Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
205 Seeing in a New Ligh
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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205 Seeing in a New Ligh

Moving along the corridors, Zhi Qing led the others to a higher floor and one without walls or doors. This new place was much more spacious, perhaps spanning one side of the research district to the other side. There were other people around, some sitting and other standing. But they were all incredibly focused.

From the Dao of Fire to the Dao of Light, there was all sorts of energy in the air. Each person had their own unique energy from its color to its nature.

Being at the Sight Stage, Ming Yue could see that they were moving their energy in complicated ways, forming images and symbols through the control of their hands and minds. She was amazed by the skill at which they did so.

There was certainly a gap between her and them. She couldn't do anything comparable for the best she could do was shapes.

Zhi Qing allowed Ming Yue a few seconds to accustom to this place before speaking.

"This is the Heaven Earth Platform, where people come to practice their skills. It covers much of the research districts and is connected to all of our departments. Master has told me that you have not learned much about the Mind and Sight Stage, which is why we will be coming here to help you."

"I see. What should I do about them?", Ming Yue knew this would take time and pointed at Hei Yue and Xiao Yin.

If anything, they would be very bored watching her but Ming Yue did not know where they could go. However, Zhi Qing was not bothered by this fact.

"They can stay with you. In fact, they could help you as well", she said.


"Yes! Let's start now, you have much to learn."

Zhi Qing sat down and took off her robes, revealing the same sleeveless shirt that Grand Researcher Ou wore. The difference was that her arms were no heavily tattooed, only sporting a few marks.

They glowed and gray wisps of light energy from her body, forming a sphere of gray in front of her.

"Let's learn about the nature of one's Quintessence Force. Then we will move onto improving your control."

The gray sphere began to spin rapidly, changing in appearance every several seconds.

"This is a bit of my energy right here. As you can see, It is taking on many changes, from calm to wild, good to evil, and much more. At the stage you are at, you must learn these differences and understand that everything has their counterparts. Know this and you could break apart your opponent's skills, render them useless, and even understand the essence of their techniques."

Zhi Qing began manipulating the sphere to a much more refined degree, taking on the appearance of weapons and the like.

"Let's take a look at your energy", she said.

Ming Yue brought her hand out, following Zhi Qing's actions and gathering her energy into a sphere. Just like that, a thick ball of wind gathered above her open palm, calmly swirling around. That ball turned dark as sparks crackled about.

"Hmm, the Dao of Wind and the Dao of Lightning, flexible but sharp, a very good combination. However, that can be dealt with rigidness."

Zhi Qing's energy took on the form of a small shield, hard and unyielding, sending it towards Ming Yue's sphere. Her wind sphere became a little lance that clashed against the shield. Despite both spheres containing the same amount of power, the lance broke under the power of the shield, dispersing in the air.

Ming Yue looked with curiosity as Zhi Qing continued to teach her.

"Of course, this result is not absolute. There are many factors and strategies to overcome such weaknesses. Furthermore, once you can control your energy well, you could mimic different states of energy though they will be weaker than the real thing."

With this their practice began, Zhi Qing was surprised by Ming Yue's studious nature. While she had some problems understanding the more complicated details, Ming Yue was able to grasp most of what Zhi Qing taught.

When it came to the varying forms of energy, Ming Yue was able to discern them after several seconds. However there was much to learn as this was only the surface.

The pair enjoyed the session and so did Hei Yue and Xiao Yin, who had their energy classified by Zhi Qing. Hei Yue was the Dao of Shadows and his energy had the quality of softness. Xiao Yin's energy was the Dao of Light with the quality of sharpness and celerity.

The two watched Ming Yue and Zhi Qing converse, seeing them constantly form balls of energy and send them at each other. Each and every time, these spheres changed in some way. Most likely showing how different states of energy interacted with each other.

In the next several days, Ming Yue was much more proficient in reading another person's energy. Zhi Qing was also impress by her progress. So much so, that her teach began to ramp up.

"Alright, since you've learned the basics of quintessence force. It is time to teach you a bit about other types of energy, namely the world's energy as well as heart and soul energy. The world's energy is the natural energy of our surroundings, from the life of trees to the strength of fire. At the Earth Realm, you are able to absorb these energies to increase your cultivation and increase your accumulations in the Dao. At a high enough level, you could call for rain, control storms, move mountains and more. This is what that energy is. However when it comes to the energy of the heart and soul. It is much different."

As she spoke, Zhi Qing brought out some formation flags, putting them all around her. Upon their activation, the flags glowed and an illusion formed around them. The Heaven Earth Platform disappeared and was replaced by an empty space filled with nothing but light.

"This illusion is formed by these flags, yes? If so, what energy do these flags use to create such a thing?"

Ming Yue paused for a moment before answering.

"Our own."

"Correct, in order to activate this formation we must give it our energy. It could not be the natural energy of the world after all. If we were to make the same formation but instead of feeding it our energy, light it with fire, we would end up with some burnt flags. At the same time, should we use our own energy to form these formations, it would not work. We need the formation to convert our energy into an illusion."

Zhi Qing stood up and removed the flags, picking them off of the ground. Despite breaking the formation, the illusion did not disappear, it did not disperse like it should have and Ming Yue noticed this.

"Years ago, researchers such as High Assayer Shen believed that there must've been a way for people to create the same effect as a formation without it. After years of research, they came to the conclusion that it was not possible. Our energy needed catalysts to do such things, hence trinkets like flags and more. But the High Assayer did not give up and then he fell upon the energy of the heart and soul. It was by chance that he had discovered it but it changed it all. From there, he called it, Mental Force."

She looked around before turning back to Ming Yue.

"This illusion has not broken because of the mental energy that I have. And this power is something everyone has but difficult to unlock. For that, we must go to the Stellar Sky Foundation now. While you had experienced it before, this time it will be much different."

The illusion dissipated and they returned to the Heaven Earth Platform.

Upon reaching there, Zhi Qing warned that Hei Yue and Xiao YIn should not come in for it could be disorienting to them. Inside, Grand Researcher Ou was stood by, waiting for them.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》