Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
183 Heart of the Garden
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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183 Heart of the Garden

Ming Yue read those three words several times and walked back into the room where the Evergreen Heart grew.

She couldn't help but circle around the Evergreen Heart and look at it.

It was a large tree resembling that of a conifer tree* with the difference that a great beating heart formed at the base. Circling around a few more times, she noticed that the atmosphere within this room was not chaotic compared to what was out there. Instead it was calm and pristine, the aura it gave off was peaceful and she stopped coating herself in Quintessence Energy.

With her bare skin in front of the Evergreen Heart, its power seemed to coax her and she slowly placed her hand on the smooth bark of the trunk.

"How strange, this energy is different from anything I've felt", she thought.

It was different from the energy of the world and resembled the curative energy of herbs. At the same time, it was not violent but extremely refined. It was like this tree was some sort of world changing treasure.

Ming Yue stood closer and allowed the energy to flow through her body.

A look of surprise came from her face as she let go of the tree and stepped back. The energy that she had absorbed was thick and boundless. More than that, it moved on its own and attached itself onto her meridians. She sensed as the energy merged with her body and found that they had become firmer, more resiliant.

Ming Yue stood and began to gather as much power as she could into her fists. Not wanting to damage the room, formed a ball of energy in her palms. In seconds, that ball had expanded and shrunk several times. She gathered more power and condensed it as much as she could. She did so to the point where she could barely control it but the results were incredible.

The power that she held in her hand was equal to a fully formed wind lance. If she were make one right now, it would take just a few seconds to do so. When she had used this against the Black Liion Centipede, it had taken her close to minute to form one wind lance.

The energy of the Evergreen Heart had strengthened her meridians and therefore improved both her defense and her offensive power. She could control her energy much better and her capacity to gather more seemed to have multiplied. Furthermore, the increased resilience of her meridians made it difficult for opponents to make her energy chaotic. If she were to pass through the hall of crossbred medicines and their chaotic energy, she would have a much easier time.

Ming Yue dispersed it and stepped towards the Evergreen Heart, intaking more of that energy would definitely help her.

Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a tattered book in the corner and approached it. It was somewhat dusty and the words were faded but it was solid enough for her to read it.

"Reseach Notes: 97th Edition? Why is this here?"

She opened the book and flipped through the pages, finding numerous writings about the Evergreen Heart.

"Experiment: Evergreen Heart #109

Like the past logs I've put into these books, I believe this log shall be no different but I am wrong.

The Evergreen greatest creation, formed by hundreds of plants and treasures, incubated within a cauldron for a hundred days, drinking the water of an Eternal Spring. Even with the wrath of the Heavens, it only flourished. After so many failures, this was the sole creation that I believed would change the world. A source of energy that could placate beasts, heal the masses, strengthen our warriors. Of course, that was what I had thought at the start.

As the head of medicine for the Ren Huan Empire, I had advanced our medicines by leaps and bounds. And yet, at this very moment, a calamity had struck us. Our golden age was to come to an end but this was not the end I wanted. We are under attack and we are losing.

This garden is one of the last remaining bastions of the Ren Huan Empire and the only thing that has kept us safe was the Evergreen Heart. Rather than change the world, I believe that the Evergreen Heart will prevent this change, that it will prevent the destruction of the empire. I hope that in due time, we will survive this calamity and thrive."

After reading this log, Ming Yue looked at the Evergreen Heart.

"So this person was the head of medicine and the Evergreen Heart... was his greatest creation", she muttered and continued to read the book.

"Experiment: Evergreen Heart #121

It seems that the war has lost. There is no point in continuing these logs so I might as well make this a journal.

Some of the refugees have left to find a different life. Others continue to stay here and work in the gardens. As smeone whose worked with nothing but his puppets, I found this experience oddly satisfying. Citizens, warriors, scholars, nobles, speaking with them has been somewhat refreshing.

As far as how we have been surviving, the Evergreen Heart has kept everyone strong and healthy and no creatures came close. I've been shocked by its growth and power. Many ordinary citzens have become martial experts in the few months they were here. Warriors found their strength to have doubled or tripled. As I continue to monitor the growth of the Evergreen Heart, I find that this treasure is too dangerous.

In other new, there have been reports that the Jing Wei Kingdom seemed to be looking for me in the Ninth Flower Garden. They might know that I am here but reaching me will be difficult."

Ming Yue flipped through the book, finding similar entries of this man's daily life. She skipped to the end and found the final log. It was a short message but with it came the most shocking of words.


I've been alive for too long, the Evergreen Heart seemed to have given me immortality of some sort. I seemed to have taken enough energy to live with out food or water, my aging has slowed. I don't really seem human anymore. It's strength has gone beyond what common sense is. I am afraid of what will happen if it is revealed to the world.

While venturing out, I've come to realize that millenia had come and gone and now this was the Sovereign Age.Everyone else has left to live new lives. This time, I'm going to leave for good. The Ren Huan Kingdom is no more, it is nothing more than the words of a history book. The Jing Wei Kingdom is now different.

On this note, I say this, If you manage to find this book then you have found the Evergreen Heart. Destroy it. It is a treasure many would kill to obtain. If you plan to take it, then be prepared to die. If you are not, then destroy it. Even without it, the garden will continue on though this place may be destroyed. That is all I will say, everything else is in your hands. Consider this my inheritance to you, for you have braved the dangers of the garden to reach this point."

Reading those last words, Ming Yue could not help but look at the Evergreen heart with disbelief. It could grant immortality so long as you absorbed enough energy.

She though to herself, thinking about what she should do. This thing could give immortality!

That is a gift anyone would desire, especially older cultivators and powerful figures.

But if Ming Yue were to bring it out, could she protect it?

She was not strong enough to do it on her own. But what if she gave it to Heaven's Gate, could they protect it?

She shook her head. Such a thing would be difficult, especially if the entire continent hears of it. Multiple kingdoms would be pressuring them, the Evergreen Heart could cause wars.

But destroying it was a waste, this was a treasure that defied logic, a lifetime of work. She couldnt do such a thing.

However, she had to do something. She could not leave it alone. If someone else were to find it, then what if they brought it to light. What would happen then?

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》