Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
164 Land Of Danger
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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164 Land Of Danger

The Ninth Flower Garden was filled with all sorts of sights. A vast field as far as the eye can see, with colorful flora and vegetation spread through out. Under the daylight, each blade of grass seemed to shine

Standing at the entrance, ruined walls seemed to surround the garden. Rusted gates that were wide open, shattered stone bricks that rested have rested on the soil for innumerable years.

As Ming Yue looked around, she could smell a faint bittersweet smell in the air. Most of the others had already swarmed in, ready to find treasures.

She spread her energy into the badge, projecting a map of the garden. Rectangular in shape, she examined the map noticing four large pavilions that preceded one another. Positioned like a straight line, the first wasn't very far from the entrance while the last stood close to end of the garden.

She turned to Anqing and Xukun who had also brought out their maps.

"The garden is fifty kilometers long and twenty kilometers wide. It is separated into five zones by these pavilions, with each zone ten kilometers long. The zone before the entrance is the least dangerous while the innermost is almost certain death", said Xukun, who attempted to keep his calm.

"We need to reach beginning of the fourth zone", Anqing added on.

"What are we looking for exactly?" Ming Yue asked.

"A Purple Adder Moss, grown on the bark of a Violet Cassia Tree. It can only be found in the third zone and it is said to be plentiful there. It cannot be found outside of that area", said Anqing.

"I see, should we go then?"

"Yes, let's enter quickly."

As they started to walk, Ming Yue paused and looked behind her. Hei Yue and Xiao Yin followed dutifully before looking at Ming Yue.

"Stay with me, don't touch any of the plants. Xiao Yin, tell me if anything comes", she said.

The Star Owl blinked as if understanding and flew up watching from above. As for Hei Yue, he nodded his head and walked next to Ming Yue. With that done, they entered the first zone of the garden.

Upon entering, the air suddenly changed. It was eerily calm, quiet except for the sound of rustling leaves. While the day was still bright, they slowly moved through the first zone. There was no clear road, just uneven soil, numerous trees and bushes, vines and other kinds of vegetation that covered the way.

Moving through, Ming Yue spotted several patches of wild herbs. Crimson stalks that were smooth to the touch, azure roots that smelled sharp and pungent, she gathered a bit of everything she wanted. Although it interrupted the journey often, the other two were not bothered. They knew she made medicine and understood that those herbs would be useful.

Unfortunately, this peaceful time was soon broken.

A faint buzzing sound could be heard as Xiao Yin screeched. Everyone quickly drew their weapons while Hei Yue bared his fangs. As the buzzing grew louder, a large shadow shot from the foliage, flying towards them. Soon, a group of thirty or so followed after, surrounding the three.

Revealed, one could find them to be large hornets! Covered in short fur, black in color, wings that flapped about in a blur! It had six legs with the front-most shaped into spiral drills. Despite their black bodies, the drills were a cream white as if it was created from bone.

"Black Auger Hornets! We can't outrun them, we have to fight!" Xukun shouted.

He swung his sword, a double-edged blade with a beige colored handle, and took on three hornets.

Anqing moved quickly, stabbing and slashing with her spear.

Ming Yue held Drifting Sky with one hand, slashing down the closest one by her. But to her surprise, the hornet managed the block the sword with its drill arms. Pushing the sword away, it rushed forward, preparing to pierce her body. But Ming Yue did not panic. Pulling out her dagger, she moved to the side and stabbed the hornet's body as it passed by her. Catching it with the dagger, the hornet squealed before Ming Yue surged her dagger with power. A small but dense ball of wind formed at the tip of the dagger and tore the hornet's innards apart.

Ming Yue pulled out the dagger and attacked the next hornet.
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Hei Yue ran about, battling a hornet with Xiao Yin. A nonstop barrage of bites and scratches ultimately killed it and the two sounded off in victory before going for the next one.

Anqing struggled to battle a black hornet and her back was pushed to a tree. She thrusted her short spear only to be countered by the Black Hornet's drills. Fed up with this, she pulled out a small vial filled with a purplish red liquid and threw it at the hornet.

Covered in whatever she threw, the hornet seemed unhurt and ignored her actions. It charged forward, ready to pierce a hole into her body. It would be a quick kill, a straight path until it's wings stopped fluttering. The hornet fell to the ground, twitching constantly. Anqing walked forward before stabbing the hornet multiple times.

"Paralysis?" Ming Yue thought, "Was that vial full of her blood?"

She placed these thoughts away and focused on killing the rest of the hornets.

Xukun's battle against the three hornets ended in his victory. Although, he had several cuts around his body, the hornets were sliced up. His sword gave off a silent hum but what was even more surprising was that it floated. With his hands, he made motions calling it to fight once more. It was swift and flew like a bird. Upon its next victim, it shot about littering the body with cuts. Still, the sight of such bugs seemed to disgust him immensely.

Within an hour, they got rid of the last of the hornets and Xukun started cutting off the drills.

"These can be exchanged for contribution points. The crafting halls use them", he explained, putting away the drills carefully with two fingers.

Following his advice, Ming Yue started cutting off the drills from each hornet while her two pets kept watch.

"What was that vial?" Ming Yue looked at Anqing as she asked.

"Oh, it was something I had created myself. It's nothing much", Anqing replied quickly, dodging the question.

Ming Yue glanced at her before she went back to harvesting more drills.

"It's definitely made with her blood", she thought.

"What do you expect?" said Xue Yue, "She had a poison body, no?"

"That's true. Though, she most likely added some other thi-"

"Someone is coming."

Ming Yue stood up and looked around, Hei Yue's ears perked up. Everyone heard it near them, a rustling sound combined with footsteps. Emerging from the bushes, it was another group of disciples, who stared at Ming Yue's group with surprise.

They were a group of six, three men and three women, all of whom carried sabers. At the front, a young man wearing yellow and white robes walked forward. His hair was at a shoulder's length and his eyes carried a sharp and tyrannic feeling. On his back was a large saber,

"We heard some sounds of battle and came to see if there was any help. I suppose this answers our question", he said with a surprisingly courteous tone.

"Yes, we're quite fine. There is nothing to worry" said Xukun.

"I see. Well, while we're still here. I want to propose something to you?" he said.

"What would that be?"

"An alliance of sorts. Are you journeying to the third zone by any chance?"

Xukun paused before Anqing answered for him.

"Yes, we are-"

"Perfect, what do you say we all join together? It would be much safer!" the man said his words confidently, as if he was sure Anqing would agree.

"I'm sorry but we will be fine with just us three", Anqing smiled politely.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! There is no need to worry about us."

With her answer, one of the member of the saber users spoke out.

"You would deny a chance for help? This is Li Baojun, a student of the Saber Hall that can match with any of the Elite Disciples! Do you dare to deny his help?!" he spoke out haughtily, taking his saber out.

It was a thick and broad blade that carved upwards and he pointed it at them.

"Stop Hun Zao! Put that saber away!" Bao Jun shouted angrily at Hun Zao, glaring at him.

"But, Brother Baojun, they-"

"Enough, since they are not seeking help then so be it. Let us go", he turned away from Anqing and left with his party.

Hun Zao looked at their group, glaring at them before following Baojun.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》