm!

What changes it had brought!

Her combat strength must've nearly doubled. The energy within her improved in both size and quality. She gave herself a quick examination, feeling shocked.

"Is this what the Earth Realm is like?" she thought to herself.

She felt much more sensitive to the flow of her energy. In fact, she could even detect the energy not of her own. She looked at Elder Shen, sensing a tranquil power from him. To understand the laws of the world, this was the essence of the Earth Realm.

Ming Yue saw the world in a new light and it was fascinating to her. What she did not notice were the crowds of onlookers who were shocked by the display.

Elder Shen smiled.

"Congratulations", he said, "Let's return to Heaven's Gate and teach you a bit more about the Earth Realm."

Around this time, a much more ominous sky took place in the Demon Continent. Within its depths, where the demonic forces of Kong Zhi resided. The last several days have been quiet. The energy emanating from Kong Zhi's body and some began to think that their leader was no more.

What they did not seem to notice, was the gathering of clouds above them. Tenseness filled the camps, some were restless not wanting to wait for Kong Zhi and other chose to wait more.

The three kings sat idly and meditated. They gave no orders, merely waiting for Kong Zhi to emerge from the tomb of his ancestors. One by one they opened their eyes and looked at the sky.

Thunder began to rumble and without hesitation, the Fury of the Heavens struck down. From within, hundred of lightning bolts rushed down. They transformed in soldiers, heavenly warriors that formed a great army of blinding light. It came crashing down wave after wave, scaring the demonic forces.

Then a great fist emerged pushing back the lightning army. Rather, it obliterated them. It was a fearsome sight, the land was filled with holes, trees were disintegrated and those who could not escape were killed.

Despite its attempt, the Heavens suffered its second defeat this day.

A great figure came out from the destruction practically unscathed. A giant of a being, with thick stone like skin. He looked around and gazed at his men, those that looked back were paralyzed by his eyes.

A cold gaze with a hint of viciousness.

The three kings suddenly appeared and knelt in front of him.

"Kong Zhi, it is good to see your are well!" one said.

He looked at the three before walking past them.

"Get me something to eat. I'm starving."

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》